With talk of the Fans Form being moved up I have been thinking about some of the claims made by the club in previous meetings, many of which fail to stand up to scrutiny, especially the January transfer window one.

The claim is that we don’t want to do any transfer business in the January window due to a ‘lack of value’.

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There are two reasons that this annoys me as much as it does.

One is that it is valuing a transfer purely in pennies and pounds and completely ignoring the value being offered to fans in performances and hopes for the second half of the season.

The second is that it just is patently not true and our lack of recent business in January has negatively affected the club in financial terms.

If you look at exactly the circumstances of the January signings in the past 6 seasons it becomes very obvious what the goals of the Ashley regime are and the true reason behind the club’s lack of investment in January.

In 2009/10 we were in the Championship and promotion was worth £50m+ to the club in tv revenue etc.  We made 4 permanent signings.  In 2011/12 we were within touching distance of the Champions League places which would have again been worth £15m+ to the club.  We signed Papiss Cisse.  In 2012/13 we were in danger of relegation which would have cost the club £50m+.  We signed 5 first team players.

All the other seasons we were sat safely in mid-table.  Dropping down 5 or 6 places wouldn’t have any major affect on the clubs earnings that season. These seasons we didn’t sign a single permanent player in January.  The only problem for them is that they have seriously miscalculated how safe we were this season.

If the players we have signed in January were huge flops you might be able to understand the club’s argument but the players we’ve signed in January have by and large been a success.

Leon Best was sold for double what he was bought, Williamson is still a first choice centre half after 5 seasons, Cisse is still our top goal scorer 3 seasons after he was bought, Sissoko is our most valuable asset, we got our money back for Yanga-Mbiwa, Simpson was first choice right back for 3 years, Haidara has certainly increased in value if we were to sell him, Debuchy was sold after just 1.5 seasons for double what he cost.  That’s most of our January signings in the last 6 years.

The fact is the club isn’t talking about being able to sign players for their value in the January transfer window.

Mike Ashley and the board at NUFC don’t care about developing the squad or pushing us as high as we can go, even if they players are available at the right price.

All Mike Ashley and his cronies care about is maintaining the status quo of mid-table finishes.

What they mean by ‘value for money’ is ‘do we need to sign to stay in mid-table’.  If that means a half season of disappointment and outright devastation as we lose game after game setting new negative records every season they don’t care.

That’s why we need to drive Mike Ashley out of this great club.

Dreams don’t measure in pennies or pounds, neither does hope or ambition or dignity.

The club see no ‘value for money’ in your pride for your club.  They never will do.  So I hope you will all continue to get behind the Ashley Out campaign throughout the rest of this season and through the future.  Because if we succeed the fans may finally receive ‘value for money’.

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  • NottsToon

    For gods sake man don’t tell people the truth ! Apparently there are some on here who will continue to go “no matter what”. To these people things like truth and logic are kryptonite.

  • GToon

    NottsToon Ive enjoyed your posts but and i fully support trying to trim down the shopkeepers assets but i just happen to be going this Saturday. Its a long standing arrangement – a birthday present for my lads. They are too young to loath the current regime the way we do and they dont understand why the thing i have drummed into them for years is no longer what we like. They do know a bit about Ashley and they are looking forward to the 34th minute. He will get loads of abuse from us and thats worth something. I might be lining his pocket this time and it wont happen again until the same time next year but it is my chance. My chance to scream and shout and unfurl our banner message to the FCB. I will try and support the effort i see but i wont be making the first move – i want to see something to shout about first which is a total change on the previous 40 odd years of  unconditional support. Funnily enough i will be staying in Nottingham the night before – i’d offer you a lift but……..

  • NottsToon

    GToon NottsToon No worries matey, I’m giving it a miss ha ha. When kids are involved it’s different, you can’t let your kids down even if the team will.

  • Sickandtiredstill
  • GToon

    NottsToon GToon You are right. I dont want to risk making my kids falling out of love with the Toon. Its the only thing i insist on –  i have told them when they are older they can bring home who they want, vote for who they want, do what they want but the football team they support is non-negotiable. Anyway, maybe when things are a bit different you can share a lift with us.

  • NottsToon

    GToon NottsToon When the fat overlord sods off the first round is on me !

  • GToon

    NottsToon GToon Look forward to it – it could turn into a party!!

  • DownUnderMag

    The club don’t care about signing players “for their value” in January, or at all.  What the club want to do is make sure to pick up the cheapest players possible with the highest possibility of increasing their value to sell on for a profit.  January does not offer this same cheap deal possibility and so the club do not want to do any business then. The fact that these players are usually better because they have to pay more to start with and either still get their money back or do still make a profit seems to escape the regime.  Better to stick with the buy cheap sell high philosophy…as we continue to be run as a high-street store rather than a football club!

  • NottsToon ooh kryptonite !  all hale to the kryptonite.

  • NottsToon

    devonbay NottsToon Heh, good one.

  • Is there any way we can embarass ashley and bring sports direct shares plummet further that they lose more than half the share value so the investors would sell up.
    If a few toons buy shares go to sports direct meetings meet ashley and get a few private investigators to buy shares and they could sneak into sports direct accounts and find out where money is coming from into the sd account and see any money coming from newcastle united just a taught

  • Christoph4397

    Sadly I can’t do this myself as I’m an expat, however, I would absolutely LOVE to see 52,000 fans at St. James holding up ‘JD Sports’ cards – bet that would REALLY Get under the fat [email protected] skin.