For those of you who weren’t aware, there is an actual award handed out each year, which is named the Ronnie Radford FA Cup Giant-Killers Award.

That’s right, ever since 2011 the FA made it official that Newcastle’s worst moment in the FA Cup (well, until the current days when the club policy is not even to try in the cups) is to be immortalised.

Not only do we have the pleasure of seeing THAT goal shown every year in the lead-up to third round day, but 43 years after the event we are now also the butt of jokes via the presentation of this award.

Why not call it the ‘Let’s all laugh at Newcastle award’?

The FA have just announced this season’s winner and it is Bradford City who polled a massive 85% of votes cast, for their tremendous win at Stamford Bridge.

Two goals down, the Bantams fought back to win 4-2 and showed just what is possible when you both the players and the club have total commitment to try and do their very best.

How ironic that this award is handed out to the club who tried their very best and achieved over and above the odds, when the club who contributed so much (Newcastle United, just in case you weren’t following…) to the idea of the award, now has an official club policy of trying everything they can to get out of the FA Cup as quickly as possible.

When people wonder why Newcastle fans are so miserable with life under Mike Ashley, a football club which has the sole purpose of surviving in the Premier League. Just consider this.

As well as reaching the League Cup final and getting a trip to Wembley in 2013, just this season Bradford City have won five FA Cup matches. Eventually they lost to Reading in the sixth round.

In Mike Ashley’s entire 8 year reign, Newcastle United have won a grand total of THREE FA Cup games.

Just for fun, before you look below I bet most of you can’t name all three victories.

In the last one of those four years ago, NUFC were a goal down before Hatem Ben Arfa scored a wonder goal to turn it around. Then in the other two wins, we needed a replay.

The three wins (a bit like the triple FA Cup successes of the 1950s…) have been:

2008 Newcastle 4 Stoke 1 (the day Keegan’s return was announced)

2010 Newcastle 3 Plymouth 0

2011 Newcastle 2 Blackburn 1

Maybe the FA should also have a second award and give it a title of something like the…’Mike Ashley least effort award’. As sure fire winners each season, maybe then this would qualify as ‘winning something’ and lead to the Newcastle United owner packing his bags as he promised in his interview – we live in hope.


  • LeazesEnder

    In a way its an honour for Newcastle …. as we were considered the biggest Scalp that it has ever happened to…  in the history of the game….  The FA call it ‘the Giant Killer Award’…..

    ….so there is the retort to all of those who say United aren’t a big club!

  • toonmad1956

    Even though it was 43 years ago and against Newcastle it was a cracking goal

  • LeazesEnder

    toonmad1956 Lose the hat and beard it doesn’t suit you!

  • DavidDrape

    i personally aint got a problem the FA putting an award out for recognising wins against superior opposition as it could quite as well have been colchester v leeds etc. i think they maybe wanted to reflect that the FA cup is for all teams whoihc is just about is (i.e anyone who finishes in the top 10 of the EBAC northern league Div 2 can enter). I can see part of where you are coming from but again they just happen to pick Ronnies as an iconic personality due to the magnificent goal, however, the FA should be criticised for its uncaring response to 2 letters i have sent them about NUFC policy of actively not wanting to progress. This is so disrepsectful to everyone involved in the best competition in world football. Yet the FA do NOTHING. Pure scumbags

  • MrDolf

    Bolackburn sounds like a very painful injury

  • toon_teddy

    Three FA Cup wins?  I’m shocked.  No idea it was that low :(

  • NotFatFreddy

    “The John Carver award” for premiership player of the season is Balotelli Liverpool for his only goal at a cost of £20 million.

    The best forward in the history of Liverpool FC and make no mistake the best coach in the Premiership would sign him for £25 million just to beat that record per goal!  No doubt Carver would probably beat his own record if he was made coach for next season`.

    I guess if Freddie was chairman we’d try and sign Balotelli for £14 million and I for one would be happy if we used him correctly and he wore the number 9 shirt!

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    LeazesEnder Ha ha thats one way of thinking about it!!