Only five days now until relegation is decided, Newcastle supporters are in shock at how their club has managed to put themselves on the brink of disaster but how are Hull fans taking it?

Have the City fans any expectation of getting out of trouble and what do they think of Newcastle United’s position?

I had a look at some Hull City messageboards, including HullCityIndependent to get a flavour of how the Steve Bruce fanclub are feeling ahead of the big day:

‘Had we taken four points off a workmanlike but basically poor Burnley we’d be sat where Leicester are now, but we’re not – we’ve a team with too many big time Charlies in it and a manager who has performed woefully this season.’

‘Well the good news is De Gea might be out injured. The bad news is their sub keeper only played 500 games for Barcelona.’

‘How committed will Harper be, knowing that every save he makes could send Newcastle down?’

‘Or 1-1 in injury time and we get a corner, Harper goes up the field and smashes in the winner to send down his beloved Newcastle, now that would be funny! Wonder what the odds are???’

‘The club is deflated and rotten from top to bottom. We will go down with a whimper and lose 3-0. 
I wonder if Livermore has had any death threats yet?

‘I watched the spuds game and did we miss some chances…gives us hope against (Manchester) United.

Luck has to change at sometime. We might have been poor in some games and pi**ed points away in others (keeping errors/missed chances) but where there s life, there is hope. Newcastle continue to shoot themselves in the c*ck.’

‘Imagine it’s 1-1 in injury time and Tom Hundredstone smashes a 25 yard screamer into the top corner while Newcastle are drawing with West Ham. Huddlestone has to do something this season. He cannot go a full season doing nothing can he?’

‘Us or the Geordies, us home to Man Utd them playing a team in claret and blue….spooky.’

‘Yeh but we didn’t have to win that day.’

‘The guy next to me at work is a Newcastle fan. I’ve enjoyed reminding him of the 2009 finalé quite a lot over the years (when allegedly they were more deserving to stay up instead of us). I don’t expect it but it would be absolutely funny as **** if we did it to them again!!

We have also had several discussions about our respective chairmen recently. He was slagging off Mike Ashley but was astounded when I said I’d prefer Ashley over Allam. Ridiculous but true.’

‘Where’s Damien Duff when you need him?’

‘I predict city win 1 nil Jella (Jelavic) in the last minute just as the Geordies are dancing with joy thinking they’re staying up –  cue mass demos in Gateshead all night Sunday.’

  • Jarmin Geordie

    They seem a lot more positive about getting a result against Manure than our fans do of getting owt off West Ham

  • NotFatFreddy

    Be positive … we win, Hull Win, Sun’lan get wacked 5-0 and 4-0…who’ll be dancing in Pennywell then?

  • cjr_shearer9

    My muma a hull City fan and my dads a toon fan Sunday’s gunna be a blast at my parents house lol

  • TelBoyTelboy

    Don,t worry mate I am a Newcastle fan and I think Hull will beat Man U.
    I watched Hull at the weekend, if they can create the same chances again at Home then you should win.

  • Consett Mag

    Chelsea had nothing to play for last night and were well beaten.

    Man U have nothing to play for ….

  • kuromori

    Ho hum. No-one likes us, they all think our ‘product’ is shite and wonder why we’re stinking up the place. Yup, we are Sports Direct FC.

  • I expected there to be more comments mentioning our shocking form, and therefore expecting us to lose so more or less saying it’s all in their hands.

  • magpiefifer

    As I’ve said before,it’s up to Hull – we can’t win – but they’ll create chances against a team with nothing to play for (unless Arsenal lose to the Mackems!!!!).
    It looks like being Allardyce’s last game as W.Ham manager and what better way to go out than a win over the club that sacked him!
    Relegation is just what Ashley deserves – it sickens me that we supporters don’t deserve it though.

  • DanielBrown6

    That is a terrible picture above. Ver unflattering. Both Hull and Newcastle have been poor but I think the geordies desrve to go down for simple stupidity. Trying to oust Pardew earlier in the season when they were mid table has come round to bite them on the bum

  • NotFatFreddy

    The stupidity was in not appointing a decent replacement as there was plenty of time to sort Pardews mess out (note it is his squad).  He left us 8pts above relegation and there was enough time to appoint someone else and BUY in January.  So blame the owner who is seeking a record of 2 relegations in his useless tenure.

  • alreet

    We might scrape a draw and hull will get beaten. No other team wants to lose especially a van gaal team.

  • stepaylor

    Hull being at home and needing to win will take the game to man united. Which will be a disaster as man utd will find the spaces they leave.

    Newcastle will stay up by default. Ashley will spend in the window or will sell. Either way things will improve next year. Carver will be replaced also.

    Got to keep hoping,

  • NotFatFreddy


    Can’t see how Ashley can sell even if he just wanted his money back and he’ll want some profit out of it all, unless he has already filled his vast pockets.  Remember the last time it was ‘for sale’ and the Nigerians were interested.  What a joke and taking us all for ‘mugs’.  Noting the Chelsea defeat at WBA  and it is Hull’s cup final, I can see Hull winning.  We don’t win cup finals do we?  If we win this one and Hull win and the makems lose heavily twice I might be able to smile at last!

  • Andgeo

    And what so you know about it all muppet??? Stick to your own club.

  • Andgeo

    We have been watching the games, we know hull create chances and have players capable of hitting the back of the net. And we know that we are simply appalling. In reality hull are far more likely to get a result against ManU than we are against west ham. Ignoring what any pundits are saying about this, we all know that there is a strong chance of relegation and have foreseen this since last season. The fact is we can do nothing about it. Only luck will save us. Likewise the mackems are more likely to get a result off Chelsea or arsenal than we are to get a point against west ham. Only luck will save us.

  • snodgrass2

    As much as I dislike Manyoo (and I do – very much) they are the one team in the entire league least likely to give up. It’s just not in their nature or style. Their current set up is to attack attack attack. Can’t see them changing for one game.

  • magpiefifer

    Andgeo  Got to agree with your comments – logic tells us that Hull are far more capable of getting a win than us – then there is our lousy goal difference,thanks to our useless defending,which means that a draw won’t keep us up if Hull win.
    Doomsday scenario – well done Ashley,will you be at SJP on Sunday – somehow I doubt it – COWARD!!!

  • magpiefifer

    DanielBrown6  You are talking through the last word of your post!!!!!!