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Time to ‘vote’ Mike Ashley and David Cameron out

6 years ago

If love will tear us apart, does that mean hate can bring us together?

I’ve felt like Darth Sidious at times these past couple of seasons. “Good, good, let the hate flow through you!” I think, as one by one, fellow mags have lost patience with Pardew, Ashley and the club in general. “Use your aggressive feelings!” Of course, we all know who the real evil emperor is. (Sheev Palpatine! Who hasn’t seen Star Wars?)

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It’s easy to feel helpless these days, and to use this feeling to justify doing nothing. Whether it’s losing interest in the football club you once loved, or coming to the conclusion that you wield very little to no political power, apathy is dangerous. Which is why I have been so pleased to see so many angry people. Anger is a motivator. People who are angry tend to get off their arses and take action.

Of course, as John Carver proved last Saturday, you must not allow your anger to get the best of you. Anger leads to moronic statements in post-match interviews, after all.

It’s fair to say that people in our part of the world are angry at the moment. We’ve been screwed over by the government for the past 5 years, suffering an eye watering sustained period of unemployment of 1 in 10 .

We’ve also been screwed over by the owner of our beloved football club, suffering an eye watering run of form that has seen us win just 1 in 10.

There are actually quite a few parallels to be drawn between Cameron and Ashley. Both insist that we must live within our means. Both advocate austerity over investment. Both are exceedingly rich. Both have faces I would never tire of punching (Oops, there’s that anger again!). Many people have asserted that “there’s nothing we can do” – bollocks. Both Cameron and Ashley are terrified of people power and they’ll both use propaganda to spread apathy.

Mike Ashley is terrified of protest and disquiet. That’s why he hired goons to confiscate ‘Sack Pardew’ posters at the Hull game earlier this season, why he brought in Keith Bishop as minister of propaganda, and why he’s had Colo put his name to a letter he didn’t write. Ashley can’t stand against the might of a United and motivated Toon Army, so he seeks to spread apathy and divide us. It’s not working.

David Cameron relies heavily on right wing publications such as the s*n to spread spurious claims about his political opponents. Which might explain why so many people see Ed Miliband as ‘weak’. Cameron can’t afford for too many people to see past this propaganda.

Once you realise that we’ve endured the slowest recovery from a recession ever, and that the Tories have borrowed a quarter of a trillion more than they said they would whilst helping their cronies become even richer, it’s rather difficult to justify voting Tory.

What we have now is an opportunity. Opportunity for real change. A chance to make things fairer. Chelsea winning the league and the top 4 being all but tied up means the cameras will be focused on our remaining games. We can use that to our advantage.

The inevitable hung parliament that our general election will deliver is going to crumble. We can use that to our advantage. Because the power is with the masses.

Some day we might even have a system where everyone gets a say and we invest in the future, not just the next 5 years, but it isn’t going to happen without a struggle.

So let’s go out and take action. Not just by voting, or by holding up some banners at the next couple of homes games, but by becoming active. And by using our anger constructively.

Viva la revolution!


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