The nightmare scenario for Newcastle has been confirmed with Sunderland’s victory over Southampton.

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On Thursday I wrote that two results today would put Newcastle on the brink of relegation and sure enough we had United’s shameful and predictable capitulation, plus Sunderland’s equally predictable jammy win thanks to two penalties and a sending off.

Before today the Premier League looked like this:

35        Newcastle -21

34        Hull -13

32        Aston Villa -22

31        Leicester -18

30        Sunderland -23

27        QPR -21

26        Burnley -26

and now the League Table looks like this –

35        Aston Villa -21

35        Newcastle -24

34        Hull -13

34        Leicester -15

33        Sunderland -22

27        QPR -22

26        Burnley -27

Hull play home to Arsenal and I think it’s more than likely they will get at least a point after the spirit they showed to beat Liverpoll earlier this week, that would also lift them above Newcastle.

The key matches next weekend are:

Everton v Sunderland

Newcastle v West Brom

Aston Villa v West Ham

Hull v Burnley

Leicester v Southampton

I have no faith whatsoever that our spineless Head Coach and players will get another point this season and looking at those fixtures, if Sunderland win at Everton then Newcastle could well be down.

Failing that, the mackems play Leicester at home the following weekend and could well get the points then.

Newcastle are a team lacking everything now and the whole of them, from coaching staff through to the players should hand back their wages. Though there again, that would only mean that the biggest villain would pocket even more money!

Everywhere you look the other relegation contenders are fighting for their lives, our players couldn’t even lift their heads after each goal went in at the King Power stadium today.

  • Porciestreet

    Dismal. drab, boring, predictable and utter sh*te. Carver MUST be finished after this.

  • Davidelder888

    Still no word from our club about the state if things

  • Malcolm Hall

    why so much negativity ??????always bring us down, never anything positive

  • Paul A

    He’ll probably get a pay rise.
    Just walk away Carver!

  • Wallsendstu

    Carver should be gone by Monday if not Penfold needs a good slap.

  • mentalman

    The only thing that can possibly save us is how many of the remaining games involve both of the bottom 5 games

  • Lawrence Cant

    Ermm look where we are, who the coach is and who the owner is and before anyone starts it’s Pardews wonderous aquad!

  • Westy1968

    Can’t believe we are in this position. #carverpleasewalk

  • toon tony

    His post match comment “”I’m not walking away from this” tells us we are stuck with him. .exactly what Pardew used to say. .

  • ilullissat

    If Sunderland stop up and Newcastle go down and the Toon fans still support these arseholes running,sorry I mean ruining this club,then God help us

  • Toon Magpie

    We are doomed I tell you.

  • GToon

    Its fine to say JC should go but to be replaced by whom? The mute Coloccini? Shearer again? Ashley has created this situation and i just can’t see a way out. For weeks we have been saying that we wouldnt get another point. Why are the fans always right when it comes to NUFC? The only thing i can see helping us out is that WBA have hit 40 points so they might have flip flops on too when they visit the scene of many a crime next week. QPR are just about down so they might give up and come down to our level. I hope we dont need anything when Fat Sam arrives in Toon. I dont think he would be able to control himself if he sent Ashleys TV money down the swanny…

  • Harry Todd

    The vast majority of people on this site wanted Pardew out and supported the leaflet campaign so no good complaining now.You made your decision so take it on the chin.Will be the same when the next Chairman takes over so you cannot have it both ways.

  • toon tony


  • Chemical Dave

    Pardew lost fourteen of his last twenty games last season, Carver has lost 11 of his last 17. With a weaker squad than last season, there is absolutely no reason to believe Pardew could be doing any better now. Throw in the fact that under Pardew we didn’t win a game until October and its reasonable to conclude the current mess is actually fraudews fault. Stick to cancer diagnosis pal, you’re an idiot.