The girlfriend of Adam Campbell has revealed that the striker found out he was officially being dumped through a message on Twitter.

Rosie Moorhouse says that her boyfriend had not been told officially he wasn’t getting his contract renewed, instead finding out when the club published a statement on Friday night which appeared on Twitter as well as teh club website.

Rosie used the same medium to put up the following message:

“Adam has never been told this officially, nice to find out through Twitter. #disrespect”

The 20 year old striker may have known the writing was on the wall but it is incomprehensible why a football club would act with such a lack of class and common decency.

It all sounds exactly like the way Mike Ashley treats 90% of his Sports Direct staff.

You sometimes see people claiming that while Ashley may be a despicable owner of NUFC, there are still allegedly a lot of good people working at the club.

I don’t buy that.

I obviously don’t mean those doing normal jobs such as working in the ticket office or club shop, rather those who are in any position of authority.

Why didn’t Lee Charnley or one of the other Mike Ashley minions pick up the phone and say ‘Thanks Adam but time to move on etc etc’’?

I think the Ashley poison has spread right through the club and pretty much all of the decent people have either been sacked or jumped ship.

Sadly, not many are brave enough, or able, to do what Jonas Gutierrez has done and slaughtered Mike Ashley for the way he behaves.

Ironic that the club wants to keep on putting this message out that they want to build the future on local lads, giving them a chance and Newcastle United being the very best club they could go to.

Then they treat a Geordie and Newcastle fan through and through like this, 20 year old Adam Campbell is from North Shields and has the proverbial black and white blood flowing through his body.

Which Tyneside parents who are considering advising the stars of the future which club to choose, can hand on heart say Newcastle United is the right one for them, when they treat local lads like this?

On the last day of the season Adam Campbell wasn’t involved in the matchday 18 against West Ham but at the final whistle showed just how much of a black and whiter he is:

“GET THE F*** IN couldn’t be more worthy of a goalscorer @elgalgojonas”

Honestly, our club is rotten to the core, the need has never been greater to cleanse the club from top to bottom…which has to start at the very top.

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  • Big_Bad_Bob_

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats Its crap, but pretty sure MA doesn’t run the Twitter account. The club is full of numpties.

  • Kevin Halliday

    This writer, Jim Robertson, becoming a favourite of mine. Writes clearly, intelligently, concisely and with a wicked sense of humour. Really good article. This club is both shameful AND shameless.

  • StephenBowers

    I think this young lady may be bitter.
    I know the club and its owner have a reputation for “lacking class” but I don’t believe any employer uses a Twitter account to notify staff on employment matters.

  • Not being funny but surely the lad must have known for a while that he wasn’t going to get another deal?? Did he really expect to go on loan to Gateshead and Hartlepool and struggle to get games and end up with a contract renewal? Sad to see any local lad released especially one where there has been quite a lot of hype and high hopes for them but the sad fact is at any club very few make it and are good enough.

    Not saying our youth policy is perfect and some may argue the likes of Campbell and Streete etc have not been given proper chances but from what I have seen of him I would never expect to see him leading the line for us in the Premier League which surely ultimately is what the offer of a new deal is judged on?

  • Roppa

    The Club is soul-less & unprofessional, it is run purely as a business. The players are simply assets, and they are treated as such – ref the treatment of Jonas when he was diagnosed with cancer, and Campbell. 

    The whole ethos of an organisation reflects the top management – in this case Ashley – everything that goes on within the Club is a manifestation of the owner’s principles. Dignity, compassion, respect & gratitude have no part to play in the World of Mike Ashley. 

    Yet somehow, Charnley & Carver remain secure & comfortable in the employment of Ashley, despite their gross incompetence! They are ‘yes men’ only, and unlike Jonas, they have no self respect, dignity or the courage to speak out for what is right. Whilst Ashley, Charnley & Carver are at the NUFC it will remain a callous, insensitive & heartless Club, we Geordies will never feel any pride in our Club until Ashley has gone!

  • magpie9

    Wish we could just twitter fatty & he would be gone

  • Chemical Dave

    Not being funny but did you actually read the article ? The author says he wouldn’t have been expecting a new deal, it was the way he found out man.

  • Chemical Dave wouldn’t believe everything some footballers girlfriend says to be honest, she is probably more bothered about his drop in wages. Anyway my point was this must hardly have come out of the blue for him no matter how he found out.

    Yes of course there are ways of doing things but I doubt he was planning to be here next year.

  • v0ices

    Roberts Grey Pants Chemical Dave at least shes not a proven low class liar.