I’m not sure what was the biggest shock: Newcastle winning by two goals for the first time at home this season, or Mike Ashley givinng an interview pre-match.

From out of the blue, Mike Ashley turned up on Sky Sports to give a televised interview.

In the interview, the NUFC owner claimed that he was going nowhere until United won something, which for many of us sounds like a life sentence.

Ashley also claimed he would ‘continue the policy of investing in the football club’, which will confound and annoy many fans in equal measures.

The interview appears to show that Mike Ashley has been hit by the protests against his ownership and now that relegation has been narrowly averted, we ‘look forward’ to see what the ‘continued investment’ consists of…

Mike Ashley speaking to Sky Sports:

How disappointed to find Newcastle in this situation?

I could’t have really imagined it from Christmas. Didn’t anticipate we would be even near this situation so obviously after the last sort of couple of weeks I’m still a little bit shocked by where we find ourselves today.

Who is responsible? The manager, the fans, players or does it stop at your door?

My door.

What is next?

If you are talking about investing in the club, I will continue the policy of investing in the football club.

Even if it relegated?

If there is such a thing as you are able to guarantee promotion then I would like to say I will guarantee that.

The only positive is that we have got the club on a very sound financial footing. We are able to spend relatively and punch above our weight now with the current financial situation the club finds itself in.

If you hadn’t come into the club, where would they be?

Not as strong financially. I’m going to add, that that isn’t really good enough. It’s no good having the horse and cart scenario. We may have the cart financially but we are now going to bolt the horse on. And we’re going to.

What is your message for the fans?

Today we don’t need to be unlucky…not today. From this day forward we will definitely be making our own luck.

What is your ambition now?

To win something definitely, and by the way, I shall not be selling it until I do.

So the club’s not for sale?

Not at any price. When I say win something, if we ever get in the position of a Champions League place, that also qualifies as winning something.

What about appointments of managers and so on?

It is Lee Charnley and the football board that make those decisions, as it was Derek Llambias who brought in Alan Pardew. I will not be picking the next manager – it is not what I do.

My job is to make sure that they have the maximum financial resources and it is their job to get the best pound for pound value out of those resources.

To be categorically clear, I am not going anywhere until we win something.


  • A lex

    Saturday, August 8th, first match probably at 1pm. That gives you 75 days and 19 hours from now, Ashley. Let’s see if you mean what you say or are talking shite yet again.

  • scotty63

    A lex More shite from a proven liar

  • Michael Teasdale

    Lies. Lies and more lies.
    All the man does is lie. The courts even publically acknowledge it.
    he wants to win a cup? How, by his stated policy of getting eliminated at the first hurdle? He views “winning something” as finishing fourth. Yes Mike, that would win YOU a lot of money wouldn’t it.
    I can’t believe there is anyone deluded enough to still believe this man, yet already I see comments online from desperate fans still trying to clutch onto the idea that “he might have learned his lesson”.

  • IntravenusMP

    He came over rather well I thought.

  • Toon Magpie

    He ticked all the boxes, now any investment of say £60-£100 and a decent manager would do us well, we know £40 million wasn’t enough and was just replacing players

  • Toon Magpie

    Let us wait and see and judge him on what he does rather than what he says.

  • fishandchips

    Ashley sounded like he was pissed ,,,,, he must be he said something like winning a trophy or getting in to the champions league , or iam still drunk off last night

  • LeazesEnder

    Toon Magpie Already have!

  • mirandinha9

    How can people say he came across well? Completely gullible. He’s lied continually for the last 8 years, invests zilch into the club, though, only after Keegan’s derogatory interview of him, decides to speak in front of the cameras. All he wants is season tickets. In the same way Hitler played with Chamberlain, he’ll tell you want you want to hear and then he’ll turn again, although, only after he’s taken your wallet’s contents from you. Haway guys, can you not see the deception?

  • LeazesEnder

    IntravenusMP Are you his wife?

  • A lex

    LeazesEnder IntravenusMP You mean ex-wife, don’t you, LE?

  • Phildene

    We watched this and thought he came over rather well too, so lets just wait and see what happens during the summer. And no, don’t think he was pissed. We hate the man, but have heard he’s canny to talk to and thought the same here. David Craig asked the right questions for once! 

    This interview will go down in nufc history as it’s the very first time anyones heard him speak and will probs be downloaded for proof by many (if it’s downloadable), so it’s not hearsay, its from his own mouth so can’t really back down.

    Lets hope we’re not living in cloud cuckoo land and that he does what he says he’s going to do-put more money in

    By the way-good win today too

  • LeazesEnder

    Phildene No my dear…. the first lie was the word ‘continue’ to invest…. he hasn’t invested a single penny and removes the clubs ability to use its own resources of advertising and merchandising….

    I await your considered response….

  • LeazesEnder

    mirandinha9 For someone who professes to ”hate’ the media;, I’d say he was pushed through a studio door by his PR Guru…. a damage limitation exercise….. he’s probably regretting it now.

  • Ashleyconsyou

    Just so we’re clear, that PR stunt was either a reaction to Keegans brilliant pre match interview, or that finally the national press were waking up to the way he has treated this club and the fans maybe even causing a small drop in his profits from the chain of shops he runs. (I live in hope)

    Am I the only one who does not class qualifying for the Champions League as “winning something”.  The last time I checked, you get no silverware, but on the other hand Ashley would receive an enormous cash injection into his bank. Yet again it’s just about money going to Ashley, not about real success for the club or the fans and he showed his complete lack of understanding football once more by stating this.

    I’m sure he took solace from the fact that the Tories can con a nation into believing Camerons lies, so no doubt he thinks conning tens of thousands of loyal Geordie fans would be a walk in the park. Every time I see a Wonga wearing idiot a small part of me knows this club and it’s fans have been tainted, and I’m sure it won’t be long before we have more red on our kit to go with the blue.  Then he’ll complete the insult by putting his sports brand on the front of the shirt.
    I loved that win, especially the Jonas moment which will stay in my memory forever, but until Ashley goes this club will have a bad smell about it.

  • LeazesEnder

    Ashleyconsyou Big Thank you to Jonas…. that was a moment to savour….brought a tear to the eyes!

  • LeazesEnder

    A lex LeazesEnder IntravenusMP The CBI don’t admire him nor Parliament or the church…. or Newcastle fans….. or anyone….

    … only intra-venus drippy!