After a weekend in which Newcastle lost again to Leicester, Carver has made headlines by accusing one of his players of being deliberately sent off.

The problems at St James’ Park run deep but is this only a recent thing?

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Supporters who were recently divided seem to be uniting once again. This time, it is in expressing disgust at performances on the field. Some will point the finger at Carver, with rumours suggesting that he will be replaced by McClaren with 3 games to go. More on McClaren later but how did it ever come to this?

Some will point to Pardew being allowed to move on at New Year. Sure enough, at the time, Newcastle had 75% more points than the team in the last relegation place, Crystal Palace. It may have seemed safe to let him go. The fact is, the writing was already on the wall. A 6 game (5 in PL) winning streak had disguised a lead up that included only 5 wins in 25.

Pardew himself was a manager who had a history. Some will see his record as being something of a `flash in the pan’; a promotion with Reading before stagnation, a fortunate promotion with West Ham followed by an FA Cup final, then sacked when in a relegation position. He was also sacked when taking Charlton down, as well as at Southampton.

Yes, Pardew’s flash in the pan seems to have been lit at Palace but it will be remembered that with two exceptions, each manager who succeeded him did better, Coppell taking Reading to the Premier League, Curbishley bringing West Ham survival, Adkins taking Southampton up two divisions. The exceptions have been his assistants, Parkinson at Charlton and now Carver at St James’ Park.

It isn’t unusual to see Newcastle’s form dip in the 2nd half of a season. It happened last season, the sale of Cabaye being cited by many as the reason. Cabaye’s sale is indicative of a philosophy, supported by the January sales of Carroll, Ba, Santon and Mbiwa. There is an undercurrent at the club.

Mike Ashley’s retail chain philosophy, seems to be reflected in his transfer policy, make a margin and sell your stock at speed. Not for him expensive quality strikers, more those who are lower priced and come with a risk. He has bulked up on core stock with a surfeit of midfielders but lacks cover in defence, and as was apparent before Christmas, goalkeepers. Costs are kept low.

His retail philosophy, as demonstrated on Channel 4’s Dispatches, has now become apparent through Carver, naming and shaming players who have not performed. The buck should always stop at the top. Zero hours contracts are reflected in lower wage bills than industry standards.

Evidence of this comes from the latest accounts. Certainly, there are a few high paid players on the wage bill but that bill has grown more slowly than other more ambitious teams with less history.

We can also look at directors’ pay, Llambias having been paid a salary of £177,000. By Premier League standards that is low. Llambias himself had a background in casinos, not in football. Charnley appears to be paid less and, to the outsider at least, seems to have done little to justify his role.

Managerial appointments have also been cheap, Keegan aside; Joe Kinnear, Chris Hughton, Pardew and Carver. The one of those did achieve, Chris Hughton, was a more democratic manager with principles and diplomacy. He was sacked.

So where should we look for an answer?

We could look at the squad and yes it needs investment. As Pardew used to say “we can’t compete with the big clubs”, losing out to several whose wealth is currently well below that attributed to Newcastle United. The core of the squad is surprisingly similar to the season in which we finished 5th. Others have invested more significantly.

We can also look at the managerial situation.  Steve McClaren is widely touted as being the Next Newcastle manager but is he the answer?

On one level, he has some pedigree. He was an international manager. He, along with Redknapp, is the only current English manager to win a domestic trophy in this country. He won a league title abroad with Twente in Holland.

mike ashley

On closer scrutiny, like Pardew, his performance has not been consistent. England supporters will remember him as the `Wally with the brolly’, crashing out of Euro 2008 qualification. Disappointing at Wolfsburg, his 2nd spell at Twente, Forest and now Derby, the flash in the pan has withered. On form, with 2 wins in his last 14, he is only marginally better than Carver (2 wins in 16) who also gained his Pro License on the same 2004 course.

No, the answers go much higher, to where the buck should stop. Ashley needs to invest, whether the shorter term future is in the Premier League or the Championship. That starts with the top of the club, in a football man who is better qualified than Charnley and who can bring quality, rather than shop soiled seconds into the squad.

A new manager has to bring a quality of football that reflects the history of the club and desire of supporters. Ideally, he will be an achiever elsewhere; a Klopp, a Garde, a Simeone.

On past form, potential managers can look at how supportive other clubs have been, including for the likes of young talent like Eddie Howe who would have no reason to even consider coming here.

There are others from overseas who may be tempted, if only by being part of the Premier League.

So we come to a conclusion, things at Newcastle United have to change from the top. That may mean Ashley selling but there is too much profit potential for him to get the sort of price that would make him budge.

His philosophy has to change if he is to protect his obscene Premier League earnings. He has to invest some of that potential to gain a return, both in passion of supporters and financially.

The simple message to Ashley is change or go.

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  • LeazesEnder

    An even simpler message to Mike Ashley is ‘go’

  • Y is he such a stubborn man. if he had any sense he would go. Money is his goal. If we affect his sports empire more he will have no choice but to sell newcastle united. We need to bring sports direct and mashley to their knees and make him and investors lose billions. He would be sorry he messed with the club and fans. He using the club to expand his empire. We could use his sports empire to make it look trashy and a shamblolic empire. We affect his business and force investors to sell shares by that time no one will want to invest in sd. His company would be in tatters.

  • stepaylor

    Mclaren i know was rated very highly as a coach for many years. The problem i have with him though is that he has never quite made the grade. His England spell was not good, he never succeeded with any club apart from in Holland when he inherited a very good squad i have read.

    My main concern is that he is not in any way exciting which the club really is crying out for right now. Like many say, Ashley is a billionaire. How much money does he want and what the f is he going to do with it all when he dies. Does he want to be remembered as a solid businessman who died with a coffin full of money and that is all. Or as a man that in his life made billions of pounds and lead a football club with great history through the greatest period of its history? 

    Would love to have  a conversation with him to see what really goes on in his head.

  • stepaylor

    Remi Garde is the obvious man to take over. 

    1 – He is free
    2 – He is young and very modern in his approach
    3 – He has a history of developing young players from the academy (Lacazette, Grenier, Gonalons)
    4 – Has a forward thinking attacking approach (from Wenger)
    5 – Would somewhat excite a disillusioned support
    6 – Would have solid knowledge of the cheaper french market
    7 – Is a pundit on french TV for their Premier league coverage so is well versed in the PL
    8 – He played in the premier league for Arsenal
    9 – Would get the best out of Sissoko, Cabella, Janmaat with his approach and culture
    10 – Would be fairly cheap

    its a no brainer really

  • Toon Magpie

    I really can’t understand the support Carver is getting, these are the same players that reached the dizzy heights of 4th and 5th earlier in the season. The players are underperformance is correlated with the ineptitude of Carver’s coaching skills coupled with his appalling man-management skills the only short term solution is get rid of Carver.
    As for Ashley a leopard can’t change it’s spots and if he can’t support a team to compete in the top 6 then he should pack his backs sell up and go.

  • dude 1

    I have come to a conclusion it’s no good writing a open letter to the fat man as he cant read all he understands is pound note signs in black not pound note signs in red and when I say red I mean spending money and lots of it in our case,
    Any manager in his right mind wanting to come here will want his own staff and a cast iron garentee that there is money to spend and the best players will not be sold under his nose and he will be backed to the hilt so who fits that bracket ? No one I can think of

  • MilitantGeordie

    Toon Magpie Ashley would say ” why sell up? I’m making a fortune here! who cares about the football or the fans.. they will keep coming back for more like the good little cash cows they are! “

  • Bills frollocks

    Can’t and won’t. End of

  • Jarmin Geordie

    stepaylor spotted the flaw in your arguement, it’s “no brainer” that what Charnley and Carver possess:- no footballing brains

  • Porciestreet

    I think wer’e knackered anyway but im sure we dodged a bullet with Mclaren.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Oh you gave him a choice change or go that maybe a bit complicated for him

  • Porciestreet

    dude 1 Anyone who would summon the 84lls to ask for it wouldn’t be seen dead here now thanks to Ashley.

  • Jarmin Geordie

    Porciestreet my sentiments exactly but Mickey Mouse (more idea), Coco the Clown (more sense) or Hannibal Lecter (more integrity) would have been a better bet than Carver for the last 3 games

  • Porciestreet

    Jarmin Geordie Porciestreet Bring in the True Geordie. Now there’s a guvnor you don’t want to mess with.

  • bill black

    I said before a ball was kicked this season the odds of going down was worth a bet. Because he will always gamble on staying up now apart from 5 place. This gamble looks a bad one for if we stay up there is no way he will get the right people to put up with him next season and get 35 points NO WAY. And I cannot see more than a half full stadium so Ashleys good day are gone, so will he go or will we hunt him down next season it is up to him.

  • Porciestreet

    Run the 8a5tard ower….!

  • A lex

    stepaylor Point 9 : pretty certain that 2 of those 3 won’t be here next season.

  • Toon Magpie

    Did you seè the Sports direct secrets on TV ?

  • GToon

    It doesnt matter who we get any more than it matters who Chelsea or Man Citeh get. A moron could win things with the funds at their disposal but the best manager in the world will achieve nothing at our club as long as the shop keeper is in control. We are just lucky Ashley wasn’t in charge back in 95 when we topped the league in the new year – he’d have sold them all!!!

  • GToon

    Jarmin Geordie Porciestreet The trouble is that it is now Carver the fan that is managing. He’s screaming and shouting at them just like we would and it wont work. Shame for JC as he has been hung out to dry by Ashley, just like all of his other employees.

  • BillytheFish

    I like Steve McLaren. He is a top coach, and a bloody good bloke who will take no bull from anyone.

    I do however believe he will also fail at NUFC because the club is Toxic. If you have ever worked in a toxic environment you will know what I mean, and that no staff changes will make any difference because the toxic culture will remain……wise/JFK/Name Changes/Wonga/No communication/Selling club……..
    What is needed is a full sweep of all senior staff including the owner, and maybe then we will get some pride back in our club.

  • GToon

    Porciestreet LeazesEnder Thats why he uses his helicopter!

  • amacdee

    what Rex when all is said and done, I dont give a monkeys which
    division we land in as long as Fatman departs (hopefully losing money on
    the deal) and we start again with a bright young manager in the Eddie
    Howe/Carl Robinson mould who PLAYS FOOTBALL THE WAY IT SHOULD BE PLAYED !

    I am so fecked off with this “staying in the game” shlte !!!!

  • GToon

    It comes to something though when a bloke would rather stay with a club in the league below us, whose season has just gone down the toilet than take over at SJP. No doubt Ashley offered him less money than he’s on now and no holiday pay.

  • KevinRutherford1

    If this lot had been in command of the Titanic, it would have sunk in the Solent.

  • A lex

    Anyone know a good helicopter mechanic?
    If not, a bad one will do.

  • NottsToon

    amacdee Total agreement, if people think that the PL is the be all and end all of footie they should fook off and support Chelski.

  • GToon

    KevinRutherford1 Nah, they’d av sold it for scrap before it even set sail.

  • WallaceWilson

    It all comes down to Saturday v WBA. If we get beat off them where does Carver go from there?No doubt Charnley is hoping that this week’s meetings will sort it all out. That is a triumph of hope over experience.

  • kuromori

    stepaylor Ah, but is he desperate?

  • snodgrass2

    Time to take our mind off blaming the supporting actors. Cabaye wanting away, Pardew and Carver not being good enough, the players not being good enough. Its all a smokescreen. They were all told at the start of last season and this that their target was approximately 40 points. Can’t blame them if they down tools when this is reached. Job done.  All the blame rests on Ashley who sets the targets. Had the supporters any gumption not only would they have stopped going when the ambition was realised they should also have demanded a return of their paid money which was in effect taken under false pretenses.

  • Tony79

    That is not the choice.  The choice is go now.

  • snodgrass2

    Tony79 Why? Do you think you’ll make a difference? Are we going to change because of another incredible statement from the Board? I don’t think you would change the outcome if they let you all join in. The incentive is gone. Another small but important factor is that WBA are still committed well organised love set plays and are on the crest of a wave following their brilliant result at Manyoo two days ago. This is a good time to BOYCOTT.

  • nufcslf

    Piss off you fat pig and filth of a person. Go and ruin another football club or even better run Shite Direct into the ground instead. Thanks all the same like…NOT!!!

  • Alsteads

    If we get beat off West Brom Saturday I honestly think that will be us. I don’t for one moment think a trip to London and QPR’s last home game in premiership will gee this lot up to take 3 points and by the time fat Sam comes to town it will no doubt be out of our hands with the goal difference. He would love to be the one that puts us down and then goes of to join the mackems. He will have achieved legendary status with them before a ball is kicked! Terrifying thought.
    I for one have mixed thoughts on relegation. Yes a few years in the wilderness to get rid of this despicable set up before he completely eliminates generations of fans is appealing. What’s the alternative??? Another season like this next year??……where do I sign! All the FCB has to do now is remove Sir Bobbys statue and it’s humiliation complete. The press and every other football fan of every club is telling us this is what we deserve. That’s the press for you though. They were gutted when we went down last time as they wondered who they were going to kick and indeed one so called hack put it that way. It’s just such a shame that as fans we aren’t a bad bunch at all. Not like your birmingham or west hams that have a reputation and a nastiness with them. The whole sorry saga has gone septic to a point you think we can not possibly get any lower ( but we find a way, take a bow every single player and staff member).
    At the moment this isn’t the Newcastle United I know or supported so if we go down I won’t be devastated like previously. I actually can’t believe how easy that was to write that last sentence! I’ve never ever stopped myself from going to games until this season and have run the thought round my head over and over about going this weekend to support them against West Brom just to get the points to stay up but I’m going to hold back. I’ll always love and support the toon and even if we plummet through the divisions if fattys gone then I’m back like a shot!!! I just can’t do this Newcastle United, it’s not the one I know or love.
    Can one of those players tell me why I should lose two days pay, time with my family, spend a fortune on a train ticket and match ticket to come and see them pull that shirt on this week? You could line them up and ask that question and I tell you what? Everyone of them would be looking at their feet hoping someone else will give the answer. That just sums them up for me.
    Toon till I die, just hopefully not this toon

  • ilullissat

    KevinRutherford1 Yeh a ship that

  • ilullissat

    KevinRutherford1 There is a comparison with the Titanic and Newcastle United.One was sunk by a Berg,the other by a Berk.

  • ilullissat

    GToon If he worked for in house caterers Sodexo they would also try and diddle him out of his redundancy as they tried with me.They all deserve each other

  • ilullissat

    BillytheFish I think it is becoming increasingly obvious that the only way to purge is if the club go down.

  • prestondave

    Just been listening to Talk sport whilst I was driving and sat open mouthed listening to Chris Hughton and Stuart Pearces comments.
    They both acknowledged the lack of ability/commitment of the players but amazingly neither said anything about Charvers lack of ability instead focusing on one point which was he maybe shouldnt have spoken out loud to the papers and kept it in the dressing room. Hughton then went on to say it we are at  a “pivotal” moment iand Newcastles next game we  get behind the team as the 12th man as we can make a difference at SJP and he believed we would do just that on Saturday. Why, oh why can they not tell the truth and say that Charver is out of his depth. ? And do they think a lot of fans( the sheep) who turn up regardless , havent been supporting them.? Since the “singing ” end has been broken up by FCB it wouldnt matter how many were there you would still hear a pin drop. Until the team did what it regularly does as per the past 8 games and more and caves in at the first sign of an advancing attack. Then you will hear what they deserve which should be nothing short of utter contempt for the whole debacle that is Newcastle United. Massive clearout please even if we go down. Nothing else is acceptable as Im sure the effort levels of certain players will go down further once we are down.

  • Tony79

    snodgrass2 Tony79 I’m talking about Ashley going mate.

  • A lex

    Agree totally but we have to swallow what those in and out of the game can realistically say. Pearce and Hughton are very much still involved so they take care with what they say. On the other hand, Keown is a ‘mere’ tv pundit, so is more able to speak freely and state that Carver is way in over his head.

  • The letter that coloccini supposedly wrote has to be charnley ashleys and carver idea. The pressure is starting to hit players and the owner and charnley and carver. Lets keep pressure on fatso and his croonies haha police investigated his premises hopefully they will investigated newcastle united takeover and accounts and sports direct accounts. Keep pressure on lets get him out all fans can do it by boycotting and protesting. It would be nice if any fans go to st james park and all walk onto the field and game by abondoned. Club would get fined and i wonder what the fa would do if it happened in all the remaining games. Just a taught