Former Newcastle and England player, Steve Howey, says that all but four of the Newcastle players should be disgusted with themselves.

Of the regular starters, Howey excludes only Colback, Krul, Janmaat and probably Perez from the finger of blame.

I think Steve Howey is in the right area with those comments but when speaking on Sky Sports, he then reverts to typical lazy clueless football/ex-footballer mode:

“I will make this point, and I know Newcastle fans will probably batter me for this, but I think you’ve got to be careful what you wish for with a new owner.

“I don’t think Ashley has done brilliantly but at the same time he could sell up and Newcastle could turn into a Portsmouth or a Leeds.  Even though it’s dreadful at the moment, financially they’re on an even keel.”

Why do none of them ever say ‘Newcastle could turn into a Swansea or a Southampton’ with a new owner who showed just a little ambition?

Or even, ‘Newcastle could turn into a Spurs or a Liverpool’ with a new owner who showed the right ambition?

They really haven’t got a clue. The only reason Newcastle are on an even keel is beauce of the much increased TV money and Mike Ashley has dragged United to the brink of losing that place in the Premier League and the TV cash that goes with it.

Last season 15 of the 20 Premier League clubs made a profit, that is the new reality.

If Leeds and Portsmouth were around now in the Premier League then they’d be doing fine as well, as they’d be getting the same TV riches. That is unless they risked turning into ‘another Newcastle’ and ran their clubs in the same calamitous cynical way that Mike Ashley runs Newcastle.

More from Steve Howey: Disgusted by all but four of the players:

“If you take out Tim Krul, Daryl Janmaat, Jack Colback and possibly Ayoze Perez, the rest of the lads who have played the majority of games this season should be disgusted with themselves to be quite honest,” he said.

“The performances have not been good enough. You could see by the body language of the players (at Leicester).

Grabbing throats:

“There were rumours of players going face to face with each other, grabbing each other’s throats, I hope it’s true.

“It’s important the fans get behind the team because in the last game, when the players went across to see the fans, the fans booed them.”


  • A lex

    Sadly, virtually every fan would come up with the same four names. And that should give everyone the idea of the size of the rebuilding task that is sorely needed.

  • cwtoon88

    F**k off Howey you racist mackem w******r
    The only reason you would defend Colback is he is a treacherous Mackem like you, best 2 games at SJP have been for the scum. There is a big reason the team he played for last year only survived by a flukey miracle and this year we are on the brink, but some people cant see past Geordie run a lot to see how often he costs the team

  • magpiefifer

    Howey’s so wide of the mark about Ashley.
    The fans would happily take their chances with a new owner – Ashley is the worst nightmare,despite the ‘financial stability’ of the club.We need an owner who knows something about football and the fans,and is not an ignorant,arrogant slob..

  • Adam_B

    Jim, when you said, “Why do none of them ever say ‘Newcastle could turn into a Swansea or a Southampton’ with a new owner who showed just a little ambition?’ you really did hit the nail on the head.

    The debt at NUFC is arguably just a smokescreen, it is probably no more than a financial device, designed simply to maximise the owner’s income. All the TV revenue has vanished – if it had not, and I would love the HMRC to take a proper, official look at NUFC’s finances this past 8 years, NUFC Ltd would by now be in profit and as far away from the Portsmouth / Leeds situation as it could be possible to be. Of course, as owner, Ashley has chosen to maintain the ‘debt’ the club owes him and that is very interesting as it could have been paid back but he has decided to let it ride. There are several possible explanations for this, and none particularly good for NUFC.

  • hettonmag

    I’ve never forgiven Howey  for not jumping high enough to stop Poyet scoring  in the semi-final  of the FA Cup against Chelski.

  • SGM

    Its true we could turn into a Southampton or Swansea. Its also true we could turn into a Leeds, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Where’s the argument? FFS

  • hate the mackems

    hettonmag I’ve never forgiven sheperd for not insisting the game be played at old trafford, he could of at the time. we would have won there, played villa in the final & won the cup!

  • hettonmag

    hate the mackems hettonmag  Correct mate.

  • Chemical Dave

    SGM  careful what you wish for ? Go on sad lad, you’re dying to say it.

  • mirandinha9


  • Dan Small

    Baffles me how Tim Krul is escaping blame. He has been shocking this year.