We asked Newcastle fans what they thought would happen on ‘Relegation Sunday’.

Supporters were given various options combining the results of both the Newcastle and Hull matches.

Thanks to the thousands of you who voted and as you can see, the results are very illuminating:

51% – Newcastle lose or draw and Hull win = Going Down            

42% – Newcastle lose or draw and Hull lose or draw = Staying Up              

6% – Newcastle win and Hull lose or draw = Staying Up                  

1% – Newcastle win and Hull win = Staying Up

So basically, the feedback tells us that Newcastle fans see it as a toss of the coin whether it is Hull or ourselves who go down, with 51% believing that the nightmare scenario of a Hull victory and United failing to win will happen.

The faith in our own players though is almost non-existent, with a massive 93% having the opinion that Newcastle won’t beat West Ham, despite the visitors having nothing to play for and being on a shocking run of only two wins in sixteen matches (alomost as bad as John Carver’s two wins in nineteen).

The fan feedback is a massive contrast with how the bookies see it, their odds indicating Newcastle will be relatively comfortable survivors.

The last two rounds of games have seen defeats for Hull been the only thing that has kept Newcastle out of the bottom three.

United fans clearly believe that our only route to salvation is via the efforts (or lack of them) of the Hull players, rather than any belief in the Newcastle team.

That is a statistic that tells you everything you need to know with regard to just how deep the problems lie at Newcastle United.

  • toon tony

    How about this scenario. .us loosing, Hull winning till the last few minutes then Man Utd score a late equaliser. Phew !!!!

  • northender

    toon tony How about WHU playing out of their skins to save Big Sam’s job? Double phew!!!!

  • lupamac

    Whichever way it goes .Fat Sham will be enjoying the summer sun at his spanish home the Ashley bought Casa St James,s . laughing to himself while relagated  or not we,ll still have the FCB at our club

  • MilitantGeordie

    I predict we won’t win the game but will still stay up. If we do stay up the club needs to make major changes in the summer. A proper manager is a must, if Carver gets the job we will be rooted to the bottom of the table all year next season and be relegated way before the final game.

  • GToon

    How about us going down and Carver declaring himself as the man for the job and then Ashley giving him it.

  • A lex

    GToon As for the most likely outcome, yours gets my vote!

  • lupamac

    Odds on