It seems to me, and more than likely all of the Toon faithful ,that John Carver is now and has been for the last few weeks, stuck in the paradox of the movie Panic Room.

Much like the poor and often pointless acting seen in the movie, Jodie and John are stuck in a room with no way out.

What’s also paramount, is that there is no way in.

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That is JC seems to be happy to stick with players who have shown loyalty to him as a coach, regardless of their clear lack of skill at the level required for premiership football. Ryan Taylor is the key man to highlight, he has been through the mill and shown real courage to fight back and show he has a few years left, but just not in the premiership.

The question is, does he have the courage to say, “Sorry JC, I’m just not good enough?”

JC is stuck and refusing to listen to reason, or ask for advice from a no doubt long list of Geordies, coaches etc who would be happy to help. He has zero tactical awareness and will most likely bring the club down, meaning the circus is over.

Key players like Colback and Sissoko planted in the middle of the park with Aarons on one wing, Siem at No.10 and Cisse up top, would surely mean at least a point against West Ham?

Krul, Janmaat, Coloccini, Dummett and Jonas will not strike fear into any team but three of those at least will put their bodies on the line.

I love the club and though relegation may help make big changes, another whimper out of the Premier League just doesn’t sit right.

Please let some source of inspiration hit JC before Sunday and show him he has the players available to actually win a game and show some people they are not mercenaries picking up a pay cheque.

If the above players all start on Sunday, Newcastle will win JC, and that’s a fact.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    What seems obvious to fans seemingly bypasses Carvers thought process and whilst many fans would select an attacking line up for Sunday I can see Carver starting with the same team he did against QPR. Personally I’m not sure if de Jong is fit enough to start and Cisse and Aarons both looked extremely rusty when they came on Saturday but Abeid must be a better option than Taylor, will Williamson come straight back in, thus meaning Jonas is dropped as Dummett  will move to fullback it’s a conumdrum that I’m sure Carver can’t solve

  • DownUnderMag

    Jarmin Geordie Carver has so far been ultra-defensive in his team selection and tactic choices.  We all know how that has been working out.  Our defence is simply not strong enough to play defensively.  The one game we did actually push forward and play a more attacking style and we actually looked a much more solid team.
    Going into Sunday looking for a draw would be fine if a) I thought we could actually play for and GET a draw or; b) a draw wouldn’t still leave us at the mercy of a nonchalant ManU side being beaten by Hull given our appalling goal difference.

    The thing is, playing slightly more attacking football actually relieves pressure off the defence by forcing the opposition to think twice about pushing forward themselves.  If we pose no attacking threat then they don’t need to worry about their own defence and can pile more bodies forward to put strain on our already fragile back line.

  • Tony Green

    Does Carver have the courage to change the system? No. Will he stick with utter failures like Taylor? Yes. He is an appalling manager. His media performances are embarrassing. His inability to organise and motivate a team which is now just two points short of safety is utterly incredible. I played cricket against him as a youth and he was useless. I played football against him as a youth and he was next to useless. I’ve watched him as a manager for this past 4 months and he is consistent – useless. We have almost exactly the same playing resources as we had back in October and November when, bizarrely, we looked as if we could control a game and score goals. I want to see 3-5-2. Dummett, Colo, Janmaat – Ameobi, Colback, Sissoko, Abeid, Aarons – Cisse and Perez. It is unimportant that Cisse and Aarons are not quite match fit. We need immediate impact, power and goals to stay in the Premiership. Get a 2 goal lead and then protect it in the last 20 minutes by closing down, keeping the ball. West Ham wont care anyway. Bringing Cisse and Aarons on as impact subs is not sensible – it takes too much time to settle into a game and its usually a move of desperation from Carver. If I see Taylor blast yet another free kick too long or curl a pointless floating corner behind the goal line I will shoot myself. Same goes for powder-puff Mike – always out of position, dreadful distribution, useless in the air. But we will stay up!

  • Jarmin Geordie

    DownUnderMag Jarmin Geordie Totally agree attack is best form of defence but the club has never been in that mindset since Pardew arrived and Carver has just continued with his former boss’s formation/tactics

  • Alltomuch

    Well put article

  • DownUnderMag

    Jarmin Geordie DownUnderMag don’t get me wrong, i’m not advocating an all out attack Keegan-esque style of gung-ho cavalier football.  We all know first hands that while fun to watch, it doesn’t work any better.  But there needs to be a balance.  We haven’t had that balance under Pardew, and as you say Carver has just continued this on.  We NEED a win against the hammers, so hopefully Carver will play a little more adventurous football…but I doubt it.  I expect us to be relying on the Hull result to stay up come 4:45 on Sunday afternoon.