The time to be UNITED is NOW!

I have not been to the last two games.

I have as far as the outside world is concerned, been protesting.

The fact that I would not have attended either game, due to other commitments, is academic.

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I was an empty seat; I was not supporting the team. Normally that wouldn’t matter as there are thousands there who will make enough noise in my absence.

But not in the current climate, as things stand we are in trouble, deep deep relegation trouble. Real squeaky bum, wish we weren’t here, kind of trouble…

At this point in time, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is that we’re are here, fact is we are!

We need enough points to pull clear of the relegation whirlpool and we need them sooner rather than later.

It is my belief, that as supporters, fans, followers of NUFC, we NEED to support the club, until this crisis has passed, we need to get behind the lads, and show them how passionate we are about the club that we love.

Not Cashley

Not the Media

Not Carver

The Team, whoever the 11 guys are (and Subs!) who are selected on Saturday, we all need to be behind them 100%, without any hesitation, or reservation. They need our support more than ever, with the entire circus over the last few days, the lads NEED us, whether they deserve the support of not, whatever your thoughts

Even if this is only until we are safe, then normal (anti-cashley) sentiment can be resumed, but we must fight the drop,

Just stop a minute and understand, relegation would mean that Sunderland have stopped up, at our expense. If we get relegated, they will stay up.

Realistically there is only one space left, one to go down with QPR and Burnley.

Let that sink in, we would be relegated, and we would save the Mackems, what a nightmare scenario that is, I cannot reconcile that, that CANNOT happen.

And more than any other, this is the reason WE MUST STAND UNITED!

When you go on Saturday, make as much noise as you can, for as long as you can, the whole Geordie Nation is depending on us….

  • Demented_Man

    And no doubt we’ll hear the same again if we need to get something from the West Ham game in order to stay up.
    Let’s just put off the protests sine die eh?  Until the ‘lads’ don’t need our support.

  • BillytheFish

    Can I suggest you go and watch a championship, league 1 or league 2 match……I do quite often and you see proper football played without all the diving and cheating.
    The premier league has become just a money making machine without any consideration for the people who turn up weak in to support it. Their real customer is Sky and it’s subscribers.

    I for one am sick and tired of this crap!

  • NottsToon

    Support them so Mike can keep his gravy train rolling with free adverts to boot? I’ll pass thanks.

  • Some fans take the short term view, and that’s their right. However, I take the long term view.
    The most important issue by far is the removal of Mike Ashley and all his Yes Men from our club.

  • Porciestreet

    NUFC Tips 
    I don’t care if we’re down for ten years, if it gets our club back where it should be,and fatty is long gone, I’ll take relegation.

  • Tony_Slater

    IF we go down, the mackems stay up, at our expense, and I dislike them more than Cashley!

  • Porciestreet

    Don’t worry Tony, they can’t last much longer the way they perform.

  • vin1892

    Remaining in the PL only benefits Ashley and Shite Direct. Relegation all the way for me and it will also punish the idiots in the ground who sit there passively as the club sinks lower and lower.

  • Jim2o11

    Tony, you need to go read this

  • dude 1

    What relegation would mean tell you what it will mean it will mean the owner will loose money,ad vitiating, tv money,money from his excecutive boxs in the ground as companies will now buy them for a season,,match day money from bookies beer sales etc, the list goes on and this is what he is afraid off
    That a what the fat man will loose and what do we gain footballers who will want to play for the club because as soon as we go down our so called superstars will want out and for me they might as well go
    So for me relegation could be a good thing

  • Brownale69

    I thought under Houghton (remember him?) we played good football the FUN was back at the ground and we mixed with REAL supporters from all over the country not glory hunters. A packed St James ground had something to look forward to instead of the dross we watch in the Prem.

  • jimblag

    This is a toughy, i really don’t wanna see us get relegated. I don’t care about the Sunderland factor. But the thought of keeping fatty happy and treading water for another, however many years is a horrible thought. I’m swaying towards relegation if i am honest.

  • Jarra MIck

    tony you are deluded if you think the biggest crisis at this club is relegation then you have your head buried firmly in the sand. If we stay up it is only prolonging the agony. Every season follows the same pattern can’t you see that? We need to break the ashley cycle and relegation seems to be the only possible way out. I say don’t get behind the team boo the bustards let them know what we think about them cos we know what they think of us.

  • grahame49

    As a fan of 40 years for the first time ever I won’t know how to behave at a toon match over the last 3 seasons fans have been blamed for so much if its 1.0 or 1.1 after 80 mins do I sing my self hoarse or be quiet either way its my fault carver would crap his pants and blame 50000 others

  • prestondave

    Agree mate. See the Preston North enfd game the other night. ? Proper tackles and football !!

  • MilitantGeordie

    dude 1 totally agree with what you are saying BUT i don’t want to appear as a prick or anything but can i please just say the correct spelling is ‘ lose’ not ‘ loose’. I’m in no way a internet spelling police type troll but honestly it’s one of my little pet hates when people say ‘ loose’ instead of ‘ lose’ . Just think of it like this
    The belt on your pants can be LOOSE (as in not very tight) but when you gamble your money on something there’s a chance you can LOSE that bet. not trying to take away from your excellent post but when i see that very common spelling mistake for what ever reason it does drive me nuts! haha

  • FC Newcastle

    Sorry mate but I have to disagree. The enemy is Ca$hley not the village of the darned. Would you be happy if we were in the same situation but had beaten the mackems 5 games in a row?

  • Toon Magpie

    Jarra MIck we have been relegated before you know lad, don’t pin your hopes on regelation and think it means we will be rid of Ashley because you will as disappointed as last time if you forgot.

  • Toon Magpie

    FC Newcastle they would lad, they are deluded fans and measure success in Sunderland wins.

  • Jarra MIck

    Toon I don’t know what is best being a goldfish or butying my head in the sand? What was I talking about? Oh aye mine is the lamentations of a desperate man. Of course we don’t want relegation but I can’t believe anything will change if we don’t go down. I hadn’t forgotten the last relegation it was the last time I had fresh water in my bowl. It might take more than one season in the widerness to shift fatty.

  • snodgrass2

    Sunderland will beat Leicester and Hull will beat Spurs. Go or stay away it doesn’t matter we are down. The protest which started with should have been maintained and pressure increased when John the Geordie was appointed. Had the crowd stayed away for 6 or 7 games can you honestly say they would have missed some exciting attractive football or would the result in the final analysis be any different.