I can’t imagine Tony Pulis being a bundle of laughs at the best of times but he managed to depress Newcastle fans even further after Saturday’s final whistle.

After doing his best to help United to a win by playing the most negative football we’ve seen at St. James’ Park (by a visiting team…) for some time, Pulis’ words afterwards increased the clouds of doom hanging over our club.

The West Brom manager said that John Carver would be still in charge next season, with Pulis highlighting the fact that Mike Ashley is ‘loyal’ to those who work for him.

That is of course unless you are Kevin Keegan, Chris Hughton or Alan Shearer…

Sadly, most fans fear that Pulis is speaking the truth and as we all know, the biggest factor in getting the job is doing as you are told and backing up Ashley’s running/ruining of Newcastle United at press conferences.

Which credible Manager/Head coach would come into NUFC and be willing to do what Alan Pardew and John Carver have been prepared to do?

Tony Pulis:

“I don’t think there will be any change at this football club as I think Mike Ashley is very loyal to the people that he appoints.

“I don’t know the politics around the place but the one thing that he has done is to stick with his managers.”

All that is missing is the team:

“This is a wonderful club, a wonderful place to play and a wonderful stadium, the support is absolutely fantastic and all they want is a winning team.

“It is an enormous club but it’s got to get back to being an enormous club and the only way to do that is to put a team on the pitch which can compete with other enormous clubs.”

  • foggy

    Total bollicks. Ashely didn’t stand by a thoroughly decent bloke and manager in Hughton.
    It isn’t just a decent team on the pitch that NUFC needs its a change of owner who then appoints the right people in the right positions, namely a new MD a new team manger, new coaches and a new academy manager.

  • JamieElliott1

    Sorry how did West Brom do their best to help Utd win?

  • MidlandsMag

    Why would Tony Pulis want to be getting involved in the state of affairs at NUFC?  Has loyal Mike Ashley offered the job to him?

  • Andgeo

    We are a potentially enormous club handicapped by the fact that we have an enormous fat [email protected] owner who is pocketing £20m to £40m in free advertising every year and raping the club dry. No club could afford to carry his enormous weight. [email protected]@k off Ashley!!

  • Paul Soulsby

    And a decent owner, manager, HEAD COACH.

  • magpiefifer

    Decent team with this owner – you are having a laugh!!!
    Only way we’ll stay in PL is by Hull gifting us it – thought they would beat Burnley.
    QPR will react to their humbling at Man C,so that is not going to be an easy game.Then there’s Allardyce!!!

  • A lex

    Actually, he’s spot on. Put a decent team on the pitch and ensure we compete, and all the problems go away.

    The thing is, we have Ashley who won’t do that because a decent team costs decent money. It starts and ends with Ashley and his stupid failed policies.

  • Porciestreet

    No 5h!t Tony,….Absolute f*****g genious..!

  • Simon Sharp

    I never usually listen to anything Pulis has to say, but he’s right on this one.

  • IntravenusMP

    Andgeo £20m-£40m in free advertising? I think it’s no wonder nobody else pays for perimeter advertising at St James’ if that’s the cost for a season. I reckon if you paid £20m for advertising, Mike would remove the advertising himself.

  • IntravenusMP

    sounds like an interview for the job