Leicester 3 Newcastle 0    Saturday 2 May 3pm

Goals: Ulloa 1, 48 (Pen), Morgan 17

So where do we start with this one? Do I start with the fact I spoke to John Carver on Friday night?

Do I start with the fact I managed to obtain counterfeit tickets for this game?

Do I start with the first 38 seconds of the match?

Do I start with the sad jeering of Ryan Taylor or do I just ramble through?

I don’t see much point in doing an in-depth match report, 99% of you would have seen the game anyway on BT sport, and will I am sure have drawn very similar conclusions to me!

Anyway toward the end of the week I decided I wanted to go, and having tried to obtain tickets I found it was sold out, we only actually took 1900 tickets despite the demand being there.

I then went on a website called ticketbis and found 2 tickets for the away section and promptly paid over the odds to order!

The clue should have been they came from a PO address in Southampton! As luck would have it, as they arrived I got a call from the NUFC box office asking if I wanted to buy a couple of returns. I took them up on the offer and will report back on my dealings with ticketbis another time!

(See below, the fake is the top one with the runny ink and the bar code on the wrong side!)

leicester 3 newcastle 0

Anyway, fast forward to Friday and off I went to Leicester.

Now when I went in January for that cup game, the team stayed in the same hotel I was at. So I sort of thought they would be there again, and for sure they were, albeit locked away out of sight somewhere.

Off into Leicester City centre for the obligatory curry before returning to the hotel for a couple of beers. On arrival back at the hotel there was an entourage of NUFC staff including John Carver, Steve Stone, Bob Moncur, Dave Watson plus a few others I did not know sat in the bar, not all drinking alcohol I will add.

Now I did have a very small NUFC badge on and I was sat close by, subconsciously trying to earwig.

After a few minutes and to his credit, John Carver came over, shook my hand and chatted for a few minutes, chatted all things NUFC, he also remembered I was there in January.

Of course I took the opportunity to ask e few things and to his credit he was quite honest in his responses, very friendly and clearly cares for the club in much the same way as the fans.

Without repeating the conversation verbatim, we spoke about the game ‘tomorrow’, and how we needed something, I asked if the players were happy and his response  was ‘the ones that are here’ are, he would not be drawn further on that point, but I guess the ones that did not travel took some kind of huff!

I also asked about summer transfers and if anyone was leaving (can all go for me after Saturday), he said there was absolutely no intention of Newcastle letting their best players go.

This was countered by him saying he recognises that other teams will look with interest at what is going on, I took that to mean that everyone has his price with Ashley at the helm.

I did ask about signings and he did say that Newcastle were going to spend significantly in the summer.

We spoke of other things, like his time at Plymouth Argyle and our promotion party down there.

I also cheekily asked if there was room on the team bus for a lift to the ground as I wanted to leave my car at the hotel and for a few seconds he really did think about it…

Now I am going to be honest and frank, as I hope I always am. John Carver comes across as a genuinely nice bloke, he absolutely cares about the club and the criticism (deserved ) does hurt him, he really wants to make a success of managing NUFC.

As for his reactions when things go wrong, he is simply human and reacts like we would, that’s the problem of being a manager and fan.

I hand on heart think he should resign now, the players are simply not performing for him, for whatever reason, he needs to take himself out of the limelight. We need someone in charge who can lift the ailing squad for the last 3 games.

So, onto Saturday, bumped into JC as the bus was boarding and leaving, wished him best of luck etc.

So, a taxi to near the stadium and drinks in the very curious Indian wedding venue called the Symphony Rooms, a bar within 2 minute walk of the ground. Home and away fans mingling without the sniff of trouble, reasonably priced beer and plenty bar staff.

After this the day sort of got worse, taking my seat about 4 mins before kick-off I actually thought we had a stronger team out than recently, but the standard was set when Ryan Taylor lost a 50/50  tackle after 4 seconds and before we knew it they had scored from the resulting corner, disaster!

Like I say, I won’t go into massive details, simply because you will all have seen the game, what I will say is Leicester do it right off the pitch. Unlike Mike Ashley who disbanded the singing section and killed the atmosphere, Leicester actually encourage their fans to make some noise, and they did just that, they even joined in with the Ashley out chants!

A few minutes later and it was 2 – 0. What is it about set-pieces, we have an ex-England centre half on the coaching staff yet it seems every time we concede a free-kick or corner a goal is imminent. JC was right about Williamson, he is spineless and clueless, and our captain is at the present time not much better.

A couple of half chances fell our way before Riviere decided to make a fool of himself when one on one with the goalkeeper, deciding instead of shooting to take part in some sort of spontaneous falling on his arse ritual.

Half-time came and went, with the optimistic suggesting we could not be as bad again….wrong! As Riviere stupidly fouled someone in the box from yet another set-piece and it was now 3 – 0 from the resulting penalty, with plenty time to go for more to follow.

The anger cranked up to new levels in the away end, culminating in Ryan Taylor getting jeered as he came to take a couple of corners in front of us. I found this both justified and sad, Ryan Taylor suffered 2 bad injuries and is not the same player. Mehdi Abeid is young fit and hungry and deserves to be in that team, actually on second thoughts he is probably best out if it!

Next came the Willliamson sending off and the biggest cheer of the day from the away contingent. The tackle was stupid, reckless and could have caused serious injury, JC  should not have ripped into him publicly afterwards  but he was absolutely right with what he said about him.

leicester 3 newcastle 0

At this point I left the ground so did not see anymore, maybe someone could tell me how our most consistent performer managed to get himself sent off also.

I feel for some players. Tim Krul, who has to play behind that back four – he must be a bundle of nerves. Ayoze Perez who battles along with no support, the rest I am afraid were awful!

Did we have a man of the match? Just the away travellers once again who put time, money and effort into the hope that things might change, hats off to us all! The huge banner displayed just a few words is absolutely spot on, we simply want a club that tries, well under Mike Ashley I don’t see it happening, he is an evil man and a cancer to our football club.

So, where are we now? Well like I said earlier John Carver is a decent bloke who cares for the club in much the same way as the fans, but he needs not to be in charge next Saturday. Someone has to be in charge of the team who can make what’s left of the squad all pull together for our final 3 games, make no mistake we won’t get another point if there is not a change this week.

It has to be someone external, someone who can just freshen the players’ minds and get them to want to go onto the pitch.

As for us, we have to get behind them next weekend because relegation would be a disaster too far, possibly a terminal disaster.

As I wrote this, rumours were rife that Newcastle were imminently about to appoint Steve McLaren, he would not be my first choice, but somebody new has to be in the dugout this weekend.

8 games in a row, it is absolutely astonishing and once again we are the laughing stock of the Premier League.

These are the key stats as provided by BBC Sport;

Possession was 52% Newcastle and 48% Leicester

Total shots was 12 for Newcastle and Leicester 19

Shots on target was Newcastle 3 and Leicester 7

While corners was Newcastle 7 and Leicester 10

(Player ratings totals below from fans so far, add yours and then press submit)

Team: Krul, Janmaat, Williamson, Coloccini, Dummett, Colback, Gutierrez, Ryan Taylor (de Jong 58), Sissoko, Perez (Armstrong 74), Riviere (Anita 64)

Unused Subs: Woodman, Abeid, Ameobi, Cabella

Ref: Mike Dean

Crowd: 31,576 (1,900 Newcastle)

  • toon tony

    Great report Brian. .clearly the club is in as bad a state we all fear.

  • philrenner09

    Relegation looks almost certain with form and goal difference. Agree with above I think the only hope is the fans get behind the team for 90 mins on Saturday which is probably the only way we can win. Dont believe that any Mags supporter could really want to see us go down. Love the team hate the owner

  • Brian Standen

    The Ashleyout.com group are doing magnificent work and I would back them all the way, but this Saturday the 12th man is needed, and i agree all diffrerences should be put to one side as some passion from the stands might just help get the 3 points that are needed. Relegation could indeed be a disaster too far!

  • amacdee

    I am going to be honest and frank, as I hope I always am. John Carver
    comes across as a genuinely nice bloke”
    Sound tactician ? Man Manager ? Prime Motivational Guru ? Sadly being a “nice bloke” gets you absolutely nowhere when you’re staring down the barrel of a loaded gun ! 

    TBH Brian I would have decked Pinocchio and spent Saturday behind bars which would ultimately have been more rewarding than watching the shlte on the pitch ?

  • philrenner09

    Brian Standen Hope everyone else thinks the same this lot need loads of help !   Going to QPR next weekend as well are you ?

  • amacdee

    Brian Standen Again I would ask “What have we got from supporting NUFC during the last eight turgid years with Fatman in charge ?”
    Now all of a sudden it’s “OUR club” ?
    Sorry Brian and Phil but I’d go with relegation now and again next year until the Fat parasite eventually stops sucking the lifeblood out of this club and finds another host to attach to.

  • DownUnderMag

    Tim Krul is a top class ‘keeper and capable of so much more would he be awarded a back four in front of him who offers even a smidge of protection.  Krul has looked a bit shaky recently, but so would any keeper when they have no idea of what the rest of the defence is liable to do.

    Riviere for me shows glimpses of a good player, but is so shockingly low on confidence that playing in the side seems a cruel punishment of sorts.  He is certainly in no fit state to be leading the line of a relegation scrap.

    Perez works tirelessly and looks possibly our best player at present, but he needs service which is unfortunately lacking from anywhere on the pitch.

    Our set-pieces are woeful.  Not only can we not even threaten the goal let alone score from our own, we can’t defend them either.  Now with Colocini out of sorts, Williamson and Janmaat suspended and everyone else seemingly injured, sold or on loan, i’m struggling to see how we are even going to field a back four against the baggies.

    Carver though, despite obviously being a huge fan of the club, is very much out of his depth in charge…the players are simply not good enough for him to send out a team and hope they pull through.  There is a clear plan, change of thought processes and tactical intervention required to halt this slide which i’m sorry to say John does simply not posses enough qualities to implement.  Something has to give but him staying is helping no-one…..but there is a huge question mark over who exactly we can get to come to this mess without significant investment n the summer which you have to ask if it is coming at all.  Surely even Ashley can see that things need sorting and that he has finally been found out.

  • PaulGreener1

    DownUnderMag Tim Krul is a top class SHOT STOPPER, but not top class keeper in my opinion. 
    1. He doesn’t come off line on dead balls to take pressure off his defense. 
    2.His reluctance to release the ball to full backs/midfielders to counter is infuriating for me.
    He holds on to the ball till both teams get their shape back. Then kicks  to the half way line for strikers who can’t win a header to lose possession, thus putting us under immediate pressure for a team who clearly can’t defend. He’s part of the problem in my opinion and has no sympathy from me.

  • Brian Standen

    I can only speak as I find, I can’t lie and say he was arrogant and unpleasant to me because he was quite the opposite, I can’t speak for what he apparently says in the press but I I struggle to believe what they say most of the time anyway?
    I absolutely agree with what you say though, a nice bloke does not make a good manager, I wholeheartedly agree he should have resigned on Sunday and in all honesty not ever have been appointed in the first place!

  • Brian Standen

    Can’t disagree and the sudden “our club” is sickly at best! Fat man stole the club from us! However I can’t stomach relegation because the prospect of an ambitious buyer just lessens!

  • DownUnderMag

    PaulGreener1 Krul is taking us down  DownUnderMag I think he’s low on confidence and while I agree he isn’t the commanding keeper we sometimes expect, but as for not throwing the ball quickly enough and not coming out to collect the ball and command his area, i’m not surprised when he clearly has no confidence in the defenders around him either…I mean would you be happy rolling the ball out to a defender who is more likely to trip up and hand the opposition a goal rather than counter-attack.

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