Shocking details have been made public as to just how bad the contract ties are with Sports Direct, for Rangers football club.

New Chairman Dave King has agreed to Mike Ashley’s demands for a special shareholders meeting which will take place on 12 June.

Ashley had looked to put pressure on the new regime with a resolution that could force instant payment of the £5m loan from Sports Direct, but King and his associates aren’t taking it lying down.

King plans to expose the until now secret details of the contracts agreed with Ashley’s retail company Sports Direct when Charles Green was in charge at Rangers.

The Rangers Board included the following in their invitation to shareholders to attend the meeting:

“The Directors also propose that at the GM (General Meeting) they shall: Provide shareholders with a breakdown of the income received by Rangers Retail Limited and the payments made by RRL to the Club.

“Advise shareholders on certain of the terms of the shareholders agreement relative to RRL and the effect these terms could have if valid and enforceable.”

Rangers Retail controls the merchandise sales at the Glasgow club and currently sees Sports Direct get 75% of the profits, which would drop back to 49% if the £5m loan was repaid.

However, what the Daily Record have learnt ahead of that 12 June meeting, is the shocking fact that this retail agreement has a SEVEN YEAR notice period, meaning even if Rangers said today that wanted to end the ‘agreement’, it wouldn’t be until 2022 at the earliest that it would come to a conclusion.

The Scottish newspaper claim that Mike Ashley’s lawyers have been working desperately to keep this seven year notice clause and other contract details secret, though Dave King and the rest of the board appear now committed to doing battle with Ashley and Sports Direct over the crippling deals with Newcastle United owner’s retail empire.

Whilst Mike Ashley claimed he was ‘going nowhere’ on Sunday, Newcastle fans will surely look at what is becoming public knowledge north of the border.

If Newcastle United ever parted company with Mike Ashley, there must be massive worries as to just what he would leave behind.

A bit like where Rangers find themselves at the moment, what long-term deals would Mike Ashley commit NUFC to, before he did ‘get out of our club’?

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  • Sickandtiredstill

    I’ve been saying that all along and hopefully RFC will lay bare exactly how one sided the retail deal is and we can have some idea of a similar arrangement here and what it costs this Club in revenue terms.
    As for long term deals – I doubt that would stand with any new owner should one come in. Ashley no doubt believed he was at RFC to stay and he still has almost 10% of shares. If he sold out of this Club then any agreements could or should be null and void unless someone wished to continue with them.

  • Ruffiooooo

    Sickandtiredstill RFC board aren’t going to roll over for the fat man. Hopefully another revealing light is about to be pointed straight at this prick and The Ashley Out Campaign can start asking questions about the SD and NUFC arrangements.

  • A lex

    Agree, doubt any deals would continue for any new owner. But, he’ll still make the money by insisting that the deals are ‘bought out’.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Well done to the Rangers lads for exposing this. He has made fortunes from sport clothing and wants to own a plethora of sporting institutions while he doesn’t have a sporting bone in his body. A “scorched earth” policy is looking likely upon exit from RFC, and possibly when he eventually leaves us also. “Uncle Mike” indeed. The Capitalist Stalin.

  • Phildene

    Well done to RFC for bringing this to light. No matter how he came over during his interview, he’s a nasty piece of work

  • DownUnderMag

    We are struggling with revenue to the club dropping due to giving away free advertising to the fat oafs company.  What more proof do you need that he’s got NUFC over a barrel as well?