Who do you think should be in the Newcastle team v West Ham?

Whilst injuries has been a dominant subject this season, on Sunday surely there can’t be any excuses.

The Hammers have got their own problems with shocking form of only 2 wins in 16 as well as their own players out injured, including Andy Carroll

Williamson is now free from suspension and John Carver has pretty much all of his squad available now, though Siem de jong may only be fit enough for the bench.

The only confirmed absentees appear to be Massadio Haidara, Steven Taylor, Jak Alnwick, Cheick Tiote and Rob Elliot.

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I predict the line-up and formation below.


newcastle team v west ham

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  • Neza9

    NUFCTheMag best line up that could play. Hope he does go for Abeid over Taylor

  • johnyg14

    NUFCTheMag great apart from Williamson!

  • GallowgatePete

    NUFCTheMag no chance, JC or brave enough, itll be Taylor instead of Abeid and Sammy instead of Aarons

  • TheBoneYard

    Aarons and Cisse from kick off ? would be good to see but I doubt it, prob more likely Cabella and Riviere……..Abeid I hope so but prob player Taylor again…………and oh no its Williamson ! play Dummet central and Jonas at right…….anything but Williamson, even Anita, just not Williamson……..the sinking feeling just sinks deeper……..Playing Williamson is like giving the opposition a 1 goal start. Even 10 men would be better…..Williamson….no….no……no…..no…..no……no…..no…..no…..NOOOOOOOOOOO

  • _Paul_1988_

    NUFCTheMag Williamson not banned?

  • hirst_peter

    NUFCTheMag let’s hope that’s the team to start cos I think we could do ok with that side.

  • craigwelsh1981

    NUFCTheMag now i would be confident with this tram oot. But its carver..so don’t expect it to happen #nufc

  • alanroy1763

    NUFCTheMag he doesn’t have the balls to play that side! Jonas and Raylor will defo start !

  • CoconutMushroo1

    NUFCTheMag I’d be happy with that starting XI. Not sure if #CluelessCarver will agree mind. Not defensive & slow enough for him, #nufc

  • mitchcolin

    johnyg14 NUFCTheMag Williamson wont care if we go down, he will be out anyway…hopefully #muppet #clown

  • tino o

    This should be the team but it won’t just like pardew carver will set up for a draw even though we can’t defend. I would like to know how Taylor and cabella warrant a starting place for us Taylor can’t live on his goal against the mackems forever he has very limited talent. Cabella has lots of tricks but doesn’t go past anyone and ends up beating himself no end product too lightweight easy to defend against.

  • GToon

    The team looks ok but Carver invariably picks a team with one eye on going a goal down. He will take more notice of who he has on the subs bench rather than who starts and the chance we might score first and not have to equalize in the last few minutes. I not sure if that is negative or what.

  • GToon

    I’d have Taylor on the bench and bring him on if we are having to punt it into the box in the closing stages. Same with Sammy if we need width and crosses late on.

  • GToon

    I not sure if he trusts Abeid even though he did really well v LFC.

  • GToon

    Suppose that’s on the off chance that West Ham play the long ball! Not that he wins any headers though!!

  • tino o

    I do think if the team above was picked it wouldn’t come to that but carver will pick a team to invite wham on to us and the chances are we have to come from behind. We are rubbish but they are as bad should be looking and setting up for nothing but a win

  • SunilMarkSingh

    tino o I agree. I wouldnt think it would be such a bad idea to just keep it tight at the back for the first 45. Don’t commit to many men forward so we can’t be hit on the break. 

    Try and nick something if we can for the first half. Go into half time knowing that whatever happens in the hull game we can give it a go, whatever the hull score – The players owe the fans so lets see if they can step up. 

    I think trying to come out and play gung ho football with an aim to score more than WH will be suicide in the first half personally. We have tried to play teams and the confidence is damanged. Just keep it simple and then push on second half. 

    Agree with Cabella as well. Disappointed with him. He seems to try and dazzle players but dazzles himself. He is quick, probably got decent balance – I don’t know why he just doesn’t breeze past players. No need for skills. Was the same for sammy and Obertan – They are quick but they always feel the need to impress.

  • SunilMarkSingh

    @mitchcolin johnyg14 NUFCTheMag He won’t get any where near his wage demands elsewhere. He probably wants us to go down so he can stick about!

  • SunilMarkSingh

    GToon Abeid has to start IMO. He is combative and gets stuck in. Bit rash but he will unsettle the WH midfield a lot more than Raylor or Anita. 

    I am hoping it’s not too soon for Aarons. Just come back from Injury and coming into a less than confident team will show what he is about. I would love to see him and Perez link up though. Think that would work really well. 

    Please no Sammy.

  • Andgeo

    Id take that lineup Sam but personally I would prefer to see jonas at LB and dummet in the centre just to keep the total plonker Williamson out of the team. Sadly though I would be amazed if abeid is in the starting line up even though he is arguably our best CM. I predict the imbecile Cardew will pick Taylor or jonas ahead of abeid which will be a big mistake.

  • Andgeo

    Neither Taylor or Sammi should be anywhere near the pitch on Saturday. Both players are leaving the club in the summer and for that reason are unlikely to give 100%. Jonas would give it a go though!!

  • Seventy2
  • Andgeo

    Rubbish. We need to go at them from the first minute to the last. We have 90 mins to save fat [email protected] £70m!!! Wonder how much they’ve each been offered for a win???

  • Andgeo

    I agree with you totally, there is absolutely no point in playing Williamson. I’d start ant or dec ahead of him. No Williamson, no Taylor, no gouffran, no obertan and no rivière please!!

  • SGM

    Sam, have you ever got one of your predictions right?.

  • Garyorr12

    GallowgatePete NUFCTheMag no not Taylor he’s not a midfielder and sammy is like a headless chicken

  • Garyorr12

    NUFCTheMag if that’s right, which I hope. It should be enough.

  • venison_barry

    mitchcolin johnyg14 NUFCTheMag Williamson is shite but puts in more effort than colo, sissoko, etc combined

  • alreet

    Start cisse please. He is the one player who has got the goals to stop us from going down already.
    Even if we get a first half out of him with perez. Switch it up at HT and get abeid on and push aarons and cabella up with sissoko. Or get de jong to save the season.
    Dont think that we should hold on in the first 20 mins. Thats when you need to get your early goal.

  • johnyg14

    venison_barry mitchcolin NUFCTheMag I agree mate but he’s the modern day bramble! Every error is a goal!

  • cwtoon88

    Drop Dummett and play Anita at LB he is far superior there

  • johnyg14

    mitchcolin NUFCTheMag along with another 20 from the top down over! Fingers crossed. We need some pride and heart back owners and players

  • venison_barry

    johnyg14 mitchcolin NUFCTheMag I think he is shite and always has been mate BUT I can’t fault his effort unlike colo, sissoko

  • Gordonthetoony

    I’d go for that team then have De Jong on standby.