Alan Pardew walked out of St. James Park and was immediately welcomed into the bosom of the Crystal Palace fans, a cult hero at Selhurst Park from his playing days.

His arrival coincided with a remarkable run of results that propelled Palace out of the relegation zone and there was even talk of another Manager of The Year award for the smooth talking silver fox.

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However, after four straight defeats what are Crystal Palace fans saying now?

Defeat last night to Manchester United, followed on from losses at home to both West Brom and Hull, as well as losing at Stamford Bridge.

Has the new manager bounce…stopped bouncing?

These are some of the mixed messages I discovered on the Crystal Palace fans’ Holmesdale message board.

‘We lost at home against a poor (Manchester) United side…not good enough!!’

‘I’ll be happy if he struggles as much as he did with Newcastle and Southampton.’

‘Make it 4 losses in a row! Any other time of the season that’s considered relegation form. Worrying sign of things to come next season.’

‘He was so bad at Newcastle at his worst he kept them in the premiership this season, where as his replacement has achieved the kind of record that even Derby county in the premiership could mock.’

‘Defend Pardew as much as you like. He’s got his tactics wrong 4 weeks in a row. That’s the kind of form that turned 52,000 Geordies against him.’

‘Things were going well when Palace were hitting everybody on the break with the pace of the wingers. Surprise surprise, these professional opponents looked at the dangers and have dropped deep to nullify the threat. Pardew has shown he has no Plan B and the losses have not been a fluke.’

‘Just checked the stats, and although AP has really improved our away performances, the home situation has barely changed with the change of managers.

Under Warnock, our home record in all competitions this season was won 2; drew 2; lost 6; goals for 12; goals against 17.

With Pardew, the record is won 3; drew 1; lost 6; for 11; against 15.

I know the pitch is really bad, but it’s the same for both teams. Is it just that we don’t have the nous to break down teams who come to Selhurst and sit back and try and catch us on the break?’

‘I think this summer the focus by Pardew needs to be the Plan B style where teams are prepared to concede possession to us and we do have to break them down.’

‘Away we will still be more suited to the counter attack where our pace and directness can still work, but at home I think we’re going to have to find another way through to achieve results.’

‘Not a negative post following a couple of disappointing results in an otherwise fantastic run, just an observation for next season.’

(Forum topic of who goes down?)

‘Newcastle please.’

‘Everyone said he would have a good initial burst (which gladly turned into a great burst). But when the wheels come off the true Pardew would show. That’s the stage we have now. Next season will be a struggle even with new signings.’

‘In truth when Pardew came in, if he’d said, we’ll be on 42 points with eight games to go, but those last games will all be s**t I’d have taken that.’

‘Last place is between Hull, Sunderland and Newcastle. All of whom deserve the drop more than Burnley do. Especially Newcastle.’

‘We are safe because of the new manager boost that Pardew brought to the club. He won’t be able to do that next season. Get used to more consecutive losses like have come lately… Already fell out with the club captain. The star winger will be sold. Pulis signings like Ledley will be sold.

But at least he can borrow players like Yaya Sanogo…’


If that were true Newcastle would be doing no worse than they were before Christmas. They were going OK, now they’re totally in the toilet.

What is more, anyone can see that we now have capabilities we didn’t have before – like being able to change our game plan if things start going Pete Tong.’


  • Paul Soulsby

    I was still backing Pardew till April mast year, will be interesting to see how many Palace fans give him almost three and a half years. Four months and counting.

  • Paul Forth

    Allan Forth lol

  • Conman

    Honeymoon over

  • Stevie Aces Renforth

    They are trun on him all ready lol

  • A lex

    And some say WE were too quick to give him grief!
    The writing’s already on the wall for this ‘love-in’.

  • Chemical Dave

    They’re away to Liverpool next week, hopefully that will be 5 in a row for the “silver cox”.

  • A lex

    Can’t see anything but an inspired Gerrard-leaving party in that match.

  • mrkgw

    Had AP remained at St James, we wouldnt be heading into the last two games, threatened by the drop. We would have been lower half of the table but things wouldnt have been this bad. Carver is in my opinion, tactically inept.

  • A lex

    mrkgw I agree, but things have to be brought to a head. If Pardew had stayed, we’d probably be comfortable now. But, irrespective of what happens in the last 2 matches, Ashley is now forced into making some big decisions in the summer which, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had to do.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Facts are – he took only 21 points from Jan ’14 until his winning streak started here earlier this year. That’s 21 from a possible 81, in 27 successive matches.
    Why some of our own supporters still think he was good is beyond me.

  • Chemical Dave

    What makes you so confident ? He lost 14 of his last 20 games last season and didnt win a game this season until almost the end of October? His record at the end of last season (with an arguably far better squad) isn’t much different to our current idiots, carver has lost 11 in his last 18 with two to go. Are you suggesting Pardew deliberately had a terrible record thus time last year? If not, why would you believe we’d be any better off ? Take one good month out of this season and we’d have been down weeks ago.

  • Chemical Dave

    Spot on mate,he had some good periods no doubt but some terrible ones aswell, baffled as to why people believe we’d be any better off.

  • JohnVince20

    PauloMenace Should stick to playing with his lego. How u can compare us on 4 defeats in row when they’ve just had 8! Be funny if went down.

  • A lex

    Chemical Dave Same as last season. Take out the decent 5 weeks during November and early December, and the rest was disastrous.
    Pardew had excellent, but very short, runs in both seasons which saved his hide.

  • angela_vince

    PauloMenace JohnVince20 Must be why 20000 fans were singing his name yesterday. Pathetic.

  • PauloMenace

    angela_vince JohnVince20 He decided to use 10% of comments written over however formats as a gloating tool to make Geordies feel better

  • Polarboy

    A lex mrkgw I’m just glad that it looks like we won’t get lumbered with the wolly with a brolly McClaren. If we manage to survive the close shave may have also saved us from being lumbered with Carver. A sad indictment of our club that I would even have to question Carver’s involvement.

  • angela_vince

    PauloMenace JohnVince20 Rather using us as therapy U0001f609

  • JohnVince20

    PauloMenace angela_vince Still clinging on. Although it’s good place 4 nightout @ away game wud be fun if relegated.Loads crying geordies!

  • angela_vince

    JohnVince20 PauloMenace Remember their last relegation, how they suffered so much more than any other fans!

  • PauloMenace

    angela_vince JohnVince20 Them and Spurs are the same, disproportionate in terms of expectation and reality. Very strange

  • angela_vince

    PauloMenace JohnVince20 Exactly!

  • Paul Patterson

    The thing is, if we’d have stuck with Pardew, we’d be safe.
    If we’d stuck with Pardew, we’d have been safe EVERY season.
    If Pardew hadn’t had Mike Ashley as owner, we would finish mid-table to top half EVERY season WITHOUT fail.
    Now, staving of relegation may be Palaces level but I’m not happy with that level of ambition.
    Pardew going was the best for all concerned, but WITHOUT selling players, he is a top half manager.

  • Bearsize

    its amazing what you can do for a million pound bonus, some great results. Now pardew is putting his own spin on things its looking bad for palace. I never understood why pardew would change winning formulas and stick with bad ones. Maybe its because mike ashley picks the team week in week out, the patsy in the dugout is only a front. Mike loves football manager that much he has made is own game. It would explain everything if it was true. When ashley wants a defeat he plays gouffran ect.. Honestly think about it, it does fit like a glove and he is crooked enough to do so. Just an idea U0001f600

  • mackeminsortofpeace

    What is more, anyone can see that we now have capabilities we didn’t have before 

    I’d have taken that

    (which gladly turned into a great burst

    Away we will still be more suited to the counter attack where our pace and directness can still work 

    He was so bad at Newcastle at his worst he kept them in the premiership this season

    Just checked the stats, and although AP has really improved our away performances 

    and from the writer himself – His arrival coincided with a remarkable run of results that propelled Palace out of the relegation zone and there was even talk of another Manager of The Year award for the smooth talking silver fox

    so its a positive article about pardew then?  good on ya

  • maljosie

    @JohnVince20 PauloMenace angela_vince JEALOUSY GETS YOU NOWHERE!

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    A pointless article, typical of the imbalanced journalism we constantly get from the Mag. There’s always going to be negativity when a team hits a poor run, so it’s not going to be hard to cherry pick disparaging comments.
    Like it or not, Pardew has the full support of his supporters. Yes, most of us were glad to see the back of him, but he did the job he was asked to do at Palace, and this ridiculous piece of writing smacks purely of sour grapes.

  • Polarboy

    Nicolaus Copernicus Sour grapes or pointing to the stark reality that Pardew’s only true gift is self promotion. The fact is that it is easy for the casual observer to be fooled into thinking that Pardew is anything more than a bang average manager. He has been found wanting eventually at every club he has been at. It’s a nice narrative for Pardew that his failures with us were purely down to Ashley, and a lot of them were, but the fact remains that his coaching methods and tactics are eventually found out wherever he has been.

  • PeterRobson

    It´ll be nice when they realise he´s just a “one trick pony” !!!

    Can´t wait to read the headlines claiming: “Fickle Crystal Palace fans” calling for Pardumbo to be sacked !!

    I´m already laughing in anticipation !!!

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    I don’t disagree with you. Pardew has a history of starting off well at a club before gradually fading, first to ordinariness and then to downright poor. It’s just that it’s too early to be falsely suggesting that Pardew has fallen out of grace with the Palace supporters. Hand picking some chosen comments is disingenuous journalism. That’s my issue here, not Pardew and his success or otherwise.

  • A lex

    Nicolaus Copernicus Polarboy Twice you’ve mentioned the word ‘journalism’. Why? The Mag isn’t a newspaper or other such publication – it’s a fans forum, bar stool banter, etc…… so content reflects this.
    As for ‘sour grapes’ over Pardew, that’s almost Pardew-esque in believing that that could be a reason for the piece.

  • Chemical Dave

    Haha, he’s always talking about” journalists” ! Still waiting for hid contribution as he’s always whinging about the articles people write.

  • toon tony

    Crystal Palace fans. …..FOR SALE Sack Pardew. Com 1 careful owner.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    Chemical Dave 
    I only have sporadic time on my hands, but that’s not a good answer I know, so can’t argue with you on that one, mate.

  • A lex

    toon tony The three shortest books in the world:
    1) Battle victories of the French Army
    2) The Lonely Planet Guide to Sunderland
    3) Football Tactics, by Alan Pardew

  • Sickandtiredstill

    A lex Nicolaus Copernicus Polarboy Too true – better off having a go at the likes of Wrighty and his never ending jibes towards us on Twitter.

  • alreet

    No…..never……he took saints and charlton down almost took hammers down almost took us down twice.
    He is guaranteed to eventually take u down.

  • GToon

    @angela_vince PauloMenace JohnVince20 Whats pathetic? The fact you only get 20,000 fans or that they sang that clowns name? Anyway all of our players really liked Pardew as he is a good laugh and got on well with them. He created a nice atmosphere for them and they enjoyed it and responded by upping their game a gear. The problem is when just being good fun or a laugh isnt enough. For Pardew that normally happens after the first season, when the jokes and laughs are not enough to organise and motivate the team any longer. It happened at all of his previous clubs………

  • DownUnderMag

    Incorrect tactics, no plan B, all sounds familiar.  Some Palace fans trying to make us out to be the bad guy while others already clocking that Pardew is going to struggle next season.  It’s always easy to say we have been harsh on a manager who finished 5th one season, until you see first hand what we were talking about. But still, no doubt the Palace fans will be absolutely justified in shouting for him to be sacked in 12 months time…there’s nothing like double standards!

  • Adrian Phillips

    Said it plenty of times give him 18 months until his unbelievable management talent shines through – good riddance to bad rubbish

  • Steve1221

    If its anything like his time with us Palace will be heading towards a European quarter final after 18 months.

  • tino o

    I’m not at all interested in what palace or anybodies fans are saying pardew is gone good riddance he wouldn’t have took too much replacing but Ashley couldn’t even get that right ! Total neglect of the reason were called a football club hopefully the plight were in now will give him a reminder either put up or get out hopefully get out. If we don’t go this year it’s only a stay of execution if things remain the same

  • TheMeTalMonkey

    This is getting silly now. Please turn your attention to your own club. Pardew has left deal with it . And to be honest I couldn’t careless about Newcastle but if Pardew left because of the fans its not hard to see why . Your still going on about it . I am getting sick fans and local newspapers trying desperately to justify the Pardew out campaign. Grow up and support your own club – your just being bitter. I am really flattered that you think that we should be able to beat Manu U Chelsea and Liverpool to come. Ok so Hull and West brom were a disappointment. But at the time we were safe and they needed the win . So our players may have stepped of the gas a bit. This is our 2nd season in the Prem and I think we are doing alright. Both performances against the big clubs were great

  • Polarboy

    Nicolaus Copernicus Polarboy Sure at the minute the majority might still think he is doing a good job despite the defeats, especially to Hull and West Brom, but if you as a fan were fully aware of his pattern is a story every now and again to gauge their opinion such a bad thing? You say he cherry picked comments, maybe he did maybe he didn’t, but he isn’t saying this a scientific study with percentages, he just said there was some mixed comments and with four defeats on the trot there are bound to be.

  • jimblag

    TheMeTalMonkey Well it continues to irritate when yesterday someone said to me “you must be regretting Pardew leaving now?”, I said “No way he was terrible, something like 12 wins in his final 12 months” to which the reply was “well it must have been hard with the fans on his back the whole time”. 
    So called “football fans” need to actually follow football and not believe what journalists tell them.

  • DownUnderMag

    TheMeTalMonkey as jimblag says, a lot of us have moved on but Palace fans and other fans around the country who have formed a somewhat stereotyped view of the Geordie public, (helped in no small portion by the media), who seem to take a great deal of delight in our current plight and seem to think that us wanting Pardew out somehow means we deserve what we are getting.  Most of the time it isn’t Newcastle fans still harping on about it, it is them having to defend themselves against the accusations.

  • jimblag

    @PauloMenace angela_vince JohnVince20 Describe our expectation?
    Would you say we hope for a good game of football, trying to score, winning a few games, entertaining the fans? ‘Cos whats wrong with that?
    If you mean qualify for the champions league, compete for the title and sign the cream of the crop every window then you are someone who forms their opinions by listening to pundits who have never played or lived in Newcastle.
    Hate to say it but you’ve been duped by lazy journalists my friend.

  • jimblag

    maljosie PauloMenace angela_vince People talking about jealousy are crazily wrong. Jealous of what? Your manager that we were desperate to get rid of? Your stadium? Your Premier League calibre and history? Your……? I’m stumped for things we may be jealous of.

  • Toon Magpie

    Don’t worry we will send Carver down there next.

  • jimblag

    Be funny if your mum went down, oh she is – on me as I write.