The Magic Weekend event at St James’ Park saw three Rugby League matches take place over the course of Saturday afternoon and into the night.

Sunday sees three more matches taking place, with the final one kicking off at 5.30pm.

However, there was a different kind of ‘kicking off’ going on during Saturday’s entertainment.

A video appeared on social media, shot by one Rugby League fan, showing a number of spectators fighting.

It appeared to involve Leeds (rugby league) fans, though unclear whether it was with fans of another club or just amongst themselves.

Whilst most people would describe what happened as ‘handbags’ rather than people potentially getting seriously hurt, what irony that this happened with rugby fans at a football venue where fighting inside the stadium is pretty much unheard of these days.

***The person who put the video up on social media, took it down earlier today as it was embarrassing for rugby fans to have even more people seeing it.

  • Barry Goulder


  • PhilYare

    the only interesting point to this would be if several sports direct signs were torn down and used to batter each other.

  • Albert27

    And rugby supporters say its a gentlemans sport! Disgusting. Leeds supporters too. Says it all. They think they are high and mighty egg chasing fans. Aye – youre not that great. And its a boring sport.

  • Basileus

    So much for the friendly Rugby fans against nasty football fans. The drunken celebrating and laughing of those watching is just plain “DONT ALLOW DRINK TO PEABRAINED TURDS”

  • Keith Willey

    Why has the video disappeared?

  • David Williams

    Its nowt new at rugby league games

  • percyarcade

    Must be a rugby league thing:  I’ve been to a few rugby union games,  Newcastle,  Leicester,  Gloucester  
    ( or as the locals say,  Glarrrrrrrrrster).  and the mingling,  drinking and banter amongst the unsegregated fans is never anything less than brilliant.

  • David Kelly 9

    To be fair they were the best 3 matches I’ve seen at St James’ this season. The atmosphere in the ground was fantastic as well apart from the one isolated incident, which after all did involve Leeds fans.

  • GToon

    That’s nowt! My kids are worse than that. They did make the mistake of trying to fight uphill though. Has history taught them nothing? Climb up to the same level as your opponent then start swinging your arms wildly. Hahaha.

  • GToon

    Or any sport really. Even the parents race at my local school is not on any more after a disputed victory ended in a punch up!

  • mirandinha9

    Once again another 40,000 fools putting money into Cashley’s pockets. When he said in his interview that ‘it all lay at his door, he meant the punters funds’. its the time for solidarity, don’t buy those season tickets. To do the TV interview epitomises the fact that he’s concerned about the attendances dwindling and the media flak from Keegan, Carragher et al. Let’s keep this up and send the man on his way.

  • DavidDrape

    ashley or his catering people lost out on a fortune today – new telcos opposite sip supplied a lot of people with refreshments, with no searches entering the ground many people just walked in with whatever they wanted. he may have made 500k? on the event but lost 500k the same day re the SPFL

  • DavidDrape

    widnes fan told me Hull KR fighting with each other yesterday and for some strange reason a small amount of huddersfield decided they wanted to fight yesterday with a mass of wigan

  • mirandinha9

    DavidDrape, fantastic news.