News emerged on Tuesday night that Police had raided Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct HQ in connection with two takeovers at Rangers.

The ongoing two year inquiry had initially centred on Craig Whyte but now it is understood to have spread to looking at all of Rangers’ activity since the club was sold by David Murray in 2011.

Staff at the Sports Direct HQ in Shirebrook were shocked at the sudden appearance of the investigating team from Scotland.

The Daily Record reporting one worker:

 “I noticed a couple of regular bobbies walking around but I didn’t think too much of it, but when I tried to step outside the building at around 11am, I was told I couldn’t leave until a full search of the premises had been carried out.

“One detective said we could go into the canteen while the search was ongoing but people wanted to know what was happening so we stayed there. At one point, the detective asked if any of those in reception was David Forsey (Sports Direct Chief Executive) but when we said he wasn’t there, he said we were all free to go.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed that officers had indeed searched a property in Derbyshire but wouldn’t comment further.

Craig Whyte bought Rangers from Murray for a nominal £1 in 2011 but the club quickly entered administration in February 2012 and subsequently liquidation in July 2012.

A consortium led by Charles Green then stepped in to buy Rangers, with it later revealed that Mike Ashley was one of the major figures in that consortium and currently owns just under 9% of the club.

  • bill black

    We may well be getting rid of Ashley in the near future as his game is unfolding as someone unfit to own a football club and instead of wasting time with the likes of the Pardew out or having ago at those still at the club THE CORE PROBLEM MAY BE BEING ADDRESS. I think IF we may have our club back soon we would do best by backing the team and manager we have at this moment for the next 3 games.

  • A lex

    Ashleys House of Cards is being blown at from many directions : Scotland, parliament, tv exposes, general media and, of course, us.
    For a man who detests being in the public domain, he will hate all this.
    We should keep up our share of pressure on this dispicable man.

  • Bishbosh11

    Good news (I hope!) If he is found to have dealt in an illegal manner over this, will the FA insist he removes himself from our club? I doubt it, but we live in hope!

  • Deltic13

    Vile despicable parasitic crook. hope he’s caught.

  • bill black

    A lex  I agree but now all areas are covered to bring him to justice, I think it is best to get behind the team. While still keeping up the great Ashley work against HIM, As if he does go in the short/ med term we will be better off with the new owner getting the tv money to get us to stay at the level where at and unlike under Ashley OUR CLUB  may move forward

  • bill black Don’t get carried away just remember what this guy said …….. “Now this is not the end. It is not
    even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the

  • bill black

    devonbay bill black You have a point but we did not kill the P.O.Ws (and the players at this moment in time are trapped) and where good at wars but not at sorting out the mess afterwards

  • Morpeth mag

    Couldn’t agree more, this will hurt him, take no notice of collocini letter, I don’t believe it is him anyway, keep the pressure up,,,,

  • PeterRobson

    I wouldn´t be surprised if the poor workers at Shirebrook  were docked pay for standing around !!!

    Or did they get more strikes for failing to reach targets ?

    At long last someone somewhere is taking a long hard look at Ashleys empire !!!

  • prestondave

    Going down,going down ,going down. Hee Hee

  • ilullissat

    Deltic13 Why does he make enemies when he’s got so much money.He could have had so many friends at Newcastle but I think it’s a disease of the mind.He can’t be a full shilling

  • A lex

    ilullissat  Deltic13 Makes me think – how many full shillings are there in £3.5bn?

  • wearethenorth

    I would love it just love it if this parasitc vile excuse for a human being was found guilty of fraud,  It would contravene the fit and proper persons test, either that or pray his helicopter crashes.