Newcastle United is brain dead.

Whatever entity it was that I watched fall apart in Leicester on Saturday, it certainly wasn’t the club that I have supported my whole life. Although the body seemingly remains, the life force, identity and soul of the club is long gone.

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A spiteful parasite, representing all the worst qualities of modern capitalism, has reduced the proudest element of our city to ruins. With Ashley having run the show for just short of eight years, I fear it may be too late to save NUFC.

The damage was there for all to see on Saturay. Where was the professionalism of anyone involved in the 0-3 defeat?

Once again, an embarrassing number of Newcastle’s players went in a huff after going behind, lacking any sense of discipline. The dismissals of Williamson and Janmaat were both totally avoidable and showed a complete lack of perseverance for doing the job that provides their ludicrously high wages.

There is clearly no respect for the manager, who has always looked like a man picked from off the street to deflect attention from the real toxin. He is also no stranger to petulant tantrums and it is hard to see how Carver could ever gain the confidence of a dressing room with his pathetic rants and sound bites.

These past eight games have been unremittingly humiliating. And where will it end?

In the unlikely event that we survive this season with 35 points, what next? To give a sigh of relief and hope for better is setting yourself up for the same public mauling next year, and the year after, and again, until Ashley has finally torn the few remaining remnants of this once proud institution apart.

Those that hope for relegation to reap revolution are sadly mistaken.

We’ve been in the Championship before under the shameless tat-seller but nothing changed then. I doubt it will now. Stay up, go down; the result will still be the same melancholy for us supporters.

The way things are looking, Newcastle will never wake up from its coma. Perhaps it is time to put what little is left out of its misery. There is no future. There is little hope.

Ashley out.

  • alanrobson666

    AshleyOutdotcom NUFCTheMag there are thousands who go and will continue to as they are blinded by hope that ashley will change #AshleyOut

  • paulmc4084

    It’s time for our brothers and sisters in the mobility scooters to organise………………and I make no apology for using this phrase………… stand up to Ashley……………….put the bully b*****d to shame……………….see the Blackpool v Huddersfield crowd demonstration………………

  • Davidelder888

    Best article I’ve read in years. Our only and last hope is the useless sheep who still follow this empty group of zombies playing under our badge finally get up and do what’s right for our club. This is not my team this isnt even a team. Its a puppet show at a jumble sale.

  • gazchampion

    There will never be any change at NUFC whilst it is under this parasitical maniac of an owner. 
    WE can only make his life a misery, which means give him and his BAD PUBLICITY and don’t give him ANY MONEY! 
    This is out only hope…. Ashley OUT!

  • cjr_shearer9

    Lets do what blackpool did. Sit on the pitch



  • nufcslf

    gazchampion Hear hear…

  • nufcslf

    @alanrobson666 AshleyOutdotcom NUFCTheMag So true and a very scary thought.

  • shaunieoisdead

    Then we’d defo go down with a points deduction