Normally I am the kind of person that likes to sit back and observe what everyone else is talking about when it comes to my club.

Yet I feel driven to bring up this discussion and would honestly like to hear everyone’s opinion.

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In my first ever article for The Mag I was expressing my opinions on where the real blame lies at Newcastle United and this is where I made the big mistake.

Yes there are major problems stemming from Mike Ashley’s long-term ownership of the club and his vested interest in self-promotion, instead of the club’s own interests.

It’s clear to see that Mike Ashley’s lack of respect is not only for Newcastle United, but for the game itself. This clearly trickles down to the players, who keep speaking of their lack of confidence, but every time I watch them play it comes across as a lack of effort, desire and respect for the stage that they are on.

In a very simplistic way, they are being overpaid for prancing around on a big piece of grass trying to put a ball in their opponents net more than the opponent puts it in theirs. A pretty simple job on paper; involving skill, determination, and the passion and desire to want to win the game.

At this point I could go off on one, breaking it down into which players are at fault, but as their seems to be a list as long as my arm, that is pretty much a waste of my time and yours. So who REALLY is to blame here?

Well, I started to think – Newcastle United play in the Premier League. So this led me to the question, are there any other clubs where an owner has taken over solely in order to promote himself and his own desires.

To my mind there really aren’t any clubs that I can think of in the Premier league that have ever had this situation happen before.

Which makes me question, is this a new phenomenon in the era of the Premier league in the economic turn down. Football is all about money these days, especially at the highest level, and it brings me to the conclusion that if this is so well known, then surely the FA must be aware that such a situation could arise where a wealthy businessman could invest in a club, solely to promote his own selfish needs. Whilst in the meantime, slowly breaking down and destroying the very essence that football has been to our nation.

Surely the Premier League should be looking into the current situation that is ongoing at Newcastle United and which is now reaching breaking point, the self-destruction of the very essence of football’s existence.

newcastle players

To sum it up, there is a TV show where people go to auction to buy a house with the aim of buying it as cheap as possible. After they have bought it they have the option to do it up a little, to either rent out, or sell on.

If they are very shrewd, sometimes they barely do anything to improve it. At the end of the day, they know if they bought a house in an auction then selling on the house will always bring back an increase on their initial investment. In the meantime, if they are financially stable they can rent out the house for a nice annual income.

Newcastle United is that house, and Mike Ashley is the crude landlord, and yet the Premier League is a sport not an investment scheme, or is it?

Come Sunday, I shall not be sitting and waiting in fear of us staying up or going down. Year in year out I always wanted my club to challenge for success in the Premier league, only to be let down by the club never being driven in the right direction.

I’m not saying we should be winning every game we play, just that we should act like we are there to take part and fight for a result. If Newcastle go down this season it’s because they deserve it, and it might actually be nice to see them play in a league where they are actually able to achieve success, instead of slugging it out at the very bottom of the league.

We keep saying that Sunday will be one of the most epic days that the club has faced in its more recent history, but I think this is the moment when we all finally accepted that the person in charge of our club was running it like a bargain rock bottom sports clothing store.

John Carver really is the last person we should blame here, he is a true Geordie and is doing everything he can to make the team perform.

At the end of the day it really is just down to the players, to act like men not boys, and stand up and take responsibility for the situation they have caused.

That is not about respecting their coach, manager, or owner, it is about respecting themselves and the club that they play for.

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  • JarraChris

    Totally agree with your Post.
    I would never wish for us to get relegated but would not be bothered if we did.
    The passion & soul have been torn out of the Club, Players & most importantly the Fans.
    There’s only one man to blame for this and can only hope if relegation does come today he will leave us for pasture’s new.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Exactly. it’s not rocket science and the plain fact is, under Ashley we are now a club which competes for nothing at all except PL survival in order to turn a profit for him and advertise SD.
    I’d even suggest at times it’s hard to blame most players, as they simply aren’t good enough to compete consistently in the PL. Carver, Geordie or not, is completely out of his depth and falls into the same category.
    But there has been no intervention to address these issues, the plan is simply to carry on in the same manner and expect us all to keep turning up and paying to watch this nothingness.
    If a Club can be fined for fielding an under-strength side and not taking competitions seriously – how does the FA allow Ashley to get away with not competing for anything at all? That is the official blueprint and has been publicly stated several times.
    Fit and proper owner? He’s a Cancer on football.

  • Hetton Mag

    I think you are onto something here. if the prem were made up of another dozen clubs with the same lack of desire as Ashley Disunited would would that mean for their “product”? Would that produce a world wide audience and mega bucks in TV revenue? The prem already is starting to lack real competition top 6 bottom 6 and the rest is fairly static each season. £100m or whatever for being last may well tempt a few more Ashleys so the EPL needs some rule about actively competing and a panel to make a judgement on that to keep it legally tight. Horrible afternoon in prospect and how I hate the whole lot owner, manager players for putting me in the position of not knowing if l want relegation- F Cashley for his arrogance and lack of investment or even thought or another season of misery. Tough call.