Whilst Newcastle United were embarrassing themselves for the eighth match in a row, Steve McClaren’s Derby County were living their own nightmare as they crashed 3-0 at home to sixth bottom Reading when all they needed was a point to make the play-offs.

The Rams boss has been the subject of much speculation since Alan Pardew packed his bags, is he the man that Mike Ashley has lined up?

You’ll have seen countless NUFC views on the whys and wherefores of Steve McClaren potentially heading to Tyneside but what do Derby fans think?

We scoured Twitter and the Derby County fans messageboard dcfcfans.uk to bring you these interesting veiws below…:


“After John Carver’s outburst at his dismissed players today, I’m surprised that forums and media columns aren’t at bursting point declaring that Carver must step aside at Newcastle for Mac to get up to St James Park urgently, in a last-ditch bid to secure a couple of points from Toon’s last three games! 

I would love it, love it, if they got relegated.”

Posh Ram

“Take the £2m the stupid Geordies have already offered.”

Cheltenham Ram

“I like Steve but he’s done tonnes of stuff weirdly when the going got tough and that’s the true test of a leader. It’s easy sitting up in the stands when you’re drilling everything put in front of you.

Wouldn’t be pleased as a toon fan if he goes.”

James Igoe

“Spent most of last 3 months wondering what McClaren sees in Newcastle. Now I wonder what they see in him. Achieved nothing so far.”

Bridgford Ram

I’d happily drive him to Newcastle now and then keep my fingers crossed that they get relegated.”


“That said, I wouldn’t be upset if he went Newcastle at this point, especially as failing to deny it has had a huge effect on the morale of the fans at least and potentially the squad too.”

Declan New

“We started going downhill when all these Mclaren Newcastle rumours started. If he wants to go. Let him. I’d be more than happy.”


“I know his record since coming in has been extremely good and some of the football we’ve had the pleasure of watching (even this season) has been great but Schteve has completely balls-ed up this Newcastle situation.  Even if he wants the job he should’ve denied it until they came in with an offer to keep everyone onside.”

The Ram Wagon

“It’s not the form, it’s not the bad defending, it’s the barefaced lies and lack of loyalty that have destroyed my faith in McClaren.”

Theo Cummins

“If McClaren is going, get him gone ASAP. What a time to not show any fight. Awful.”


“McClaren has done a poor job simple Taken the club backwards in regards of team spirit and work ethic. Too many mercenaries. Sack him.”

Bridgford Ram

“Even in his interview after today’s game he could not bring himself to say he wasn’t going to leave for Newcastle.  He has derailed a season that had us top 2 months ago.  I really am fuming with him at the moment.

Karl Cook

“If NUFC still actually want McClaren, he’s all theirs!!”

  • Jail for Ashley

    ”It’s not the form, it’s not the bad defending, it’s the barefaced lies and lack of loyalty that have destroyed my faith in McClaren.”
    Looks like he’ll fit right in at our place then.

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    Derby fans are just bitter they didn’t make it to play offs, see you soon

  • NufcToon

    Jail for Ashley 
    beat me to it. Word for word aswell

  • Corkyjohn

    Not wanted, only a little less than Charver…..

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Charnley and Carr – proving their wealth of talent once again. A failed Championship manager – exactly the height of their ambition or knowledge.
    Great article in this link by the way –

  • Peter Lamb

    He must be mad if he is considering it

  • apb7891

    NUFC360 no doubt well feel the same way in 6-8 months… He’s not very good :)

  • NUFC360

    apb7891 Polls split fans right down the middle. Personally I’m not convinced.

  • apb7891

    NUFC360 nah me neither bud, me neither…

  • vin1892

    The 8th best manager in the Championship with the best squad. Perfect for SDU.

  • Brownale69

    A loser……..just right for us. At least he will get a full house at St James park ………keep buying your Wonga shirts and sit in silence

  • PeterFoulke

    Fella, how would you feel if you’re team were playing the best football for years and then the manager blatantly fails to pledge his allegiance. He was in the wilderness 18months back. As one of the Rams fans said, it isn’t the form, its the lying and lack of respect. Love to see him at Newcastle, he’s made for you.

  • CraigMoore

    PeterFoulke Mate, I’m a Toon fan through and through and watching McClaren try and dodge the question absolutely infuriated me. He’s had his head turned by a group who would love nothing more than to hang him out to dry when the going gets tough. McClaren should have looked at his contract and said “Sod it, I’m here at Derby, and I’m here until this date at least.”

    He could have taken Derby to Wembley in the playoffs, instead he got on the phone to John Carver and started pleasantly chatting.

    Best of luck next season, mate. Derby’s a proper football club and needs to be in the top flight, to be honest. And if McClaren is so happy to leave your lot out in the cold, then it’s for the best that he pisses off. Just gutted it looks like he’s coming here…

  • PeterFoulke

    All the best to The Toon Army too…neither of us need brolly boy :)

  • PeterFoulke

    Steve McClaren today dismissed rumours that he is going bald as ‘pure speculation’. ” If I am going bald, that’s news to me” the Derby manager told reporters. “I’m committed to my luxurious quiff until somebody at Derby tells me otherwise. I’m surrounded by great hair products here and the coaching team have spent a lot of time getting the root volume just right for post match interviews. And I’ve always got the brolly should the heavens open” . The Derby manager then left the Ipro Stadium with ‘Islands In The Stream’ blaring from his car radio.

  • CarlaHolmes

    Not bitter at all. Yesterday’s match summed up the season since Fulham V Derby. The sooner he goes the better now so we can start to rebuild for the new season.

  • philk4

    Nice. Derby fans even more brainless than previously thought  – and they were already thought to be moronic peabrains