Hopes were briefly raised for Newcastle fans this morning that something dynamic was imminent to help firefight the relegation situation they have managed to get involved in.

News broke that Managing Director Lee Charnley was meeting John Carver at the training ground for talks.

There was even journalists announcing that Carver had been sacked as a result of the meeting, only to it then become apparent that this came about due to said journalists being duped by a fake Sky Sports Twitter account.

‘The true ooutcome of this meeting was the following statement being released by the club:

Following the result at Leicester City on Saturday, there has been two days of frank dialogue with John Carver and senior players.

The outcome of those discussions is that the board, John Carver, his staff and players are absolutely focused on our current situation and the three hugely-important fixtures that remain this season, two of which are at St. James’ Park.

All parties accept responsibility for the current situation but are determined, together, to ensure this Club – your Club – retains its Premier League status.’

That is the only focus at this time.

Phew, that’s a relief, for a second there I thought they were just going to let things float along with the status quo….

So no doubt after a good chat that nobody could be doing a better job (as Carver has previosuly said about himself) than the two of them, Charnley and Carver shook hands and looked forward to setting yet another record of this time nine defeats in a row on Saturday when West Brom visit.

Another plus is that they are now absolutely focused on the sutuation, I was wondering after six and then seven defeats in a row, just how many it would take for them to realise that there might be something to worry about.

With reports of Steve McClaren allegedly turning down the chance to come in at this point, some people have wondered whether an internal change could have been tried.

The sad fact is that just like with Lee Charnley, on the coaching side Newcastle have people who are totally out of their depth in what they are being asked to do.

John Carver is clearly not up to the job but his number two Steve Stone has only the last couple of years at Newcastle as the sum total of his coaching experience. Dave Watson has done some youth coaching and Peter Beardsley has never worked anywhere else but Newcastle United, doing everything from being a brilliant footballer, coaching the kids and handing out certificates at school presentations.

It is also comical that the statement talks of taking responsibility in the statement.

We have an Owner, a Managing Director and a Club Captain who all refuse to come out and speak on camera to give some leadership. Amongst all the other problems at the club of course.

Which leaves us with poor old John Carver answering all the questions….very badly.

  • scotty63

    Meanwhile Rome burns………

  • Pedrothegreat

    The next statement Charnley releases should be a resignation letter, with a big SORRY at he end.

  • Laughlaugh

    Ashley must not give two hoots if we go down now leaving Carver in charge.

  • stepaylor

    ‘We have an Owner, a Managing Director and a Club Captain who all refuse to come out and speak on camera to give some leadership.’

    Exactly right

  • Denbr

    The most offensive part of this statement is that now that they have run NUFC into the deepest sh”t pile possible it suddenly becomes our club. After years of either being ignored or fed manure it seems we are suddenly all in it together. Charley can kiss my starboard testicle.

  • NottsToon

    Charnley and Carver = Thelma and Louise

  • mrkgw

    Agree with Mark 100% and so, will most supporters. Words cannot comprehend how frustrated we all are with this completely unacceptable situation at the club at the moment. And so, I will stop there but rest assured Mike Ashley, we will not let up until you, and your incompetents ship out. That day cannot come soon enough.

  • hettonmag

    Mark, there is clubs in the lower divisions better run and better organised than this shower, 19th richest club in the world is being run like a market stall. How the owner has ever come to being a billionaire is mind boggling, the only thing I can think of as to why he is screwing the life out of the club is he absolutely hates the very ground us fans walk on, why else would he sit back and watch this great club sink. ASHLEY OUT.COM.

  • KevinBrown11

    Charnley to fatty!! we’re this close to the drop boss! you’re plan To ruin the club and keeping shyte for brains in charge is working,

  • Willvenus1

    How ironic, utterly hilarious and brilliant at the same time would it be if Wonga announced they were terminating their sponsorship with NUFC as they didn’t want THEIR name associated with such a shite product

  • dude 1

    Leta hope no one turns up for the WBA game and fatty see what next season is going to be like this man is unbelievable he dose not give a toss even McClaren has see the light and told them to get lost which manager in there right mind is going to come to the toon

  • bill black

    Can some not see there is no change because NO ONE wants to be Manager of our club and no decent players wants to play for our club,as well as some in the first team do not want to play for us. THE ONLY PEOPLE HELPING ASHLEY ARE THE 35,000 WHO WATCH THE CIRCUS EVERY HOME GAME. ASHLEY CAN BE BEATEN BUT ONLY IF WE FOCUS ON HIM AND NOT THOSES HE PUT IN TO DEFECT BLAME.

  • NottsToon
  • cwtoon88

    bill black bull, Plenty of managers would take the job if they were offered it, we still have good players there if used correctly and managing at newcastle would be preferntial still to a lot of clubs despite the problems

    AlsoMike Ashley does not pick a team against an energetic midfield with 2 players who have no legs with a player like Abeid sitting on the bench

  • Toon Magpie

    Simply unbelievable.

  • Brown Bottle

    Toon Magpie …Amen.