Steve McClaren has stated that he is staying at Derby County and his aim is to spend the summer making sure he has the Rams ready to get promotion next season.

Dismissing the talk of moving to Newcastle, McClaren says that he is under contract at Derby and his intention is to ‘sort’ them out.

With regard to NUFC, the former Boro boss says ‘Absolutely nothing has been agreed’.

Steve McClaren speaking to the Burton Mail, asked if he is staying at Derby:

“I am under contract, so yes. My intention is to sort this out, to come back and be refreshed. That is my intention.

“I will review the season in the next two days, find out what has gone wrong and make sure we sit down and learn the lessons, make sure it is a damn good summer.”

No one has told me otherwise:

“No one has told me otherwise and until somebody does and something happens otherwise, that is my determination.

“We must sit down and put it right. I am a part of that process, I want to be a part of that process to put it right.”

Speaking about the Newcastle speculation:

“Absolutely nothing has been agreed, absolutely nothing.

“What is happening at Newcastle, I don’t know, you will have to ask them. You will have to ask Newcastle what their plans are. I can say what our plans are here (at Derby).”

  • MarkLawson500

    TeamToon Dont blame him for 1 minute, who in their right mind would want to work for the FATMAN?!

  • mrkgw

    He hasn’t said no to Newcastle but if he doesn’t want to come then that should be that. Under Ashley, the reputation of the club is in tatters. Shambolic state of things.

  • Little Davey

    Best thing he can do is wait and see which league we are playing in next season.
    He would be better off staying where he is than taking on this poison chalice.

  • CarlaHolmes

    hurry up and go stevie mac (DERBY FAN)

  • A lex

    Sounds more like an ultimatum to Newcastle, “If you want me, then get a shift on and make your mind up”. Making our minds up has never been a particular strong point of this lot. In this instance, though, I pray he stays where he is.

  • Toonarden

    Still wouldn’t rule him out. If we we employ him it shows how ambitious we are .
    The whole structure of this club from top to bottom needs replacing. If not this club has NO future.

  • Anthony Darling

    I don’t blame him!!!

  • Bills frollocks

    He is obviously not bowing to Ashley’s demands. I mean who else would. Pardew did, Carver really is and of course we all know Wise did.

  • TerryHeale

    see you boys next season!

  • Andrew Johnson

    Fair enough. Why would you sign up to Ashleys shite empire?

  • TerryHeale

    Carver has obviously lost the plot,he has no control over the players and time is running out. why don’t we get someone like glenn hoddle for the last 3 games.I know I’m grasping at straws but something has to be done.

  • Pedrothegreat

    The dithering dimwits that run our club have no idea what they are doing, they are obviously too scared to make decisions, There has been more than enough time to appoint a coach, Carvers lost 8 games and where sinking like the titanic, yet still they stand around twiddling their thumbs. Gormless morons from top to bottom. Its appropriate how they have been so fiscal with the running of Newcastle, not wanting to waste money etc, yet the idiots have just cost us 50 Million with their ineptitude.

  • Adam_B

    It is 11.15 am and still no  announcement? Only at Newcastle

  • prestondave

    No thanks you can keep him . He’s crap.

  • TerryHeale

    the trouble is mate we are sinking faster than the titanicand and it looks like the captain has already left the ship.

  • Peter Lamb

    This is how far we have sunk

  • keith d

    bring on paul daniels, he might produce a bit of magic and keep us up, carver wont. Or OZ and his mates and they can brick the goal up

  • Mike The Mart

    Is anyone really surprised? When you sell three of your back four to Champions League sides in the last 12 months, is it any wonder we can’t defend?  (Arsenal, Roma & Inter Milan).

    Add to those, Cabaye, Demba Ba & Remy – again to Champions League sides – the only way is down. Forget what you might think of these players, the fact is that the professionals in charge at those clubs wanted our players.

    You are supposed to build the ‘brand’,  Mr Ashley, if you want to succeed and sell your product.

  • BuckBlack

    Toonarden He’s not stupid enough to come to us, even if he was cheap enough for Ashley (or crap enough – Ashley needs someone who couldn’t possibly put a cup run together or get us into a European qualification spot).