We need a win; it is as simple as that.

Young and old, big and small, rich and poor, negative and positive: this coming Sunday, Newcastle United needs you.

We are all suffering, sick, fed up and disgusted by the way Newcastle United has been dragged through the mud by our owner.

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Sometimes, I have found myself at games this season wanting to see us lose, concede far more goals.

Sitting in the away end at Leicester, I was almost urging them to score more, hoping that it would spark some sort of reaction from the club. However, relegation would be a disaster, the worst possible result for Newcastle United and I fear that there would be no way back.

The only ones who would suffer from relegation would be us, the fans.

I believe that this Sunday is the biggest game in the history of the football club; the result will be a starting point for all of the years to come at the club.

We know that on its day St James Park can be a fortress, the greatest stadium in the world. Thanks to the club, the abject performances of the team, Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley and John Carver, this season, and especially 2015, has destroyed all love, all hope, and all noise from our support. Home and Away.

I would urge all fans to forget about that for 90 minutes on Sunday, we need to win; we need to turn up and create the best possible atmosphere. For 90 minutes only. Be the 12th man.

For those of you still deciding whether to go or not, whether to watch it in the pub, on the television, or not at all. Please go to the game.

The players may not necessarily need you, John Carver may not need you, and we all know Mike Ashley doesn’t need you, but our club, Newcastle United, needs our support now more than it ever has done before. Otherwise, I fear that relegation to the championship this season, of all seasons, could be the beginning of the end for our once great club.

Let’s leave the negativity for 90 minutes and do our best to roar the lads on. After that, win or lose, we can do what we want.

Howay the lads.

On a side note, I fully back Sunday’s post-game sit-in protest. As supporters we have very little control over anything, let’s take control of this situation, live on sky, and for once, bring some meaningful change to our football club.

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  • Milo79

    I don’t believe it makes any difference to these players who turns up to support them. And what are we supporting in any case, Mike Ashley’s investment?

  • Ron Knee

    If we manage to stay up, it will be more of the same next season.

  • How much did Ashley pay you to write this  ?

  • jimblag

    Newcastle are so infuriating to support that i’ve gone mad and am writing my flipping dissertation on it!
    If anyone has anything that could help me out, regarding articles or books that could possibly help direct me, or if you think i’m chatting a load of rubbish please feel free to let me know. Real Newcastle fans opinions are very, very welcome at this point.
    Sorry to clog up the site with such self serving behaviour, this is my essay proposal (forgive my writing, this is why i’m studying Fine Art, don’t ask how you can get away with writing this for a fine art degree!)…..

    In an increasingly capitalist
    society, can the entertainment industry continue to maintain a balance between
    corporate interest and genuine entertainment for the masses?

    I am drawn to this area of investigation for two main
    reasons, firstly my lifelong association and support of Newcastle United F.C.
    and my increasing curiosity into the capitalist system that dominates almost
    every avenue of modern life.
    It is particularly pertinent at the moment as there has
    been an increase in scrutiny, even within the mainstream media, such is the
    irresponsible and contemptible way, in which Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle
    United and the leading sports retail company Sports Direct, runs his business’ and
    treats his employees and customers.
    In an article on long running NUFC fansite themag.co.uk,
    100 year old fan Reverend Jim Errington claims that this season (2014-2015) is
    the most disappointing of all the seasons he’s seen: “We have lost the
    passion, the pride that playing for Newcastle and playing in the North East
    meant.” (themag.co.uk, 2015).
    This view point is not in isolation, it is the
    overwhelming consensus from the Newcastle fans. How can this be true? The club
    has been relegated numerous times, dropped down the divisions, lost and sold
    off its best players many times over the course of the clubs 123 year history.
    So for a man who has followed the club for 87 years, how can Errington describe
    a year in the Premier League as the worst ever?
    As he implied, it is the loss of passion and desire.
    Newcastle is a one club city. Manchester have United and City, Liverpool have
    Everton & Liverpool, London and the Midlands have numerous clubs. So up
    north in that geographically isolated, predominately working class area in the
    North-East of England we have a city where the football club is the main focus,
    a reason to be proud; the city of Newcastle being represented at a national and
    international level.
    Newcastle have the third biggest club stadium in England
    and according to The Deloitte
    Football Money League they are the 19th richest club in
    the world, but this apparent wealth is not reflected in the investment into the
    playing staff. Profit and the balance sheets seem the only point of focus. Gate
    receipts are way down on the list of priorities, due to the stratospheric
    levels of domestic and international broadcasting right payments. This creates
    a system where the local people who are the life-blood of the club do not have
    to be taken into consideration and the club do not have to represent their
    views or wishes. The only focus is on staying in the top division and
    continuing to receive the Holy Grail that is the T.V. money. Quality,
    entertainment and ambition seemingly not even a mere after thought, 17th place
    at the end of the year is seen as a success as the club receive the estimated
    £81 million pounds in T.V money.
    In an article for The Guardian newspaper, Jonathan
    Freedland discusses the model of Premier League football club ownership in
    comparison to sports club ownership in the United States. He claims that
    American investors are enticed into buying into the English Premiere League
    because they are able to keep all of the profits, whereas in the US they must
    share them. American sport is governed by socialist rules that mean they could
    not get away with this type of profiteering at home. He describes English
    football as ‘rampantly capitalist’ (Freedland, 2015). Journalist David Conn
    suggests that English football represents the state of affairs in a wider sense;
    “As ever, the national game reflects the nations times” (Conn, 2015). He
    believes it to be evidence of Britain’s capitalist stranglehold and
    commodification of all areas of modern life.
    Speaking to the Financial Times, Michel Platini,
    President of UEFA, European footballs governing body backs up this wider
    perspective. Describing the takeover of English football clubs is part of the
    “liberalisme” that governs corporate activity in the U.K.
    Platini outlines how continental Europe’s grand clubs
    such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus and AC Milan are owned and controlled
    by elite families and supporter associations, keeping the clubs history and integrity
    as a fundamental prerequisite of the clubs existence, foreign or overtly
    corporate ownership is not countenanced.
    He goes on to add “…Chelsea, Arsenal or West Ham,
    they are part of the patrimony of England. They are part of the English
    heritage. It is not just a problem of football, it is a problem of society, of
    the government and the minister of sport.” (ft.com 2007)

    My focus will be in this area, an investigation into the
    sustainability of such capitalist ideologies in relation and against the
    collective will and desires of the people who these products are supposedly
    for, can this model be sustained? What happens if it cannot be? What are the
    proposed alternatives?
    Mike Ashley was called into Parliament to defend his
    running of the business, but due to incredibly relaxed regulatory policies
    within the world of finance, he was able to take advantage of loop-holes and
    not attend. I will look into how companies and governments support their own
    capitalist interests through the use of such loop-holes and bending of the
    I will look into the proposed Transatlantic Trade and
    Investment Partnership between the E.U. and the United States, this being a,
    rather covert, undemocratic handing of power to corporations. One in which
    corporations could sue governments if the government’s policy intrudes on the
    business’ ability to make profit. I will look further into current and proposed
    financial deregulation that enables companies to take a stronger, vice-like
    grip on institutions that formerly or supposedly exist as a service to the
    people, such as the NHS or escapism through such entertainment industries as

  • michaelhodg67

    they deserve to be relegated and i hope they do a hope fcb misses out on the new tv wind fall the cretinous parasite if we do manage to stay up we will be gone next season so why prolong the inevitable

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Biggest day since the last relegation? Or the narrowly avoided one in 12/13? He and they don’t listen to us nor care about us and have proven it. Anyone going therefore should make themselves heard against the regime instead of cheering on Ashleys failed plan.

  • Sickandtiredstill
  • prestondave

    Must admit Im fed up with articles like this telling the fans to turn up and support the team/club/players and whatever else. Do you not think that hasnt already been tried by the fools who keep turning up week after week to do exactly that.? And the outcome is.? On the verge of a well deserved relegation. Even if they win and stay up are you then going to jump for joy at the prospect of the same crap and probably worse next year.? FFS get a grip all of you “fans” who despite the blindingly obvious lack of everything needed at our club still cling onto this pathetic blind faith that things will improve if we stay up. IT WONT.!!!!!!! It does not matter what the fans do or dont do on the final day, the team, the manager and the owner are crap. End of. The fans are not to blame for where we are now. That is 100% the fault of the club, the team and the owner. Stop deluding yourselves it will get better because it wont unless the FCB has a complete change of heart on how he wants to run this club we are doomed whether we stay up or not. Me personally, I cannot take anymore of being in the Prem and having to swallow the lies, deceit ,crap performances, crap coaching and total lack of ambition. Where is your pride.? A drop down to the lower divisions seems a much better option than more of what we have been served for the past few years. Anyway Im off to buy a new keyboard as this ones keys have been smashed in in anger. If you want my opinion boycott the game but stand outside and protest before during and after the game with as many anti- FCB banners as you can muster.

  • Brian Standen

    Absolutely right, this is not about Ashley, we can let the watching world know at full time our despising of him, but relegation is not the answer, the spineless excuses for players need our support for 90 minutes! Relegation could be terminal, we have no Nolans, Bartons, Harpers or Smiths capable of bringing us straight back! As for comments that a drop down to the lower divisors would be better……really? Go and speak to any Leeds fan!

  • prestondave

    Brian Standen ok then Brian, shall we just put up with more of this for years to come. How long will you and others keep going. ? This is about Ashley and how he runs the club. And thats why we are in the position we are now in. Dont agree with your comments at all and as Im exactly the opposite in my thoughts to you then this club will never be put right until 1) We all boycott or 2) We all decide we can put up with more of the turgid displays as seen by the nation for the past few years.

  • Demented_Man

    I ask this question once again for what seems the umpteenth time: on what do you base your claim that support would lead to safety and lack of support would lead to relegation?
    Is there any evidence this season of a correlation between success on the pitch and fervour off it?

  • SamBrown3

    devonbay Click the link to his twitter page at the bottom of the article!!! His having a Cuddle with FAT ASH!!!

  • Chemical Dave

    I understand people not wanting the humiliation of relegation but can someone tell me how its worse than the humiliation of staying up ?

  • SamBrown3

    The Link at the bottom of his article shows him cuddling Fat Mike!

  • Brian Standen

    We are all entitled to a view, and believe me I hate Ashley as much as anyone on here, and I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with me, I also respect people who go or don’t go, and won’t ever slate anyone whose opinion differs! That said relegation in my eyes would be too much to recover from! Look at Leeds, and their owners, equals to Ashely and with more chance of going down next season than going up!
    You are right, what does it take? Unless we are all in unison then a problem will always exist, but in my eyes the ashleyout.com group are doing excellent sensible work and slowly but surely gaining support and also getting good media publicity
    What better time than in the summer for plans to be made to intensify the campaign, but the championship where less coverage is given would soon see national interest in us wane.
    We need to be in the premier league to ensure our ongoing feelings are well aired

  • vin1892


  • DavidDrape

    SamBrown3 Sam you are correct and this was a pic of him and FCB after an invite by a friend into the directors box at a game in london in Nov. My line of thinking re this horrible mess is along the lines of prestondave.  Trust me when i say he has no connection with FCB other than a photo. Jonathan’s dad. i myself hope we go down because out club needs to die to be reborn again with a new model (based on the bundesliga) and i myself have previously accused many of my fellow fans of not caring enough about our once great club, however, i know deep down our club will never be the same with this muppet as owner. I also like many  after have had many fall outs with fellow toon fans at away games i have no choice to respect their opinions even tho i wholeheartedly disagree with attending and supporting this leach. I have also put my neck on the line with my fellow celtic supporting friends and have backed rangers fans from day one to be kicked out of scotland & football altogether

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    The Fans will turn up I doubt the Team will

  • grahame49

    I’ve been to most home games in 6 seasons and I like all who have get blamed by people at the club for been to noisey, quiet etc no doubt the blame game will be played sunday

  • fireflyuk

    How can any NUFC fan be proud to be seen with Ashley??? This guy has no credibility in my eyes. As for the 12th man thing, the fans are one man, where are the other 11?

  • Conman

    does it really matter if we turn up or not.  it hasn’t helped for the last three months has it.

    don’t forget that our current players also will be off to new teams soon, so are thy bothered, really.  And don’t mention their professionalism, they have shown very little so far.

  • fireflyuk

    Brian Standen Leeds. FFS!

  • SamBrown3

    DavidDrape SamBrown3 
    Its all well and good having a photo taken, but to then put it up as a profile pic? I would do neither, but i think the fact the photo has been placed as a profile picture shows a kind of support for Ashley. Unlike Rangers we are not able to organise ourselves properly, too many fans take the softly softly approach and a 20%-50% approach where you have half the fans still turning up, still buying shirts, simply will not work Anyone who wants Ashley, Charnley, Carver, Sammy Ameobi, Gouf and the many others that are either simply not good enough or dont give a flying F should probably to Palace and support pardew, your get pretty much the same over the next few years The rest of us NUFC fans should start actually doing something instead of reading about it! there should be no holding back! this is business, Ashley wouldnt hold back so why should we!

  • toonfifer

    I’ve thought long and hard before posting on this article, I WILL be at the match on Sunday and as always will do a 280 mile round trip to get there, I will stand for 90 minutes and shout my old, bald head off from the back of the Strawberry Corner. There’s a good chance I will end up fighting with the Ashley loving apologists who sit in front of me and complain when I have a go at him and Carve up (you know who you are if you read this)

    I fully understand those of you who don’t go and voice your protests in the pub or outside the ground, I think Sunday is a day to stop letting the FCB beat us, he has done the classic “divide and conquer” and our support is totally fragmented.

    Please remember This was OUR club before Ashley

                                It will be OUR club on Sunday

                                  It will be OUR club long after FCB leaves us

    The big fear is that he will do to us what he has done before in business and asset strip us to the bones and then crush the business. He could sell ALL our saleable assets including those few who we would want to keep. If we go down we could have a team next season that will do a Wigan or Blackpool. FCB could raise £100 million by selling every player with a value and leave us with a team of

                                  Streete     S Taylor         Lascelles               Dummett

                                  Roberts      Bigirimana     Kemen         Ameobi

                                                       Vucic        Armstrong

    Everyone else would be gone and the bench would all be under 21’s

    PLEASE turn up on Sunday and keep us in the PL because the alternative will be too much for us to recover from.

    10,000 PROPER GEORDIE FANS like Leicester 1992 can keep us up and shame the shower of shi*e that sit silently and watch us die. Then we invade the pitch, dig it up, refuse to leave and protest like never before, all on SKY for the world to see.

    If you don’t go will anyone notice as we meekly slide into the Championship, TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SamBrown3 devonbay Looks  like one of the muppets who raised the Pardew supporting banner ‘Risen from the Dead’

  • DavidDrape

    SamBrown3 DavidDrape Kids will be kids

  • prestondave

    toonfifer and therein lies the problem. We are not together. Sky are there so everyone will notice an empty stadium and everyone will see the demonstrations and will know why we are kicking off if they dont already know. What constitutes being a proper fan.? Is it the militant type like me who wants to protest in the strongest possible way and would dearly love us to go down however far to be rid of FCB or is a proper fan the one who sits and watches constant drivel and says nothing but knows he will be back next week for some more and is prepared to swallow the nonsense spouted ny total out of depth underachievers.

  • A lex

    They’ll notice if we leave the ground without a single SD advert standing.

  • dannymc21

    1957 I won’t be there as I gave up my season ticket 6 years cos I was disgusted then!
    I agree with the above article but still won’t be there myself.
    You ask “Why does it always come back to the supporters”. That’s easy, because the supporters are the only ones that give a fcuk.
    The owners, players and management will all move on because they don’t have our connection with NUFC.

  • Hughie

    Yes turn up and roar them on so they (Carver etc ) can’t use crowd negativity as an excuse when they lose!!

  • DZA187

    Go to the game and Riot, if we go down. I be running after JC to run him out of town. He should of stood down 8 games back, as he is clueless.

  • BillytheFish

    I will be making the near 600 mile round trip from London, as will many other London Mags who have stayed away in recent times, not because I wish to support this shower of a club, but because I am a Geordie and want to be with, and support my kin on Sunday whatever happens…….

  • wearethenorth

    a side note, I fully back Sunday’s post-game sit-in protest. As
    supporters we have very little control over anything, let’s take control
    of this situation, live on sky, and for once, bring some meaningful
    change to our football club.”
    what meaningful change are you referring to? , last day of the season and the sky cameras wont hang around for a sit in… if it descends into violence and criminal damage we will be castigated as fans again.The meaningful change is occuring now, bitterness and resentment replacing love and pride.
    We will only be important to mike ashley as fans (customers) when we are not there.
    As has been said by carver no less, dont gee the players up too much in case they go for it and concede, dont boo lord no, leaving… polite applause because god forbid you try to take a printed a4 bit of paper into the ground.
    remember this :

    “It’s the noise, the passion, the feeling of belonging”
    singing section disbanded, ambition reduced to survival and the last sadly is the bitterest pill to swallow.

  • Mal44

    Brian, I think you and Prestondave highlight the problems most of us have. We all want massive change in how the club is run. I doubt we will get rid of the owner but a MD who had some idea how to run a club, a new coaching set up and serious investment in the squad would make a lot of difference. Unfortunately many of us feel that if we do stay up we will be subjected to a turgid 12 months with Charnley still in charge and Carver and Stone still coaching the team. If we went down perhaps Ashley would see the light and have a clear out at the top or, even better, sell and move on. The words rock and a hard place spring to mind.

  • NottsToon

    Personally I find all these pieces by “fans” , the club and its minions attempting to allocate responsibility on the fans to turn up and show their support quite offensive. The crimes of the club have been catalogued ad infinitum, and yet still the fans have a responsibility. Unbelievable really…..

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    “The only ones who would suffer from relegation would be us, the fans”……….I disagree and would counter that by saying that the only one to benefit from staying up is Mike Ashley. What have we got to look forward to next season if we stay up?

  • fireflyuk

    toonfifer Why do you think us being there will make any difference to the result? What are you basing this on?

  • mactoon

    I agree with the sentiment. If you have a season ticket go and show what the toon fans can do, roar on the team during the 90 minutes as it DOES help the team. Regardless of the result, at the full time whistle just chant ASHLEY OUT and DONT stop til they throw you out.

  • toonfifer

    I think we have some committed players in Janmaat, Willo, Dummett, Perez, Colback and Abeid if he plays. A full on Geordie Roar would lift them and wouldn’t do the other wasters any harm. We need to stay in the PL it’s as simple as that, relegation would be an absolute disaster as I mentioned because FCB could totally destroy us.
    I absolutely back anyone who can’t stomach it and it will be no fun but we’ve had crap times before and it was us the fans who lifted the players and got us results no one thought we would get.
    Let’s get in the ground get the result and then protest from within like a Trojan Horse, rip the pitch up, tear down the SD signs and burn them on National TV

  • Brian Standen

    You are absolutely right, fair point indeed, hope Prestondave agrees also

  • fromtheheed

    Top game on Sky. Go down to the seaside or walk the dog to the pub. Talk to the missus, na that’s gannin a bit too far. An empty stadium should spur these cretins into performinging as most will be with us next season, and I don’t think they’ll relish that. It will also send a message to the BFC that we are not prepared to suffer this season after season.
    Sports Direct will be shown up for everything that Ashley stands for when an empty stadium is broadcast worldwide. Show the world how much we care for our club.

  • v0ices

    fromtheheed he will be delighted that sky is showing them as the top game all that free tv time for sh!t direct, luverly jubly, people attending cheering the team on just says support ashley support SD. muppets anyone who attends.

  • GToon

    I agree.because relegation won’t bother the FCB. He will just cut his cloth accordingly, making reductions in everything to ensure the club still make a profit each year. Just like a shop. If we go up or stay up he will merely trade in slightly more expensive players/items. By the way, how many purple players have we got these days? Just wondering.

  • fireflyuk

    toonfifer If they can’t raise their game for a match like this then nothing the fans will do will make a difference. As for not having the stomach for it, does that suggest you’re some kind of brave hero for going? Not in my book. I won’t go because my pride won’t let me, I will not return until there are massive changes. 

    For the record I think we will stay up, however that probably isn’t a good thing long term. We will be back in this position this time next year and it will probably be the fans fault according to the club and people like you. You do your thing and go but don’t try and sell yourself as a superior fan and don’t kid yourself in to thinking that you make a difference, look at the results over the last two years, you don’t. 

    Also weve seen how committed Willo is, hope he enjoyed his holiday.

  • GToon

    If us fans make such a difference why do we never win anything? I know the answer for the current bunch but how about the 48 years I’ve supported them.

  • alreet

    If the sack of w**k doesnt start cisse or aarons or both we may as well call it a day.
    We have to have an attacking lineup please john. No more riviere. No more guti for now.
    Cisse and perez up.
    Cabella and aarons on the wings.
    Sissoko and colback in the middle
    Janmaat right anita or taylor left then dummy and colo.
    if the line up has riviere anywhere near it we are toast.

  • DavidDrape

    wearethenorth spot on and exactly why ashley was crapping himself at the start of the season when we played the PL champs and kids could get in a for a fiver because thousands had given up their season books. strange how once he knew the fans were back kids tickets were not reduced again to five quid until January…great fact we are only important when we are not there!

  • Brownale69

    50k clapping the players as they parade around the ground after the game?
    I give up

  • Hughie

    Brownale69 Or the opportunity for 50,000 to boo the lot of them when they put in yet another pathetic performance and get stuffed 3-0!!!

  • gtwhitefever

    No a thousand times no … Let it die

  • Jarra MIck

    Jonathan I understand your sentiments but you talk about it being a potential starting point. There will be no starting point if we stay up Ashley will think job done and move onto next season with the same old empty promises for the criminally gullible. It could only change if we go down, why would fatty change anything if we stay up, he would consider this another financially successful season. I don’t want us to go down but I think it might be our only chance of getting rid of Ashley.

  • Jarra MIck

    Conman you’re right the fans especially the ones who are left, the super fans, don’t seem to make any difference to the performance on the pitch. The only difference it might make is to the ref, that’s why being at home is an advantage not because it lifts our bunch of no marks but because he might be swayed by the deafening tutting and eye rolling.