Steve McClaren could be appointed as Newcastle Manager/Head Coach as early as today, according to press claims this morning.

Constant speculation has linked the former England and Boro boss to the Newcastle job since Alan Pardew walked in December and now it is reported that Newcastle have approached McClaren to become an immediate appointment.

Derby’s season prematurely ended yesterday and so in theory he could be free to move straight over and finish the season at St. James’ Park.

The claims are being made across the media but they appear to have originated from the Sunday People, so caution should be advised as they have a conversion rate of their ‘exclusives’ which is very similar to Emmanuel Riviere’s in the Premier League.

Even though the French striker now has zero goals in 20 Premier League appearances, maybe this latest Sunday People exclusive will be the exception to the rule that does creep into the back of the net.

If Newcastle are looking for inspiration to save them in these final three matches, then many United fans might wonder if the wally with the brolly is the right man for the job.

On Saturday, Derby only needed a point to reach the play-offs and somehow ended up getting beat 3-0 at home by Reading who finished the season sixth bottom.

Recommended reading is an article that appeared on The Mag last night, featuring Derby fans commenting on what they thought of Steve McClaren moving to Newcastle from Derby.

  • tino o

    Ashley has made a total mess of this club even if the wally comes in and we happen to stay up it’s only a stay of execution. This club is gone totally rotten as a supporter it has been disgusting and sickening to watch I won’t be happy until the fat despicable freak has gone. I absolutely hate the man!

  • mrkgw

    If it happens then ‘result’ as far as I am concerned. McClaren is a vast improvement on Carver who clearly, has lost the dressing room. I do hope that this happens soon as.

  • Andgeo

    Even with a new manager in, (who should be able to give the team a lift simply by not slagging them off like cardew) we no longer have an adequate squad of players to prepare for or compete in a premier league match. We dont have a proper striker and we now only have one defender. Totally pathetic and Ashley needs to be Made to pay for this lot…

  • bill black

    Look at the other Wonga team Blackpool down and out with the fans stopping the game, it all boils down to the owners of both clubs enjoying taking the clubs down and letting everyone take the blame but them. We may be the next to stop a game and instead of the F.A fining a Billionaire who will take the fine money out of the club the F.A. should PUT POWERS IN PLACE TO STOP PEOPLE LIKE THE OWNERS OF NEWCASTLE AND BLACKPOOL RUNNIING ANY FOOTBALL CLUB.

  • Paul Patterson

    Years ago (Circa 2006) I’d cringe at McClaren being appointed, but now he’d probably work quite well.

    He could be the ideal fit for the club at the present, but when Ashleys sells up (Hurry up!) he could, with funds prove to a good manager for Newcastle. He could finish his career here and go down in history as the manager that won Newcastle United a trophy.

    Just NOT with Ashley as owner . .

  • toon tony

    Could be a good idea. A sit in on the pitch. That could make a lot more headlines than a boycott.

  • Pedrothegreat

    Something needs to change if we want at least a slimmer of hope at not getting relegated, Carvers lost the squad massively, if it means McLaren then so be it, I think one half of the chuckle brothers could do a better job at the minute, even Kinnear might not look as daft as poor auld Carver does right now. I feel for him, but he needs to accept it hasn’t worked and stand down, as does Charnley who’s decision making has more than likely cost us our place in the league, too little too late springs to mind if they appoint a head coach now.

  • Andgeo

    Maybe the fat greedy tat shop [email protected] is thinking ahead to next season. To avoid relegation from the championship next season not only will we need a new manager but we will still need to recruit another dozen players. The big difference this time around is we won’t have the quality we had last time we went down to get us back up. Most toon fans would bite your hand off for Chris houghton and the team that got us promoted vs the shambles that is put in front of us now. That team could knock 5 or 6 past this lot.

  • Andgeo

    We are getting relegated. Are we good enough to get back up???

  • Pedrothegreat

    Andgeo  It depends on what Cashley has planned, will he fund a team to get us up?, I think he will have to, weather we will or not is hard to say, but on a first attempt id go for no.

  • DownUnderMag

    It is obvious that the clubs policy of recruiting cheap knockoffs without any spine is costing us dear.  The huge factor in all this at the moment is lack of character in the players here at the moment.  We are lacking that Nolan, Barton, Harper or countless others that the club got rid of because they dared question their authority and wanted reassurances that the club were going to try to improve…well this lack of backbone is costing us dear!

  • Pulse33

    Not my first choice though I fear we will go down if he isnt appointed now.

  • scotty63

    If appointed will he have to work with the same coaching staff? If so then we’ll still be sh1t.

  • Brownale69

    Another loser

  • worladandlass

    Appoint Peter Beardsley to attempt to get the point we need from the last three games and then make a full time appointment later. Players should and could respond to such an experienced and likeable professional. He has to be a better bet than leaving Carver in charge. Carver has to go today.

  • scotty63

    worladandlass is that because the under 21’s are going so well?

  • foggy

    If McClaren gets the job  it is to be hoped that he isn’t lumbered with carver / stone & woodman.
    We need a new man in charge with his own coaches / assistants.

  • Adam_B

    We’ll, I for one have written to the FA about the conduct of our owner and the FA’s lack of any intervention to date. I await their response.

  • worladandlass

    scotty63 worladandlass No its because he does know how to win games and has the experience that Carver lacks out on the pitch

  • Andrew Swift

    Ashley only acts when his “precious” is threatened, the SKY TV money of course

  • tino o

    In the week a statement was released on club website minutes after a documentary questioning sports defect. We were humiliated in front of the nation yesterday a day later nothing but the result no match report no excuses. I would have expected an apology from the players [email protected] them. Stay up or down get rid of most of them they’re not fit to wear the strip

  • scotty63

    worladandlass scotty63 i refer you to the under 21’s regarding results and experience on the pitch often doesn’t translate to coaching or managerial success and he’s an Ashley sycophant

  • Jarra MIck

    Appoint Beardsley fcuk me is that a joke???? How about team him up with Bobby Moncur and finish us off altogether!!!!!

  • Steve Mutz Nutz Wilkinson

    Ha ha.

  • Mal44

    Jarra MIck  Believe it or not Beardsley/Moncur is a possibility with our lot. I wouldn’t put it passed them as after all it’s cheap. Carver and his staff (along with Charnley) should be sacked today but who in their right minds is going to come from outside to take it on at this point in time. An utter shambles.

  • Mal44

    scotty63  Exactly

  • terriertwo

    We needed a new manager appointed in January. This talk of McClaren coming in today sounds fine but he still has to get results with a squad who don’t seem to want to play. Hope it works out but with mish mashley not wanting to spend money survival this season means we’ll be back in the doghouse again next season.. Still a good start would be getting rid of Charva and his monkeys.

  • toon tony