It’s now been reported by the Mirror that the West Ham players have not trained all week in the lead up to the relegation decider for Newcastle.

Instead, they say the Hammers are scheduled to train today (Friday) after being given the last week of the season off.

The Mirror report that ahead of his expected impending departure from the manager’s job immediately after Sunday’s game, Sam Allardyce has been using the week off to clear out his apartment at Canary Wharf.

Fat Sam’s contract has come to an end and while early season form pointed to an automatic renewal, the second half of the campaign has been almost as bad as Newcastle’s.

West Ham have won just two of their last sixteen matches but could still move up a place to 11th or down one to 13th, with league placings being worth around £1.2m each, the last day could decide a difference of up to £2.4m for the owners of the East London club.

Ahead of his departure, Allardyce’s backroom staff have been reported to be active in the jobs market.

This week coach Teddy Sheringham was named as the new manager at Stevenage and Allardyce’s number two and  former Newcastle player, Neil McDonald, has had talks with Blackpool. First team coach Ian Hendon meanwhile, is one of the favourites for the Leyton Orient post.

However, Sean Whetstone from the ClaretandHugh independent West Ham website says that The Mirror’s claims are rubbish.

According to Sean, the West Ham players were given Monday and Tuesday off, but they then returned to training on Wednesday (which is usually their day off) and then trained again on Thursday. However, according to the Hammers independet website, Sam Allardyce did miss Wednesday’s training session unlike his players, allegedly clearing his soon to be vacated flat.


  • HD_07

    That’s good news.

  • jimbobnufc

    1.2 million per place , carvers cost us somewhere in the region of 10 million upto now in premier place money

  • HD_07

    jimbobnufc could cost more if the club is relegated.

  • SGM

    Porter Pap

  • Glenn Dev

    No he hasn’t cost us a penny Ashley pards cost us this Carver was left with a mess and no experience to get us out of it he should y of been given the job but he would of been stupid to turn it down

  • Demented_Man

    If they turn up at all, with a vague hope of winning, they’ll still be too good for our shower.

  • Glenn Dev

    Too true the Hammers can send out their U16 team and brush our lot aside with ease! Got to be the first time since I was born ive wanted Manure to win a match

  • Bishbosh11

    Pick 11 West Ham fans from the away end 5 minutes before kick off, give them a shirt each and they’d still beat our best 11.

  • Glenn Dev

    Yes that’s spot on and that’s any 11 Hanmers fans each & everyone would play with commitment passion and effort unlike most of our dross

  • TonnekToon

    Not training all week , Isn’t that just what our lot have been doing since January ?

  • Glenn Dev

    Maybe the odd training session inbetween kick off & full time during Matchday not much training just a bit

  • westhamwag

    Glenn Dev Have you seen WH’s results lately?  If we hadn’t have had such a good start we would have been relegated – fact.  I still reckon you will win the game even though it would be nice to reach 50 points.  Good luck wherever you end up

  • Glenn Dev

    I don’t like big Sam but regards the Hammers & their fans I’ve had great days at your place and the surrounding pubs usually after WH have won against us but whatever the result a great day and amazing fans glad your team are safe and hope we stay up too :-)

  • TonnekToon

    Glenn Dev It all just gets in the way of J.C.’s  Golfing sessions doesn’t  it .

  • westhamwag

    Glenn Dev I think you will be fine – Hull have to win.  As for us really can’t see us scoring unless it’s a flukey og.  Don’t know where they said that we haven’t trained all week as they showed Cresswell scoring in training on Wednesday.  Sam did give them a couple of days off at the beginning of the week though.