Former Newcastle star Rob Lee believes the club needs to buy a minimum of seven or eight players who can go straight into the first team.

That is of course if United stay up and the former midfielder thinks this could well be only becaus eof the failings of others, particularly Hull.

Lee says that on form, Newcastle are probably the worst team in the Premier League over the course of the second half of the season.

However, for NUFC to bounce back to being an ambitious team on the pitch, Rob Lee thinks it wll take a complete change of outlook by Mike Ashley in terms of how he approaches the transfer market.

Speaking to the Chronicle Rob Lee had this to say:

“Hull City losing to Burnley was an absolute godsend. QPR are down, an awful team and if we can’t pick something up there then we don’t deserve to be in the Premier League.

“On paper we are probably the worst team in the second half of the season, and bottom of the form table, but QPR have been that bad all season, I can’t see Hull getting out of this though.”

Worst team in Premier League:

“You look at last season and the failure to buy the right players in the summer, the failure to buy people in January. This has been coming.

“Nobody at Newcastle should be surprised at where they are at the moment. If the penny hasn’t dropped now it never will. Haven’t we been here before?”

Pay the price on the ticket:

“They have a set mould for players in terms of age, price and wages and if you do that you restrict yourself.

“A good player costs money and that’s what you have to pay if you want to be at the right end of the table.”

7 or 8 needed:

“If we don’t change it will happen again next year because teams that are coming up will spend money this summer.

“It is not just two or three players, it’s seven or eight who can come into the first XI and start straight away.”

  • philrenner09

    Surely the club could appoint the likes of Rob in some capacity ( maybe to help chubby cheeks cause theres no way he will be able to sign enough players in close season). Rob speaking to players or agents would be a huge step forward.

  • It’s not just the quality of the players – it’s also the fact that our current players have sussed that the club officially have no spoting ambition … only financial ambition. It must be hard to motivate yourself when you know there’s no hope of any success, and that if you do approach success, the owner will sell our best players.
    Under those conditions, even the best players in the world aren’t going to perform to their maximum.

  • Jarra MIck

    Rob Lee true hero telling it like it is.

  • Peaco

    Ironic that he was a relative steal at 700k from Charlton and boy could we do with the likes of him now. Quality player and man to boot, as others have said; telling it like it is.

  • geordie4567

    Spot on!

  • geordie4567

    After the way the slug treated Keegan and Shearer, and exploits Beardsley and Moncur, I don’t want any other club legends to work for him!

  • NUFC9

    philrenner09  As well as being a good appointment, having Rob Lee at the club would shut up idiots like Pardew, Wise and Kinnear who try to cover up their failures and inadequacies by saying “It’s impossible for me to succeed at Newcastle.  They just don’t like southerners up there”.

  • Alex Wilkinson

    We need a few like him !