See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil – that is Newcastle United.

Facing relegation and the people running the football club are summed up in those few words.

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The leadership of Newcastle United….

See no Evil

Here we have Mike Ashley.

Since relegation became a very real possibility he has totally disappeared from the scene (of the crime).

I can’t remember the last match he attended but certainly the last half dozen he has been missing in action.

My take on it is that he flees the scene because he doesn’t want his name and brands associated with such abject failure. If he attends the match then he will draw attention to himself and by association, Sports Direct.

The NUFC Fans Forum agreed to an early meeting with the club before the end of the season to talk about problems and the challenges the club faces. The Fans Forum members said that for this meeting to have credibility it needed Mike Ashley there, my understanding is that the club/Ashley have done absolutely zero in response. No meeting organised, no communication, no Mike Ashley. What a dereliction of duty from the club’s owner when Newcastle United are in turmoil.

Hear no Evil

John Carver. It is never his fault. Two wins in nineteen games under the Newcastle Head coach and it is always somebody or something else to blame.

At Loftus Road he blamed it on the 17 degrees celsius heatwave, I’m sure you’ll all have your own personal favourites from recent months of the mouth of John Carver. The manager/head coach who won’t hear of any criticism of himself and is simply looking forward to doing the job long-term…

newcastle united

Speak no Evil

Whilst Captain Fabricio Coloccini spoke to the TV cameras last weekend, for the first time in seven years at the club. We still await to hear whether Newcastle United Managing Director Lee Charnley is capable of the same.

A total embarrassment to have an MD who at this time of crisis, his only contribution is to have PR statements go out with his name on. When you have an absent owner and a manager/head coach so out of his depth as John Carver is, surely the person charged with running the club should be expected to come out and speak forcefully about how the club is facing up to the potential disaster.

Shouldn’t he?

  • RexN

    Nice article and very appropriate.

    The one thing I would disagree with is “see no evil”. Ashley sees it every time he looks in the mirror.

  • toon tony

    Used this in a previous post. ..although it was aimed at the “fans”refusing to believe we were heading for oblivion.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Go back and take a read of Charnley’s ‘interview’ with the Chron back in January. The three Monkeys sums this Club up totally.
    Nothing more damning than this –
    “I do however accept we need to look at how we communicate and I think if we do that it will certainly help on lots of different levels.
    Contrary to popular belief we don’t disregard people’s views – however our intention and focus and what we always aim to do is make decisions that we feel are in the best interests for the football club. They won’t always be popular and won’t always be liked but we make them for what we believe are the right reasons.”
    Laughable at just how patronising and downright wrong that has all proven to be as nothing changed and him and Ashley remain invisible..

  • Chemical Dave

    Fat parasite doesn’t employ people for their ability to do a good job so don’t be surprised when they don’t. I’m really not sure how I want next week to pan out, my instinct is for us to win and not endure yet another humiliating relegation but I can’t help feel that if that happens we’ll soon be getting more of them same – a few foreigners signed with “potential” but no desire to make the team something to bring pride to the city. Twenty years ago Newcastle was a great place to be, the football was a the driving force behind that, now look at us ? Hope mike Ashley dies soon.

  • hettonmag

    No bottle no backbone COWARDS the  lot of  them.

  • Giimps

    Chemical Dave The slug employs a body to do a job, no experience necessary as long as they’re cheap and will do as they’re told.
    Players clearly sending a message to the board re carvew and its saying ….we wont play for this imbecile, he has and is showing he is completely out of his depth, no tactics, formations or motivational ability whos idea to get the best out of players is to blame them for anything and everything …..way to go…..yes john wel be happy to work under you next season after you have buried us and not set the team up to function as a team…..the players yesterday jus looked lost, no-one had any idea when to push forward and support or drop back and defent in numbers……..what happened to pressing high in numbers to force a mistake and put them under pressure …….that went out the window as soon as we scored and he tried to hold out for the win……that with the worst defence in the league and the worst forward line too and no holding midfielders on the pitch………i really hate the morons who run the club….from the medical staff that advise a player is fit to play ,to the neandertals in charge of coaching and the board of f*ckwits who are gambling with the status of the club to save 15 mil even though it wont be spent

  • fireflyuk

    We would be better off having three chimps running the club.

  • mrkgw

    Great article and a deserved pop at the incompetents running the show. They are all a disgrace and should never have been able to be associated with the once proud name of Newcastle United. All have to go, no exceptions.

  • Cornflake

    The situation reminds me so much of my first sport love, The Chicago Blackhawks (Canadian here).  They were awful where the owner was an old man who still thought fans should go watch the games in the movie theatres as they did in his day.  He refused to have the games shown on local tv and tickets went to as low as $8 and the minor league team was outselling the NHL team (would be like Gateshead outdrawing Newcastle United as a reference).
    Basically for things to change, he died.  His son took over and updated the team to today’s standard and this afternoon I’ll be rooting them on with my playoff beard (at least I’ve had something else to root for since the Christmas break).  Mike Ashley and the entire Newcastle franchise needs to update itself, top to bottom.  
    Will that happen, well I don’t think Mike Ashley is dying anytime soon, and many fans seem to refuse to take action, so why would the owner?
    I’ve said time and time again, if fans won’t stop investing their hard earned money, then attack his instead.  Stop going to Sports Direct, organize demonstrations outside the stores to shame people who do shop their.  You can double up with the working condition and hurt Mike Ashley where it hurts, his stocks and the popularity of his stores.  It’s pretty simple, would love to see people get behind that cause since obviously having people skip out on Newcastle, no matter how bad they are isn’t working.

  • Alsteads

    I believe one of the reason the FCB doesn’t give any interviews or appearances is if he did then over night his sxxt dxxxxt would disappear. Anyone remember that knacker Gerard Ratner? He came out and said his shops product was shxte and over night it all collapsed and they lost everything. Well imagine the FCB coming out and saying something. The man obviously has no class or friends ( wise, kinnear? Really?) I have absolutely no doubt he is a complete buffoon and would almost certainly come across that way, if he was working in an office most certainly be the butt of everyone’s jokes. His business acumen no doubt comes from being a ruthless barrow boy with the morals of a loan shark. Just look at the mans profile. Quite pathetic!
    Give me 5/10 years in the wilderness over another season being laughed at all for this clowns benefit of picking up millions while sitting back and laughing at us. Can just see him now as we survive and season tickets are renewed ……laughing with his mates wise, kinnear, charnley and co saying ” those thick Geordie fxxks, what shall I run a book on this season with what I can get away with?”