Yesterday we asked all Newcastle fans: Did the Mike Ashley interview convince you that he has changed direction and will now run the club on an ambitious basis?

The votes have now been counted and a big thank you to all who made the effort.

Newcastle fans convinced by Mike Ashley interview?

Yes 35%

No 65%

So roughly two in three Newcastle supporters still don’t believe that Mike Ashley has any serious ambition for the club, other than survival in the Premier League.

To be honest, I expected there to be even less than 35% who were now feeling more positive after Sunday’s interview, possibly a decent number of supporters simply blindly hoping for better – nothing wrong with that, I just wish I hadn’t had it beaten out of me already over the years.

As Alan Shearer said – ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ and maybe we will revisit this when the Manager/Head Coach is appointed.

That decision is massive and the reports over the last 24 hours are hardly inspiring, with both national and local press claiming club sources have suggested that they see no urgency in appointing a Manager/Head Coach and early July could be when the position is confirmed. The reports also claiming that John Carver is still a serious contender…

This was the interview when Mike Ashley spoke to Sky Sports:

How disappointed to find Newcastle in this situation?

I could’t have really imagined it from Christmas. Didn’t anticipate we would be even near this situation so obviously after the last sort of couple of weeks I’m still a little bit shocked by where we find ourselves today.

Who is responsible? The manager, the fans, players or does it stop at your door?

My door.

What is next?

If you are talking about investing in the club, I will continue the policy of investing in the football club.

Even if it relegated?

If there is such a thing as you are able to guarantee promotion then I would like to say I will guarantee that.

The only positive is that we have got the club on a very sound financial footing. We are able to spend relatively and punch above our weight now with the current financial situation the club finds itself in.

If you hadn’t come into the club, where would they be?

Not as strong financially. I’m going to add, that that isn’t really good enough. It’s no good having the horse and cart scenario. We may have the cart financially but we are now going to bolt the horse on. And we’re going to.

What is your message for the fans?

Today we don’t need to be unlucky…not today. From this day forward we will definitely be making our own luck.

What is your ambition now?

To win something definitely, and by the way, I shall not be selling it until I do.

So the club’s not for sale?

Not at any price. When I say win something, if we ever get in the position of a Champions League place, that also qualifies as winning something.

What about appointments of managers and so on?

It is Lee Charnley and the football board that make those decisions, as it was Derek Llambias who brought in Alan Pardew. I will not be picking the next manager – it is not what I do.

My job is to make sure that they have the maximum financial resources and it is their job to get the best pound for pound value out of those resources.

To be categorically clear, I am not going anywhere until we win something.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Sorry, but all I still read are excuses. Llambias responsible for Pardew and Charnley for Carver.The fact he appointed both seems to have escaped him, as has leaving Charnley with the alleged ‘building’ to come.

    His appointments have been utterly shocking ever since he arrived and if he continues in this way, nothing is going to change. It can’t, because this management group do not have a clue and they have proven it over 8 years.

  • robmyers67

    My confusion lies with Ashley admitting the responsibility lies at his door and then in the same breath states the footballing side has got nothing to do with him.
    If you cant learn by this mess and still think everything will be ticketey boo then quite frankly he was treating this merely as a fire fighting exercise hoping to appease any possible onslaught. Hope I am wrong and he comes through!

  • I’m shocked that 35% of fans actually think Ashley will change. He specifically used the word ‘continue’. Continue is the very opposite of change.

  • Alexh1984

    I don’t think 35% of fans necessarily think he will change. I just think more and more fans don’t want to fight anymore. Increasingly people are either walking away or accepting the situation. I stayed for around 50 minutes after the final whistle on Sunday and there was maybe 1500 people left in the stadium. That’s what we’ve got in what’s left of the battle with Ashley. It’s sad more don’t feel as strongly but that’s just the way it is.

  • toon tony

    ” O K. ..We have the cart, we now have to bolt the horse on “

  • Porciestreet

    The man never once looked at the camera which for me is insincerity. His face was bright red throughout which to me says he was lying and this from a bloke who couldn’t lie straight in his coffin. Couldn’t trust the bloke with me busfare. Wouldn’t p!55 on him if he was on fire. 
    Maybe proved wrong yet and I will be the first to say sorry if I am, but i’m not holding me breath,
    HWTF…..Ashley OOT.  ASAP.

  • Jamie Broadley


  • TonnekToon

    In my little world Chumley  would be trying to beat J.C. out the door to avoid the Buckshot ! Last one out gets it . how on earth a man with so little experience can have such an important job  , The day to day running of a Premiership Football Club .but that’s Fatty for you . surrounding himself with self serving sycophants .

  • The Adelphi

    35% more in hope that The penny has finally dropped with Ashley. The rest? Well the life has been sucked out us completely.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Its my Favourite Video

  • kuromori

    How the hell can Carver be on anyone’s short list? Jesus wept. Doesn’t his record of abject failure count for anything?

  • onedavidmccreery

    It beggars belief that we have a response rate of 35% that believe – Unbelievable! The tw#t does fcuk all for 8 years and bobs your uncle one interview and all will be well. Please give your heads a shake!!!!!!!

  • Alltomuch

    Please prove it.
    Charnley needs football man who cares for our club to sort out a manager(ask big Al)
    Then we have started

  • Ben Jefferson

    We ll know by August

  • Malcolm Colledge


  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Ashley is a documented liar and this reeks of an attempt to boost season ticket sales. If Fatman was serious he would start by getting rid of the two Stooges; Charnley and Carver. If he keeps them at NUFC then its obvious that Fatman is merely spouting shite.
    No decent Manager/ Head Coach would want to come to a Club that employs those two useless cretins.

  • magpiefifer

    Disappointing to find 35% are taken in by the moneybags conman.
    I’m not totally surprised though – having seen how many fans wear the Wonga top!
    Ashley’s pockets will be filled up nicely and if he spends 5 bob in the Summer he’ll have even more profits to hide!!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    So, it was Charnley who decided Rangers needed five loanees from us, did he? At the very same time good old Ashley was fighting for control, aided and abetted by his old mucka Llambias.

    Anyone believing Ashley has no say in footballing decisions, on the manager or anything else, needs a serious mental health check. The fact that an alleged 35% of supporters choose to suddenly believe his 3 minutes of agonisingly embarrassing interview is the real joke here.

  • gazchampion

    The Adelphi That’s what I’m hoping about that optimistic 35%… otherwise they must be deaf dumb and blind and braindead! 
    Ashley lies, it’s been proven – he’ said that he will ‘continue the policy of investing in the club’. That could mean anything but I doubt we’re talking about a £100Million war-chest being made available to our ‘quality’ manager whoever he will be…. 35%ers are you listening?
    I would love it but somehow I just cannot see it happening… 

  • Paul Patterson

    Something to keep in mind-

    Ashley and co are proven liars.

    Not an opinion, proven by a court . .

  • Paul Patterson

    NUFC Tips  Well put . .

  • NottsToon

    He said nothing and promised nothing other than staying. Anyone who reads anything else into the interview has serious issues with comprehension.

  • NottsToon
  • KevinBrown11

    Well 35% think he’s telling the truth, right! In 8 years how many times has he spoken the truth on anything nufc, none, he’s a pathological liar,

  • KevinBrown11

    And the Oscar goes to…….. Lying shyte, believe that and you may as well believe in fairies,