Being a Newcastle United fan for over 20 years, I have seen a lot go on at the club – some good but sadly the majority not so. However, this season seems to have set a new low.

It began with anarchy and discord towards Alan Pardew as he presided over a losing run which resulted in a campaign to try and unseat him as manager. He later joined Crystal Palace as manager and has ensured they are playing Premier League football next season.

Whilst they can plan for the Summer and beyond, our Premier League future lies in the hands of John Carver and the lads as they travel to play QPR on Saturday.

It is going to be a nervous 90 minutes as potentially 3 points could all but secure our status and finally put paid to worries of demotion to the Championship next season.

This season has been trying for even the most ardent football fan, early promise in the performance despite the defeat to Manchester City, gave way to pitiful collapses against Southampton & Stoke and calamitous defending against Crystal Palace.

The lack of investment in the playing squad has been made clearly evident and the frustration of watching every game since January….as only 6 points have been amassed over the course of the last 15 weeks.

The early capitulation at Leicester City was a new low and although we ‘only’ lost both derbies 1-0, the performances were not acceptable and nowhere near what is expected..

I just hope we learn the lessons of this disastrous season, move forward and make sure we sign players, get the right manager and have a right go in the FA and League Cup.

This season has been like nightmare I wish I could wake up from but sadly it has been a reality we have all had to bear.

Keep the faith and hope we are still a Premier League team next Sunday night.

  • Blackandwhite9

    ” I just hope we learn the lessons of this disastrous season, move forward and make sure we sign players, get the right manager and have a right go in the FA and League Cup. ”
    FFS Gary, Think you need to stay asleep, waking up might spoil your dream, what has Ashley done in the last 8 years that gives you the slightest hint that he may have” learn’t the lessons” he couldn’t give a sh&t , as long as the lucre is coming in, and it’s mugs like me and you that help him along the way with it, at times now I hate football, hate NUFC, and hate myself for continuing to go…and we all know who’s to blame for killing our dreams.

  • mirandinha9

    What would be in the achievement of staying up? To then only endure such misery again next season, watching mediocre players and giving the Mackems another 6 points as we’ve done for the last 2 seasons. It pains me to say it, but, this club needs relegating. It’s the only way to reduce the income for Cashley and reduce his avenue to lucratively profit from his Sports Direct marketing. In fact, we’ve never been down to the 3rd level of English football, but, I would accept if straight away if it meant that Cashley was forced to sell.

  • WallaceWilson

    Do you remember two years ago we were facing a must win game at QPR hearing promises from the club about a thorough review, lessons learned, significant investment etc. Do you remember what happened next?

  • Phildene

    @Blackandwhite9. I hate to say this but you’re all to blame if you’re still going as you’re not helping to stop the rot at our club. There simply isn’t an excuse to keep giving Ashley your hard earned money when he couldn’t give a damn about you-and you’re not really helping the players either as most don’t want to be here now playing for a club which is totally devoid of any ambition.
    If you hate everything you say you hate, please give your self a break and stop going-sacrifices have to be made mate and we’ve made ours by breaking away from nufc/Ashley a couple of years ago. Like you, we absolutely hate everything Ashley’s touched and stands for and can’t wait for the day he buggas off, then we can claim our club back.