Paul Merson is the latest to predict the outcome of the relegation struggle this weekend.

Every man and his dog have an opinion and earlier today we carried that of Paul Scholes, who came down on the side of Hull staying up.

Now the former Arsenal and Boro player has fallen just the other side of the fence, believing that Hull will beat Manchester United and Newcastle will defeat West Ham….but only just.

Merson thinks that Newcastle would fail to beat any other team apart from the Hammers.

Our poll this week showed that only 1% of the Newcastle fans who responded, believed that both Hull and West Ham would win this weekend. With supporters evenly spilt as to whether or not Newcastle would go down.

Paul Merson speaking to Sky Sports:

Hull v Man Utd

Some of the (Manchester) United players will be thinking ‘I don’t want to get injured here, I’m going on holiday on Monday!’ You don’t want to be sitting in a treatment room for three weeks being injured. Hull played well at Tottenham last week – if they play like that and keep the back door shut, I’ll think they will win and it’s then over to Newcastle. It’s going down to the wire.

Paul Merson’s prediction: 2-1

Newcastle v West Ham

There will be drama. I just don’t think Newcastle are a good team – at all. But this weekend all comes down to the fans. Newcastle’s fans are great but they have to stick with the team for 90 minutes – not just for 20 minutes.

If they get relegated it would be disaster. It’s so hard to get out of the Championship now.

I watched them last week at QPR and they should be safe now. They were 1-0 up at half-time and absolutely cruising. Then got battered second half. If you look at Fabricio Coloccini for the goal that Leroy Fer scored – he moved out of the way! You can’t do that. You’ve got to let it hit you in the face! Don’t you want to be playing in the Premier League next year?!

However, if you had to pick one team at home to get a result against, it would be West Ham, without a doubt. I would be backing Newcastle to go down if it was any team but West Ham.

The only thing is, Sam Allardyce is going back to Newcastle – he shouldn’t have got sacked there. Would he love to send them down? I’m going to say yes. Would Kevin Nolan want to send Newcastle down? I don’t think so.

The thing is, it’s OK Allardyce wanting to send them down but the players are the ones on the pitch.

There will be drama. It will be tight all the way but Newcastle will nick it with a late goal.

Paul Merson’s prediction: 2-1


  • mrkgw

    I hope that Merson is right and that we get the win that is so desperately needed. I wish that I could share this slither of optimism but I can only fear the worst at the moment.

  • Marklp

    If Aarons, de Jong and cisse are any where near fit they must play from the start. We need to hit west ham hard from the off, if we start well the team will grow in confidence but if carver starts with some of the usual dross, some of these players will disappear and it’s the championship next season for us. Ameobi, r Taylor and Anita need to be no where near SJP on Sunday.

  • Ron Knee

    Marklp We scored first against QPR and Swansea and still managed to lose!

  • Marklp

    That’s because for the last 2 years we have never played well for a full 90 mins, That has to change on Sunday as well. We will win on Sunday if the following three things happen:
    Carver actually players his best side from the off.
    The players put a professional shift in.
    If things start to go wrong nobody goes hiding.
    If these things happen, and they haven’t for the last 3 months, we will be safe.

  • Ron Knee

    Marklp But as you said earlier, he’ll probably stay with the usual dross.

  • nodnarb1

    We need to show some  pace some where, if not down the flanks ,  or threw he midfield , and all move as a unit , but I am not sure John Carver can get the team organised to do this, So where going to need a couple to step up and take charge and pull the others forward, Hopefully We need Aarons , Abeid , and Cissie playing