Sylvain Marveaux has said that he enjoyed himself at Newcastle and misses it, but claims he was ‘blacklisted’.

The claim came on Friday night when PSG played Guingamp.

On opposing teams were former Newcastle playmaker Yohan Cabaye and Guingamp’s loan player Marveaux.

Both started the match and Cabaye played until subbed in the 69th minute with the club from the capital 4-0 up, whilst Sylvain Matrveaux lasted until three minutes to go and exited at 5-0 down.

The eventual 6-0 win and three points, means that PSG have basically won the title once again as they are six points clear and with a superior goal difference – only two matches left to play. Guingamp are a respectable 12th in mid-table.

After the game French TV channel Canal+ filmed the two players chatting and Sylvain Marveaux  can be clearly heard saying (in French) to Cabaye:

“I miss Newcastle, it was good, but you know I was blacklisted.”

Many Newcastle fans could never understand why Marveaux was never given any kind of run in the team, he may have been inconsistent but he did create chances.

In the 2012/13 season for example, Marveaux only started 10 Premier Lague matches and another 12 from the bench, yet was easily the United player with the most goal assists that season. The French midfielder was responsible for making 6 league goals that season, with Santon on four and a number of players with three each.

A bit like sending out Mapou and Santon on loan with the squad so short of numbers and quality, why you would rely on players such as Obertan, Sammy Ameobi and Gouffran ahead of Sylvain Marveaux is anybody’s guess.

Whether it came from higher up the food chain is unknown but Marveuax certainly appeared to be a victim of Alan Pardew’s blacklisting of creativity and flair, with the likes of Ben Arfa and Marveaux sidelined in favour of the mediocrity and negativity of Gouffran and others.

Sylvain Marveux still has a further year to run on his Newcastle contract so interesting to see whether he remains blacklisted…

  • MarkKilmister

    Link to the video below.

    Sammy still at the club over Marveaux, just crazy.

  • Polarboy

    Marveaux went missing far too often and that was when things were going comparatively well. As much stick as Ashley et al deserve, and they deserve an awful lot don’t get me wrong, I think there is a tendency to look at players like Marveaux and Ben Arfa with rose tinted glasses because of our well deserved ire. The thing about players like Marveaux is it is all well and good that they create the odd chance but if over the course of the season they are going missing most of the time that sort of attitude will catch with you up on the pitch.

  • Stephen Sheppard

    cos he was crap

  • DeanBurns

    He’s not exactly pulling up trees at Guingamp, in contrast to Yanga M’bia who’s been absolutely superb for Roma & Santon who’s been pretty decent for Inter.
    He’s on a par with what we’ve got, which is the inconsistent Sam Am & the likes of Obertan. We’re so rubbish it beggars belief. Ashley Out.

  • FC Newcastle

    A lightweight version of gouffran.

  • Polarboy

    Jarra MIck That he might be slightly better than the crap we have got is not reason enough to have kept him or want him back. We should be trying to get rid of all the dead wood. And if you think he would have done us any favors when the going gets tough then I don’t know what to tell you.

  • Jarra MIck

    It’s called clutching at straws Polarboy that’s what we do these days.

  • DownUnderMag

    DeanBurns was always injured and inconsistent, but didn’t seem to get the same chances to adapt that are afforded to others, which was a shame as he did show glimpses of being a threat going forward.  Certainly no more hit and miss than Cabella has been this season.  But yes, still hurting over Mbiwa and Santon showing their class over in Italy when we are desperate for defensive cover!

  • foggy

    Polarboy  The whole squad has been missing for a season and a half.
    The question ought not to be whether Marveaux was good enough but Why was he blacklisted and by who ?

  • Munich Mag

    We all know that the legendary Alan Pardew often falls out with “maverick” players… there’s a long list of them.
    Not saying that the lightweight Marveaux was in the same class as Tevez, Mascherano etc but a few have suffered…HBA, Marveaux, to a certain extent Mbiwa and Santone… whereas Willo, Gouffron and the rest of the grey plodders all get chance after chance…