Under the rule of Mike Ashley we have become accustomed to the cheapening of our club, but arguably John Carver has helped take it to a new low.

His aggressive posturing is simply embarrassing, time after time he has came out after the latest feeble performance and bragged about what he has said to the players in the dressing room.

Seemingly believing in his own mind that he has gone in there and sorted them out, his words making sure that this kind of performance won’t be repeated…

Ahead of the all or nothing game with West Ham he is at it again.

Instead of giving us insight into how he is going to motivate the players or do something different, or just keep his mouth shut…

John Carver felt it necessary to tell us all that he got players and coaching staff in a room and said this:

“I told them I was ready for a fight and a challenge, not one person got up and left.

“I said straight out; ‘if anybody doesn’t fancy it, if anybody wants to back-bite, if anybody wants to be negative, then there is the door.”

What is the point of telling us all this? If this did happen then so what, it tells me simply that his only purpose is making out that he is playing the tough guy and if only the players could tap-in to his talent and self-belief.

What he says of course is just nonsense. So many of the Newcastle players clearly don’t have what it takes to play for the club and partly that is because they aren’t big enough characters and personalities. Those players in that category, if they are too scared to perfrom on the pitch, are hardly going to stand up in front of the whole squad and staff and say ‘Yes boss, that’s me, I’m too scared to do anything on the pitch but I’m standing up now in front of everybody to say I’m going ot of the door because I don’t have the fight or challenge’.

Here are a few more selected recent highlights of John Carver, man motivator and Rocky aficionado.

Williamson sending off at Leicester:

“I thought to myself, he (Williamson) has done that on purpose. I don’t know…is it an easy way out?

“There was no need to make the tackle, he has now got a two match ban with three games left.”

I’m too strong:

“Maybe one or two of the players are not having me for whatever reason, because I am too strong and I am quite aggressive with them and I do care. Maybe people don’t like that.”

Inspiring words gets two sent off at Leicester:

“We come in at two nil down and it is a very animated dressing room, certainly from my point of view.”

“There’s a few home truths spoken and maybe I wound a few players up too much, hence losing Mike Williamson and Daryl Janmaat.

Stay at home:

“What I have said to the players is what I have said to them, I will keep some of that stuff to myself, but I will also tell you some things.

“We need to grow up and accept it, the ones who don’t want to be there and accept can stay at home.”

  • Double Carpet

    Just a thought, but do you write a little piece about EVERY thought that comes into your head?

  • LeazesEnder

    Double Carpet That would be a bit scary.

  • Toon Terrier

    It’s just more nonsense from Carver. For Gods sake shut up! The players have ignored him since January so why listen now. They are not good enough anyway but Carver at the helm has somehow made them worse. His ramblings are huge embarrassment and have made us a laughing stock nationwide. Ashley and Charnley deserve the relegation coming their way for continuing to employ him. No doubt he will be in charge next season too.

  • toon tony

    He’s been saying pretty much the same thing since FEBRUARY ” we know what’s needed ” everybody is doing everything bla bla bla , we’re ready for the fight bla bla bla, hopefully on Sunday we don’t have to listen to him spouting ” we will fight to get this club back where we belong bla bla bla “.

  • prestondave

    1957 Think you have hit the nail on the head. Nothing but a bully and absolutely clueless.

  • killyted

    sunday we read in the papers jc had banned  the players from reading the news, watching the tv, and talking
    about our position,well some one should have told Dummitt he has just givean an interview on skt tv total control big bad john

  • LeazesEnder Double Carpet Mrs C made me a strong cuppa this mornin and then……………..yawn !

  • TonnekToon

    The moron is a low budget version of a football coach .What did he expect ?  Of course  no one  got up and left  , they haven’t  the backbone to do  that , but unlike him  they’re  not daft are they? I think it would  have  served  him right  if they  had all got up and walked  out,  I would  have  laughed  my Todger off ! The not so clever  coach ( Ha ! )  left without a squad  to pick would have been priceless  .

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    He is an embarrassment !!

  • desree

    Watch season two of the office and you will see where carver gets his leadership skills

  • Jail for Ashley

    One of his latest guffs is saying Mike Ashley calls him before every game and wishes him well. He hadn’t spoken to him at all the last time he was asked. The man couldn’t lie straight in bed !
    Get these slimy barstewards out !

  • jimblag

    John Carver…
    ‘I said straight out, “If anybody doesn’t fancy it, if anybody wants to back-bite, if anybody wants to be negative – there’s the door”. 
    ‘Steve Stone opened the door, and I told them to leave the room. I told them I was ready for a fight and a challenge, and not one person got up and left.’
    The David Brent of football management.

  • desree

    “i then played simply the best and the team looked at me like I was a moron, I could tell they were up for it”