Here is my contribution to the current plight of Newcastle United:

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Here is what will happen in the coming months:

Newcastle survive relegation…..

Transfer window open,s lots of new players brought in at the beginning of window….(Carrot dangled)

Fans react to new transfers with glee and season tickets are in big demand again…. (Gotcha Money Now).

Towards end of transfer window key players sold to balance books….(Gotta recoup some of the outlay now Ashley has the season ticket money pocketed).

The same process begins again as in previous years… Long drawn out season with no aspirations or success.

What should happen:

Newcastle survive relegation or relegated….

Plenty new transfers come in…

Season ticket sales should stay in a slump…

End of contract players released…

Key players offered extended contracts…

Season begins and because of season ticket slump,  match day tickets sold to general public at premium rate.

Lack of demand for general public premium rate tickets, Ashley then puts his spin to bring back the paying public at drastically reduced rates more appealing to the diehard fan ,which in turn bolsters attendance from diehard loyal fans, the atmosphere returns to the auld days and the players then actually respond on the field from the improved vociferous support.

We then have unity once again and a team to really support.

The point is, the only real way to beat this man is boycott your season ticket and to hold onto your hard cash. Wait and go back to paying as you go at a vastly reduced rate, if the team under performs the gates will go down, if the team performs admirably the gates will stay up… simple logic!

Don’t forget a club statement did say Ashley would not be leaving the club until at the earliest 2016…

Let’s see what the next twelve months offer, personally I strongly believe he will be gone during this coming season after milking and bringing the club to its knees… that is business unfortunately, especially if the season ticket revenue has disappeared and he panics and gets out of dodge quickly.

  • Jail for Ashley

    I would very much like to get the three points at QPR next week with Hull drawing at Spurs, that would make us mathematically safe and the ideal time to show Mikey that we’ve had enough. For those that feel they must go to the games because the lads need our support will now have the chance to show their displeasure as well. An ideal scenario would be a complete boycott from those that don’t already have tickets and a first half boycott from those that do, using the second half to let Ashley know what they think of his poisonous regime.

  • Munich Mag

    Jail for Ashley I like it. 3 points at QPR and safety would set the last home game against West Ham game up nicely…. The only problem being that you can bet your last dollar the owner won’t be there.

  • Mark Brooker

    A forthright article. I believe it to be true if toon survive relegation there will be just enough money spent on players who could be sold on for profit and the sheep will follow and still moan next January – may about a mediocre team that has gone out of the f a cup in January and struggling to get over the line.

  • Bills frollocks

    Couldn’t have explained it any better. Sadly Newcastle fans easily get sucked in. Whatever Ashley does turns to GOLD.

  • Bills frollocks

    Don’t buy a season ticket. Just wait and go a game at a time.

  • ilullissat

    I and my dad and my grandad never had a season ticket.We were there in the 60s and 70s and early 80s.We watched the Fairs Cup matches and the 74 Cup final without a season ticket.We would have never dreamed of buying a season ticket.If we wanted to miss a game we did and it didn’t cost us a penny

  • LeazesEnder

    Munich Mag Jail for Ashley

  • alreet

    Fully agree. If any fan wants the way things are to change then stop sinking £800 odd notes into the guys pocket every year. Thats about 40 mill a season on tickets alone he gets.
    Get a clue guys. Ur feeding the rot.

  • gmtoon

    I’ve watched this fella selling part-season tickets on the cheap when with some decent investment he’d have the season ticket waiting list problem, like we had in the 90’s.
    For a billionaire businessman he has done nothing to build up customer loyalty as regards his dealings with our club.  This is a man who gave Joke Kinnear a job, twice.  His undoubted business acumen goes out the window when concerned with us.
    Everything that has happened to the club since his tenure began is his fault.  Everything he does is on the cheap coupled with horrendous choices of personnel. Is Sports Direct run like a madhouse? I bet it’s not.
    If we survive this relegation battle and it is an if, who really will want to come to the club, players or manager (sorry Head Coach).
    As long as this buffoon runs the club there is no light at the end of the tunnel or cup runs or decent signings.
    Hit him where it hurts and don’t buy season tickets.

  • williamjames837

    I can’t help but laugh when I read “will buy plenty of players, release out of contract players, etc”, if we stay up. I would put my house on the players starting next season will be Williamson,Collo,Taylor

  • Mal44

    The key issue you’ve missed is who our head coach is going to be. If we manage to stay up and brought in a decent new head coach, who was allowed to bring his own coaching team, that would make a big difference. If we are going to be stuck with Carver, Stone etc. then we’re finished anyway, relegated or not.