Ryan Taylor has (I think…) been trying to rally the fans and players ahead of Sunday’s relegation decider.

The Newcastle player who is currently being used as a holding midfielder, has also tried to convince that this team is different to the one that went down in 2009.

Taylor says that United ‘need a lot of characters’ but just like in 2009, I can’t imagine who fits that description right now.

Ryan Taylor:

“The good thing for us is we’re at home, I remember watching the game at Villa Park, I was on the bench that day, and we really lacked a lot of things that day.

“We have got to make sure that that doesn’t happen again. We can’t do what we did then, we’ve got to put things right and just have a buzz around the stadium next week.  We need a lot of characters.”

John Carver’s been around:

“You look back now, nine defeats out of ten. I don’t care who you are, it does shatter your confidence.

“John’s been around the game for a lot of time. It’s not that he doesn’t have the experience. Yes, it’s a big job, but it’s down to the players.”


“We were unlucky to have those injuries but we still had a lot of quality in the squad and we just haven’t done it.

“We will have chats this week and I’m sure John will be putting his message across that if you don’t want to be under that much pressure, come and see me, but that’s the type of guy he is. I’m sure the lads will respond.”

How can you say that (‘..sure the lads will respond’ ) after one point out of thirty and only two wins in nineteen games under John Carver?

The words are just worthless and in fact the one thing we can be sure about is that they WON’T respond in any uplifting way. If they were going to respond then why haven’t they done that over the last five months?

Not sure as well what exactly will happen if these players go to John Carver and say they don’t want to be under the pressure…

Maybe the most telling fact when comparing that 2009 relegation team and the current one, is that whilst Ryan Taylor could only make the bench on that relegation day six years ago, today he is first choice in an unaccustomed midfield holding role after two serious operations.

Also, Ryan Taylor is now sadly in a position of getting stick off the fans as he struggles to do his job in that midfield.

He does his best but his place in the team symbolises any number of players who simply aren’t good enough for the Premier League and the massive problems Newcastle United face, whether they cling onto their Premier League place or not.


  • A lex

    Despite the ‘slackness’ of certain individuals in that 09 team, I think I’d still feel more confident going in to a last day showdown with that team rather than our current one.

  • Hughie

    Like they’ve responded to date Ryan eh!! Totally unprofessional set up–particularly the defence for 2 years now, with amateurish coaching staff. Players of Ryan’s calibre are one of a host of reasons why we are where we are. Abeid should have been playing instead of him–can anyone explain why he isn’t?–another crazy decision by Carver and co. A captain who turned his back and dodged out of the way of Fer’s shot on Saturday, has no vocal presence on the pitch, and is not interested. Janmaat– didn’t even bother to jump for their first goal, then held his head in his hands! Your fault Janmaat–apart from your stupid sending off previously!! Only Jonas, Jack , Dummett, Anita  and Riviere can hold their heads up as trying , although at least two of them are not PL standard . Tim Krul is trying but seems to have lost his bottle too. The rest– a pathetic overpaid spineless shambles, with Cabella in particular a disastrous signing. Why is Sammy not playing instead of him? answer–someone is trying to justify forking out money for  Cabella (Charnley) by playing him!!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Obviously the media ‘ban’ issued by Carver to players has been overlooked by Bishop in order to get another piece of spin out. This lot cant even coordinate on that simple issue let alone run a football team and Club.

  • Andgeo

    Taylor is in the team simply because cardew refuses to put Abeid in there, who when given the chance, has shown he is more than capable.

  • Andgeo

    I font blame Taylor for pulling out of any challenges. He is out of contract in the summer and if he gets injured he will be out if work. He should not be in the team for this reason, if he’s not good enough for a new contract he shouldn’t be in the team. Similarly Sami should not have been on the pitch either, you could hardly expect either player to put their neck on the line really. The big disappointment on sat was cisse, he was shocking when he came on humping the ball out of play on several occasions.

  • Andgeo

    The 09 team definitely had a lot more quality than the current bunch. However one scary similarity is a number of players in each team are not up for the fight. Sissoko, janmaat, krul, colocinni, cisse, ameobi, Taylor and even arrons are looking for summer moves, which will no doubt be made more likely with relegation, just like players like duff and Owen in the 09 team. They are not up for the fight!

  • crediblejustin736

    Ryan taylor is a big presence in the team, with an ever positive impact. He works hard, he’s our best shot at set pieces even though he’s lost the tpuch a bit. If you disagree then kill yourself. Yes he’s being played out of position, its not getting the best out of him and denies other players a chance. But seeing taylor, Jonas, Krul, Coloccini on the team sheet just gives me confidence that we still have experienced players who can mould the others.