Patrick Vieira is due to meet NUFC representatives this week ahead of potentially becoming the next Newcastle Manager, according to reports.

The claims have come from Sky Sports, who claim that the Arsenal legend is being lined up for the job according to their sources.

Vieira turns 39 in June and is currently Football Development Executive at Manchester City, a role which sees him oversee aspects such as youth development, commercial partners and the club’s social responsibility programme – ‘City in the Community’.

However, that contract is set to end this summer with no new deal agreed as yet.

Sky report that Patrick Vieira has spent the past week finishing his UEFA Pro License down in Wales, a qualification seemingly ensuring there would be no problems on that front.

The former French international is also said to be keen to have a try at football management and put into practice his ideas.

An interesting candidate for the Newcastle job certainly and one that would/could be potentially a sign that there is some kind of change of direction within the club.

As a player, Vieira definitely wasn’t a player who held back, especially in confrontations with Roy Keane, so hard to see him allowing himself to be put in a position to be ‘played’ by Mike Ashley as Alan Pardew and John Carver have been.

Again though, coming from such a professionally run club as Manchester City with the best money can buy in every aspect of the club, what on earth would Patrick Vieira make of the budget jumble sale model that runs through the core of Newcastle United under Ashley?

Obviously moving from his current role to be a Premier League Manager/Head Coach would/could be seen as potentially a great opportunity to start a management career.

As with everything though a Newcastle United, we all know that the potential will always be there but will Mike Ashley ever allow it to become a reality. Either under him, or by selling up and taking his thousand Sports Direct advertising hoardings with him.

  • foggy

    Might aswell have a stepping stone manager to go with the stepping stone players at a stepping stone club backed up by the petrified forest of the three dinosaur coaches all led by a clueless muppet at the behest of a proven liar.

  • Conman

    No experience of managing a club and currently at a cushy number at Man city.
    Why would he put himself forward for a gig like this unless it is a step towards a bigger club.
    Oh dear. He we go again.

  • Or maybe its our first stepping stone to a better era! I hope so, so lets think positive. Its not often you get the peak player, the content manager, not now, its much about the money, so even under another chairman, the mercenary will still exist. I hear what your saying but who wants a good guy being ripped off!

  • Andgeo

    Can’t see someone with his footballing pedigree getting involved with Ashley and his puppets. There is no way he would answer to charnley who is incapable of running a football club.

  • fromtheheed

    Has the pantomime started already. Petrified forest, wicked witches and a poison chalis. Don’t fear, Buttons will come to our rescue with his magical brolly. I’d sooner try Vieira than if we can’t get Laudrup.
    Can’ see this arresting the fall of season ticket renewalls of placating the already fed up fans.

  • AshfordDeanoP

    High risk strategy – we need an experienced and accomplished head coach to undertake the transformation required and mould the players and football style!!

  • Chemical Dave

    Will wait and see how this pans out bit if he is appointed it will mean one of two things, either the owner has decided on a new direction of the club as stated. Or we’ll have Carver back as manager within six months as Vierra has walked out stating “its not like they said in the brochure”. In order for the first option to happen, Ashley should consider removing Charnley andfat Wendy as how can anyone give any credibility to change as long as they remain ?

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    There`s no way Vieria would work under the setup at Nufc

  • NottsToon

    If the choice is to be Viera or McLaren then I vote Viera every day of the week.

  • There is an old saying….if you can’t spell vieiŕa, scroll up, lol. I would love this to happen for the moanings to decrease, then the signings might start. For a pessimist i’m pretty optimistic!

  • NottsToon

    Everyone loves someone who corrects spelling on the internet, I bet you’re a riot at parties Greg.

  • PeterRobson

    AshfordDeanoP When Kevin keegan was installed (the first time) he had no experience whatsoever, but his personality, drive and work ethos was what heralded the “Entertainers” era into the club !!!

    Vieira might be just the shot in the arm the team needs !!!

  • kestrelbite

    I would be surprised if this wasn’t just his agent sending out a message to Man City hierarchy.

  • DownUnderMag

    Great player, no experience at top level management.  If we do actually start signing players of decent calibre then fine, give him a chance.  Managers need to start somewhere and he will certainly garner respect from the players. But if we insist on making cheap signings and hope for the best then we need a much more experienced manager and hopefully one with a track record of getting the best out of his squad and coaching his players to improve their game and their awareness.  Sadly I have my doubts on this being legitimate, theres talks this is just a way of getting McClaren to get a riggle on…but i’m not sure he is a much better option than keeping Carver.

  • DavidDrape

    ”Its not like they said it was in the brochure” a famous quote to come true again. Sell it to Patrick with loads of promises then he will find out like KK its a load of empty promises…prove me wrong Big Man…give the man a free reign and back him up with cash to overhaul this sad, depressing club on and off the pitch

  • DavidDrape

    Chemical Dave sorry dave just read your comments. i posted my identical words before reading yours. -sorry wasn’t copying. obviously i felt the same way. yes time for fresh and new faces behind the scenes as well and with people who have had previous experience of how to run a top football club

  • Opiner1

    If it’s a choice between Mclaren and Vieira, I’d rather take a chance on an unknown quantity than known mediocrity.

  • Andgeo

    Vieria would be spot on if he is allowed to bring in his own coaching team and has complete control over transfers. Otherwise it will be a waste of time and money because nobody could be expected to do a decent job under charnley.

  • DavidDrape

    Opiner1 also out there is Nigel Clough sadly, we were too late for Eddie Howe who has proved he has talent on the technical side

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I have to wonder, if there is any mileage to this, (and all media are repeating it, never mind the bookies odds) why Vieira and not Clement? 

    Ok, the Frenchman has a great top flight playing career behind him and undoubtedly would have the respect of any dressing room. The link with Wenger and Garde is also interesting in all of this and KK proved with the right backing anything is possible by someone with that mentality and no prior managerial experience.

    But Clement has far more experience  of the same sort, gained at Chelsea (Academy and then 1st team), PSG and Real with Ancelotti and previously with Fulham, Blackburn and the Ireland U21’s. He has held the A class badge since ’99 also. We’ve all witnessed the achievements of a certain other ex PE teacher who learned under a great manager (Mourinho / SBR) so a playing career isn’t always a measure of future success anymore than an experienced manager. Yet Derby (and reportedly the Mackem’s) apparently want him as their replacement for the Brolly.

    It has to be safe to assume Carr had a big input on Pardew coming here and for Carver to take the reins afterwards. His stamp most definitely appears to be with that type (i.e.McClaren) which is not surprising given his own background / cv. Ashley however, when he first arrived, held up Arsenal as the Club model he supposedly wanted to recreate (yes, that was subsequently downgraded to Villa’s!).

    So, is this an Ashley direction (perhaps reminiscent of KK and some regret over that?) or perhaps just more deflection in order to make the McClaren choice appear less obvious and a done deal? 

    Personally speaking, I think I’d rather have a new broom here and one that captures the imagination and excitement rather than another safe pair of hands which will give more mid table mediocrity.

    Just wondering out loud on this story really.

  • Ashleyout

    Message for the new Boss…. What we need?.  Quality Players…. 


    1 Quality midfielder

    2 proven strikers must be 6ft+ who can jump and able to head the ball not afraid to shoot. 
    3 Quality central Defenders who can jump and able to head the ball at least 6ft 4″ tall

    Clear out the deadwood
    Carver,Riviere, Goufran, Williamson, Coloccini, Obertan, Armstrong, Abeid.

    And dont buy any “crocs”.. Siem Dejong?  What a waste of money.. come on…

  • wor monga

    It would be a great move for both parties…Viera understands
    how the game should be played, and the tactics that make it happen…he should do
    he was one of the world’s best midfield generals, and spent long enough playing
    under Wenger…

    …Like Keegan before him he is a magnet who would attract
    quality players to the club, and would recognise the qualities that are vitally
    needed here…there would be no way that he would agree to being kept out of the
    loop where signings are concerned, and that would most likely have been worked
    through before he would come and be ‘interviewed’, at SJP…

    …Being his first head coaching role he would be expected to
    prove himself with an underperforming club…before being of any interest to
    clubs higher up in the game, and that would make us the obvious move for him to make…

    …When players like Sissoko, and Janmaat started making noises
    about wanting to stay put, and relegation was avoided…it immediately looked as
    though something like this might be on the cards…let’s  hope it happens!!

  • Hughie

    More speculation. Why not report it after it becomes factual? In any event he has no managerial experience apart from under 21’s, and the Newcastle pressure cooker is a much smaller pond than London or Manchester, which makes an inexperienced coach/manager incredibly vulnerable. Unless Ashley is releasing massive transfer funds I can’t see him being interested.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Well here’s hoping one this one; there might well be some credence to this as it comes from NUFC’s favourite broadcaster.
    As Fatmans clock is ticking away it would be nice to see some progress soon !

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘ keen to have a try at football management ‘.

    Really? We need experience.

  • Pedrothegreat

    I cant help but think Vieira’s true love will always lie with Arsenal, and when Wenger retires within the next few years possibly, who will they be looking at. I wouldn’t want to be a stepping stone for Patrick Vieira. Im sure he has got the credentials, but there are better “long term” options.

  • GToon

    Is it because he has done well and has potential to be a great manager or is it because he has done well with being handed players to work with rather than have a say on buying them and also has to cope with players moving on to the first team or wherever? I’d like to be excited about this potential appointment but the miserable cynic in me thinks it’s because he has not had managerial experience just coaching that is his biggest asset to our club. “Don’t worry about player recruitment Patrick. It’ll be just like at City – we’ll sort all of the players out for you. You just need to coach them”. Is that the reason?

  • RaySte

    He’s now shorter odds than McClaren, I’d have him over McClaren any day – rather take the gamble than another mundane, middle-of-the-road English coach.

  • GToon

    In Ashley’s eyes he will be releasing massive transfer funds. It will be the 34m in the bank. To Ashley that is a massive amount and as he put it, punching well above our usual spending weight of well err …. nothing. Obviously a very small amount may be made available from player sales. Not the whole amount like at other clubs mind you, but just a tiny bit. Joking aside if he actually did sanction the 34m to be spent on 4 or 5 players we might have a reasonable team for next year. Let’s see.

  • PhilYare

    vieira was a thug and a despicable person. He signed for arsenal because of the foreigners love of london and went to man city for the money when he had nowt to do after playing football

    Don’t want McClaren either, how about Rob Lee or Les Ferdinand?

    im so lost….. i can’t believe we have went from Brown Ale/Shearer to Wonga/Vieira

  • PhilYare

    Paul Patterson exactly….if thats the case why not an ex-toon player, theres about a 100 ex-players over the calibre of carver

  • PhilYare

    ashley out or nothing for me

  • Pedrothegreat

    If he is worth his weight as a manager he will be in charge of Arsenal one day anyway, its bad enough us being a stepping stone for players never mind managers.

  • fromtheheed

    We’ll get to find out later in the day if Rangers fail to overcome the 1 -3 loss in the 2nd playoff. There is a lot of rumours about Rangers, but if they get promoted will we see a U turn on Ashleys promise?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    fromtheheed Nope. His boat has sailed there. As a minority shareholder with the Board, supporters and other shareholder groups firmly against him now, his takeover options are dead up there.

  • fromtheheed

    I think if he has any success at Newcastle the fans and passion will want him to stay. Can’t say I know or remember of any managers actually wanting to leave the toon. Keegan we understand.

  • KevinBrown11

    Never going to happen, he’s to ambitious and we are not!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Paul Patterson But what’s experience? Just look at Mourinho’s career. Clement is an almost carbon copy of that so far.
    Dalglish was experienced, as was Souness, Gullit, Allardyce and Pardew.

  • Rabid Dog

    right because what we need right now is someone with no proven managerial experience – I despair

  • Pedrothegreat

    Alan Pardew

  • LeazesEnder

    Good footballers don’t always make good managers…. just saying like

  • TonnekToon

    Too strong a character , for Fatty’s liking methinks .

  • lupamac

    Rabid Dog   yeah mate  like Kevin Keegan

  • TimBoddy

    I’d prefer to see someone experienced come in. Definitely don’t want Steve McLaren. I think, by the sounds of things, particularly the way that he left Swansea, that Laudrup has a few ‘issues’ with man-management / motivation. Vieira is appealing to some degree, but it’s a big risk. Another pretty underwhelming managerial shortlist if these three are the only three under consideration.  Still, at least we’re not hearing more about Remi Garde or Thomas Tuchel!

  • crediblejustin736

    I’ll take viera anyday.

  • Polarboy

    Most likely smoke and mirrors. It pains me to say it but I’ll be very pleasantly if McClaren doesn’t get the job. There has been one constant throughout this thing and it’s McClaren, I mean the guy has been offered it twice before for christ sake and is still in the running now without a job.

  • prestondave

    I would take Viera because I don’t think I could take another minute of deluded Charver being in charge and having to listen to the shite that comes out of his mouth.

  • KevinBrown11

    Same here, but can’t quite see it somehow he has a strong personality and would want some control on who comes in, plus if whoever gets it will have to work with shyte for brains carver!! They should cut the ties to the reign of pardew and get rid of carver stone and Watson, they would just hold up any progress a new head coach would bring in,

  • stepaylor

    would be very much a change of direction. Viera is certainly no yes man and for that reason i see this as unlikely

  • Jimmywayhay

    Wether Veira can do a job or not at least it’s a positive move !

  • NottsToon

  • BuckBlack

    Ashley’s idea of ‘experience’ is to hire some cheap desperado who’s not worked since the eighties or early nineties – someone who’s so desperate to get back into the game that they’ll work for buttons and be perfectly happy to be the public stooge for the regime

    If he’s really had a change of heart and he’s intent on giving someone with a track record in the game a chance at management, I’m all for it – particularly if it’s someone like Vieira, who would be likely to fight his corner when Ashley tries to sell his best players out from under him when we’re going well.