As John Carver and everybody else at Newcastle United seemingly attempt to get NUFC relegated from what had seemed an almost impossible position….

We go back EXACTLY 23 years in time to a day (tomorrow) when Newcastle were staring oblivion in the face but pulled themselves back from the brink.

Video footage of Leicester v Newcastle below featuring goals, pitch invasions, as well as interviews at the end, including a really prophetic one with Terry McDermott at full-time.

Kevin Keegan’s assistant saying:

“We love the club, we love the fans, and I’m sure we can change the club around.

“Been in the doldrums for the last eight years and we’d love to bring the good times back at Newcastle.

“If anybody can bring those good days back to Newcastle it is the boss (Kevin Keegan).”

Terry Mac could have been saying that today!

The team that ran out on 2 May 1992 was:

Tommy Wright, Ray Ranson, Kevin Scott, Brian Kilcline, Alan Neilson (sub – Peter Garland), Liam O’Brien, Gavin Peacock, Kevin Brock (sub – Lee Clark), David Kelly, Kevin Sheedy, Franz Carr


(Also, highly recommened read HERE of Leicester v Newcastle past AND present)

  • Phil_R_Upp

    TeamToon This NUFC have less guts or interest than the immature 92 team did

  • Big Al 1967

    Brings back memories. Remember celebrating the last minute goal and laughing at the Leicester fans trying to get at us, and then the uncertainty and not knowing whether the game had been abandoned or if the result stood.
    I am not ashamed to say the week before David Kelly reduced me to tears with his 85th minute winner against Pompey. Thats how mutch it meant back then. Now the current malise at our club just leaves a sad and empty feeling. 
    How times change

  • GP2

    I genuinely think that team would beat the current XI despite the division difference

  • IntravenusMP

    I loved the Reverend Peacock and  Ned Kelly in that team.

  • David Robinson

    But for a Ned Kelly now eh Peter?

  • Chemical Dave

    Never mind the division difference, they could beat this lot despite the age difference.

  • whickhamrobbie

    I was there and nearly got crushed that day Filbert street was a dump and I still hate Leicester and their fans but smashing all the house windows after the game was a bit much .I am glad all this nonsense is history as I would never take my lad if it was still like that. Kelly a Legend heart of a lion and very underrated


    Big Al 1967 Yes, the Kelly goal is one of my  abiding memories of the old St James’s. I was in the old paddock [ I think the fences were still up] The roar was a mixture of joy and relief .