After being handed a gift wrapped three points, Leicester boss Nigel Pearson said that he felt for John Carver.

The former Newcastle coach said that it is an advantage having somebody in charge who cares about the football club, though many fans will wonder exactly what advantage it is after these four long months that Carver has been in charge.

Pearson also expressed his gratitude for United helping Leicester with their goal difference as well as their points total.

The Foxes manager saying that goal difference could prove important.

To compound Newcastle’s misery, this eight match losing streak has not only brought United to within only two points of the drop but perhaps vitally, NUFC have the worst goal difference of the five clubs battling for the third relegation spot.

Nigel Pearson:

“From the kick-off we didn’t allow Newcastle to feel their way in to the game, to get two goals in a short amount of time helped.

“With a couple of months to go our season was in danger of not happening as we’d like but we have kept our destiny in our hands. Goal difference will be important and days like today help.”


“Someone of John Carver’s integrity has to try to find solutions that are proving difficult to solve. I feel for him, he cares so much about the club.

“You have got a better chance if you have people who have a feel for the club. They still have more points than us, they have still got work to do but then so do we.”

  • mrkgw

    John Carver should walk. Integrity however? Nope.

  • StephenBowers

    Who is going to play Centre Half in the next game?

  • prestondave

    Charver and integrity in the same sentence? Don’t think so. If he had any integrity he would walk and admit he isn’t up to the job. His moral compass left him when he took fatties shilling.


    Gotta be Dummett with Colo doesn’t it? Anita back in at left back ?

  • Jail for Ashley

    I’m absolutely seething from this sequence of events, the absolute pointlessness of a situation that could have been so easily avoided. I am trying to pretend I don’t care in the same way that the fat barsreward running our club doesn’t, but I do, I’m gutted and angry that this conman has been allowed to destroy our club. Saving us from doing a Leeds, the bloke is trying his absolute hardest to make sure we end up a lot worse than Leeds.
    Get this slimy barsteward out of our club.

  • Toon Magpie

    Carver pleas walk