Steven Taylor has given an interview which defies belief.

Not quite sure what he is trying to achieve with it but if it was an attempt at trying to get the fans behind the team today, then it is the equivalent of getting a shotgun and pointing it at your feet before firing, then reloading and repeating fifty times.

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You would think he was trying to impress an audience from his birthplace (London) rather than the team and region he has grown up in and represents.

Amongst his nonsense it was apparently only recently we were talking about Europe and the fans walk around with frozen nipples and nothing else in their lives apart from football.

Plus those nasty supporters are being so so horrible to the players and John Carver, maybe Steven Taylor should have just written a letter (of resignation) like his Captain…

Hard to believe just how out of touch somebody can be who has lived pretty much all of his life on Tyneside.

You can read the full interview in The Mail but here are some of the standout quotes:

The players meeting after Leicester

“Locked doors, now everybody listen. It came between the players. We were the ones who wanted to call a meeting. We’re the ones in the s**t. We know we’re not winning games, it doesn’t need Einstein to tell us that. Eight games on the bounce? If the alarm bells aren’t ringing then you’re in the wrong job.

“Who’s going to want you if we get relegated? You’re going to be here. Pull your finger out. We’re all in it together. If we weren’t, we’d crumble.


”It’s horrible to think about relegation when we were talking about Europe not so long ago.

Lazy stereotypes

“We flippin’ love it at Newcastle but we need to give them something to shout about. We need to give them back their mojo.

“When you win they go home to their missus happy as Larry. We get beat and they’re a nightmare. I can guarantee you they will go home and be horrible around the house, causing arguments because of us. We probably cause divorces.

“Newcastle is a football city, you can’t hide away from it. Nobody has anything else to talk about apart from football.

“There are that many glory supporters down in London but they’re diehard here. You see fans with their tops off when it’s freezing cold, nipples like ice cubes.

Has Steven Taylor been to any games recently?

“I’ll tell you what, if anyone out-sings our fans I’ll show my backside in Fenwick’s window on Northumberland Street. It’s impossible.

Certain people hate us

“Some of the lads are driving with their missus to go shopping and fans are pulling alongside, sticking their fingers up at them and making rude gestures.

“Certain people hate us, say we’re rubbish. We’ve been called an embarrassment, not good enough. Worst team Newcastle have ever had. We’re getting hammered in the media, hammered in our cars. We get reminded every 10 seconds. People shouting, “You’re crap, you’re s***e”. When the lads see that every week, it does hurt. They don’t bring their families to the game now because it’s got that bad.

“It’s a reality shock for these foreign players but not for me. Nine out of 10 Geordies will hammer them because they’re so passionate.


‘‘At the moment you need balls of steel. If you haven’t, then grow some. But the lads have got the b*****ks. I wish we could have affected it two months ago. Now it’s got to a stage where we didn’t expect it.

“We’re against a proportion of our fans at the moment. The Gallowgate, the East Stand, Sir John Hall Stand, the Milburn Stand, they all see the game differently.

steven taylor


“But when we play at home now, for some of the lads we’ve talked about, so many people there are waiting for something bad to happen.

“You imagine playing in front of 52,000 and the same minority hammering the same players each week.

Fans will turn

“I speak to opposition players after the game and they all say the exact same thing: get to half-time or 60 minutes and if Newcastle haven’t scored, their fans will turn.

“The majority of fans are unbelievable, but there’s a section who say we’re crap. We need them more than anything now. Stick with us. Three games to go.’

John Carver – Ultimate Warrior:

“JC’s the main Geordie about the place. His voice is like the Ultimate Warrior. He’s got that growl and when you hear it you think, “Bloody hell, he’s going mad”.

“He hasn’t had the players to play a full-strength team. What can he do this weekend? Mourinho or Ferguson couldn’t do anything different.’

  • markhughes2008

    TeamToon NUFCTheMag he’s just trying to do a carver, stay on Ashley side n ul b here years no matter how crap u r!

  • rossrobson

    toonellie NUFCTheMag #NUFC – the gift that keeps on giving….

  • Wallsendstu

    I think he must have been taking in too much juice at the bar of the hotel on the quayside to come out with such crap. I know he is thick but does he have to come out with comments that again show NUFC up. What happened to the wicked witch of the north Wendy our supposed press officer, ls she still sitting on Pardews shoulder as Carver, Colloccini and now Taylor have been allowed to spout so much rubbish. The only common thread that comes through all of this is to deflect the responsibility onto the fans and blame them for the state of the club. Remember if you go today you must sit down, don’t sing nasty songs about the owner, don’t hold up anything with remarks about the owner, Penfold, or the players and please if you happen to sit close to the dugout the best manager in the premier league is a sensative little soul so please don’t say things suggesting he is wrong, afterall even those who have won the league past and present couldn’t do out with these “tools”.

  • AshGT

    The only communicating from John Carver or the players that will be received well at the moment is the talking those fit and selected to play do with their feet. That said, whilst S. Taylor’s quoted comments aren’t the most intellectually inspiring or had the benefit of a cliche filter, I actually commend the passion and connecting with the fans.

  • Andy Brannen

    I feel like sticking my fingers down my throat reading rubbish like this !

  • crediblejustin736

    What on earth???? This is reality tv

  • truemagpie

    Don’t forget, you guys are paid at least 30grands per that too much to handle? Especially when you don’t do you job well.

  • toonmad1956

    Ah bless – it’s such a tough life being a footballer – just go and check your bank balance – it should help ease the pain

  • partworntyres

    taylor, carver has gone mad, and you are a sickening waste of space – you probably got injured on purpose ‘cos you knew what was coming!…

  • Steve Cross

    Go and boil your head Stephen.

  • Darren Smithson

    Ahh bless he’s a little bit thick isn’t he.

  • lupamac

    should have sold the [email protected] years ago liabiltiy  always has been when we could have banked some cash for him to think years ago he was considered Enland material.

  • NottsToon

    This lad is thick as mince, bless him.

  • Mal44

    Even when he’s not playing and contributing nothing (again) he cannot shuut up.

  • toonellie

    rossrobson NUFCTheMag it seems you added an f in that

  • mirandinha9

    Not the most intellectual guy in the world. Apparently, he was a member of Mensa up until the sniper shot him in the Aston Villa match all those years ago. I cannot see that he’d ever show his backside in Fenwicks window, as he’d probably get injured before he even got to Northumberland Street!

  • stepaylor

    there is nothing he has said that doesn’t make sense? He doesn’t claim to be the smartest man in the world but he plays with passion. Alot of you ‘fans’ should be embarrassed trying to ridicule him any time he speaks or plays. He is obviously a thousand times better than any of you criticising. Even the fact that it always has to be brought up that he was born in London? wtf has that got to do with anything. He was raised a geordie and is passionate. Your a sad lot that get kicks out of trying to flame our homegrown players. Wish you where sat in front of me now i would show you how clever you are, sad fxxxxers

  • stepaylor

    also a note to mark Jensen and the rest of the crew at themag, why do you seem at any point to want to add to this by printing things that our players very likely either read or are told about.

    Is it part of being a fan these days that you have to go to great lengths to pull apart the team that represent you. The premier league is very competitive and teams success or failure is a very fine balance not helped by pulling apart players who give their all for the cause. 

    It is true that quite a few of our players are not of the quality needed to shine in the premier league. Anita, Goufrann, Obertan, Ameobi, Riviere, Dummett, R Taylor, etc are nothing more than squad players but because we have no real quality they are our first team. Its not their fault they are not good enough and are getting to play, its not even the fault of Carver who has to pick the best of a bad bunch when compared to most other premier league squads. Its the fault of the clubs owner and his steward in charge Charnley for thinking you can run a club on the cheap year after year and stay in the game when every other team is moving forward.

  • stepaylor

    Mal44 contributes more than you, he is part of the team and hears the criticism and isnt allowed to comment when he  is asked? your a loser mal, have a look in the mirror and think before you speak

  • stepaylor

    well done steve cross, proved your level without me having to say anything

  • stepaylor

    partworntyres ‘a sickening waste of space’? just great from my fellow mags, need a slap you do marra

  • NotFatFreddy

    Nice gesture from Taylor to pay for a better coach than Carver…the team bus for North Shields…great cup win today!  Taylor is better than any other defender on the books.  Could have been a John Terry but for some serious injuries.  Passionate and committed and proud to wear the shirt, just what we need now.  Should we go down and he gets his fitness back he should be a nailed on cert for captain.

    What is his stats this season in 10 games, I bet we didn’t lose 8 of them?

  • DownUnderMag

    NotFatFreddy Taylor on hsi day can be amazing, but he also all-too-quickly believes his own hype…once that happens he just seems to make some silly errors in judgement, starts playing as if he is the best footballer in the world.  As long as he has some leadership next to him and just does the basics with passion then he is good…he just needs a bit of a slap around the head at times to get him back into the real world. The injuries haven’t helped his progression but i’d still rather him in the side than Williamson.

    As for the negativity, I suspect Taylor has his heart in the right place, is probably trying to make his own rallying call since he isn’t able to affect anything on the pitch at present.  It just seems that whatever players or the manager says at the moment is twisted into a negative….used as ammunition against the whole lot of them.  It’s a shame, when there is so much wrong here, that some of us feel the need to make mountains out of molehills with any little media snippet.

  • toon tony

    Fuxk you pal.!!

  • Brownale69

    bye bye