To all the Newcastle fans that made it to St James’ Park for the game against West Brom, thank You. I want you to know you were, and that you always will be, the best part of the club.

It is the fans who turn up to support our team who truly represent our club and the city.

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Ever since I was a small boy clambering up the stadium steps I have inexplicably loved Newcastle United, if you grow up in this part of the world you seldom get a choice in the matter. It is after all; more than just a football team.

Milburn, Shearer, Macdonald; through hard work, skill and spirit, they became heroes and legends. The players on the pitch today are just borrowing their shirts.

It is not for these current players that we cheer, it is for our club. It is our city who needs the presence of the fans singing on a match day. It is our fans at home and abroad that want to see the spirit of the best city in the world shine through the adversity.

The noise the supporters made on Saturday was incredible, not by our past standards but watching your team that has lost 8 in a row, the crowd were inspirational. The fans in the stadium earned that point against West Brom. It was the supporters who made the difference today and it can be the same  against QPR and West Ham.

Ashley is bad for the club, unfortunately the greater evil would be relegation.

We can’t secure premiership football for next season with boycotts and empty seats, we need positive action. Clap, sing, shout and you will have no regrets.

“It is in our hands” Coloccini said in a post-match interview and he is right in a way. We have it in our power to provide the players on the pitch with the passion they seem to have lacked of late.

To motivate and encourage this squad of underachievers. Don’t give them excuses, or anywhere to hide, remind them who they are playing for, and what those black and white shirts mean to us.

Newcastle United’s fans have been named some of the best in the world, we are being asked to prove it once more. Yet again it is up to us.

  • RossYogiGraver

    I don’t want relegation but the only person who stands to gain anything from survival is ashley the slug. He will have lots more money to NOT invest in a manager, coaches or players. He will get a higher price for the players he wants to sell after all transfer window time is money making time. So this time next year we will be in the same relegation threatened position and the sheep will still be saying you have to support the club, the club needs us. The slug is laughing at you all

  • LeazesEnder

    Clap, sing, shout….. Clap, sing, shout  happy happy people
    Clap, sing, ….. Clap, sing,   happy  people 

    Clap Clap Clap….sing sing

  • Jail for Ashley

    We have supported this club through thick and thin during and long before Mike Ashleys heartless and disastrous reign, it’s about time he gave something back, supporting OUR team should come naturally, being guilt tripped into it is just another sympton of an owner who doesn’t give a sh1t about us. As I’ve said before I hope we’re safe before W Ham to show the fat bstard what’s in store if he doesn’t do the right thing this summer.
    Get the slimy barstewards out of our club.

  • mactoon

    Problem is.. we want Ashley to sell up. If we get relagated is there any chance a potential buyer would stump up the money required to buy NUFC when the club is in the Championship? Not a chance. The logical thing for me would be to have the club in the Premiersip for next season then do not renew tickets. Hit him in the pocket

  • RossYogiGraver

    Do honestly think the slug will sell us when we are in the premier league when he has the opportunity to make even more money with this new tv deal. Even with boycotts and fans canciling season tickets there is less chance he will sell than ever before

  • ilullissat

    Groundhog Day Groundhog Day Groundhog Day etc etc etc

  • ilullissat

    Chicken and egg comes to mind.The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result

  • SGM

    I agree with you Dan, but here on this site you will only encounter grief and abuse. this is the ashley out campaign site.

  • mactoon

    But ashley isn’t the definition of insanity. He doesn’t do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. He does the same thing over and over again expecting the SAME result.. staying in the premiership for minimum outlay.

  • Jarra MIck

    SGM I think any site you go on will be an Ashley out site even if we argue about tactics almost 100% of supporters want Ashley out. It is only tits like you who don’t.

  • A lex

    mactoon There’s merit in both arguments. Don’t forget that if we end up relegated, then the price of NUFC goes down. Maybe a buyer would pick us up quicker if we were sold at ‘Championship price’. A lower outlay into Ashley’s pockets could well leave more money available for club / team rebuilding.

  • mactoon

    The price wouldn’t go down because Ashley wouldn’t accept a lower price he would just invest the minimum outlay in order to get us back into the premiership where the money is meaning another year of ashley ownership without the hope of a sale

  • A lex

    If he didnt really want to sell, he could hold out for any price he wanted. Likely, he’s done that over the last 8 years.
    But, if he DID want to sell, (and that is possible if he is getting much less SD advertising exposure in the Championship), he would have to accept a lower price. Simple market forces.
    How much is minimum outlay to guarantee a return to the EPL? Not even Ashley has a crystal ball to figure that one out.

  • mactoon

    He’s done it before. He’s not stupid

  • A lex

    He did it before because he was fortunate to have some solid charachters in that squad. This current squad has no backbone at all for a Championship scrap.
    When it comes to running a football club, he is most definitely stupid.

  • Chemical Dave

    Its not that he doesn’t want him out, its just he’s a bit apprehensive about who’d take over. “Be careful what you wish for” is his favourite response…imagine spending your life like that ?

  • Chemical Dave

    This article made me feel all gooey inside, we’re the bested fans in all the world ? Just get behind the team and we’ll win everything we enter next season, it really is that simple !!

  • Toon Magpie

    Yes we all have great millionaire jobs, a top of range sports car and supermodel wives apart from those that are careful what they wish for. it holds you back.
    I am writing this from my super yacht with me top model wife, running my company which export to every major country in the world.
    Who dares to tell me be careful what I wish for?

  • DownUnderMag

    The truth is we don’t know how relegation would affect Ashley’s view of the club any more than we know what his plans are for the summer should we manage to scramble to safety against all the adversity brought upon us by the owner.

    Remember, the last time we were relegated Ashley put the club up for sale, but wanted too much for it and so quickly took it off the market when he realised the fans were still there and we were in with a chance of going straight back up.  Will he put it up for sale another time or will he think it’s easy to get promotion again??

    What needs to happen is both sides meet in the middle.  We don’t want nor need Ashley to bankroll a Citeh style spending spree, just sensible buying like we have been doing BUT hang on to our best players for a change to BUILD the squad rather than constantly be undermining any progress.  Then the fans need to draw a line under it, (providing the outlay and squad rebuild actually happens obviously) and just get behind the side and see where it takes us.  Some players have constantly underperformed on high wages and deserve to cop some stick, but it seems too many fans are too quick to jump on the back of new players for one mistake…clearly that doesn’t help them settle.  I think we all have a lot to learn but the buck stops with the owner in how this goes from here!

  • Demented_Man

    My my, just look at what a point does for morale amongst the Ashley apologists and ostriches
    They’d have been unstoppable had we won.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    You are truly an utter f*ckwitt

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    More drivel straight from Ashley’s anus. Aye go on lads give the FatMan your money so he can laugh at you.
    Obviously in your tiny mind the magic pixies will appear and make everything fine for next season. Another bloody idiot.
    Ashley Out !

  • fireflyuk

    Going to the match under Ashley is similar to a victim of domestic abuse returning home every night to show how much they still love the person abusing them. It’s bad for both parties and perpetuates the problem.

  • nyloflannaz

    the_bdc DayveRiley is this written by you lad?

  • JohnyH

    There’s only one certainty if we do avoid relegation , and that’s the same old shite for another season. We’ll buy a few players, and get a journeyman manager and finish below mid table. Do nothing in any cup competitions.
    Is that what you want??????

  • the_bdc

    nyloflannaz DayveRiley it is lad.

  • nyloflannaz

    the_bdc DayveRiley very good. And very true

  • the_bdc

    nyloflannaz DayveRiley thanks.

  • ilullissat

    mactoon I’m talking about the fans!!!

  • mactoon

    Ah I see. Unless people stop going next season I can’t see anything changing