Two weeks ago the NUFC Fans Forum issued an open letter (see below) appealing to Mike Ashley to urgently address a number of issues in a public statement.

Namely the issues that had caused thousands of fans to boycott the Spurs match and position of Newcastle Head Coach moving forward, as to whether it was true John Carver had been guaranteed the job. The Forum members also asked for the situation surrounding Jonas Gutierrez to be cleared up after he was left out of that match.

Whilst it was later put into the public domain that there had been a disagreement between Jonas and Johnn Carver which had been sorted. the other two issues raised, still haven’t been addressed by the club.

However, Lee Charnley replied (see below) to the NUFC Fans Forum, stating that instead of the planned Fans Forum meeting after the end of the season, that would be brought forward to address the issues raised.

It is only 19 days until the end of the season and as yet no date has been agreed for that meeting.

Now the NUFC Fans Forum have collectively replied to Lee Charnley’s offer and say they are keen for it to happen as soon as possible WITH Mike Ashley present.

NUFC Fans Forum open letter to Mike Ashley 5 May

“It is the overall view of the Fans Forum that we wish to take you up on your offer to meet.

However, we do not want this meeting to be our remaining meeting simply brought forward.

We feel that there is more than plenty to discuss at our final meeting of the season.

We agree, as a group, that the club have been open and transparent during our meetings. However, we feel quite strongly that we would like Mike Ashley, the owner of NUFC to be present at this ‘interim’ meeting.

We feel that it isn’t too much to ask. We also feel that it may help NUFC in the long run.

It is something that we are sure that you recognise that many of our fans want.

Whilst it is quite obvious that yourself and Mike have been consistently against this, we must ask you to please reconsider this policy for the good of NUFC.

We must ask the club to act now and put its house ‘in order’ as a matter of urgency.

We have three remaining games. Three games give us three opportunities to protect our Premier League status.

We must have someone at the head of our team that will ensure that the eleven players in black and white shirts are indeed fighting for our survival.

The owners of NUFC must take responsibility in a gamble that has obviously not paid off.

Whilst John Carver is clearly NUFC through and through, the lack of key management qualities needed for the Premier League have put our club in this horrendous position.

Whilst the club have indicated that there will be no managerial change, we would urge you to provide the current coaching team with expert guidance towards man-management, whether that be from an existent member or from an external source on an interim basis.

nufc fans forum

Our fantastic away support was demonstrated yet again at Leicester – yet another sell-out. Some of those fans displayed a banner which read: ‘We don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a club that tries!’

While our fan base may have many differing views, we are quite convinced that we all share the sentiment of that banner.

Fans of NUFC are no longer prepared to accept this nonsense. Enough is enough. We want Actions NOT Words.”

Lee Charnley letter to NUFC Fans Forum members

“In order to discuss the issues you raise, I intend to bring forward the date of our next Fans Forum meeting which was originally scheduled for the end of the season.

“I am sure Forum members past and present will agree that the Club has been open and transparent during all interactions, including meetings and correspondence, and this next meeting will be no different.

“In my opinion, the introduction of the Forum has been productive for all the parties involved and, as we move forward, the Forum will continue to be one of our preferred forms of fan communication and engagement.

“With five games now remaining of the season – including three at St. James’ Park, I would ask you, indeed all supporters, to get fully behind John Carver and the players as they look to finish the season as strongly as possible.

nufc fans forum

“When St. James’ Park is loud and supportive of the team on the pitch, it does make a huge difference.”

“We accept mistakes have been made and understand you raise these issues because you want the best for your football club.

“Please be assured we want the same – we want to give you a football club you can be proud of and a team you feel passionate to support.”

NUFC Fans Forum open letter to the club 21 April

“Whilst we fully appreciate the club’s view on fan communication, we feel that the time has come to show our fans respect and make some kind of ‘statement of intent’ outlining your proposals to overturn the negativity surrounding NUFC.

“We would very much prefer this statement to come from Mike Ashley himself, owner of NUFC.

“This statement should include:

A) The club’s view on the boycott of thousands of fans at the weekend. What plans do the owners and operators of NUFC have to correct the current plight that we find ourselves in?

B) The reason why Jonas Gutierrez was left out of the squad. Despite Jonas stating that he was not injured, it was clear that Jonas was one of very few players that could be described as giving his all at the recent derby loss. Was the omission connected, in any way, to a comment he made on social media?

C) As the players appear to be playing without any leadership and discipline (Sissoko/Collocini/Cisse bans) what is the plan going forward in relation to the head coach role? At our recent meeting, Lee Charnley stated that: ‘We asked John to look after the team for the remainder of the season and told him to make sure that we had a decision to make’. There appears to be several sources stating that they believe that John Carver will be head coach next season. Can you confirm that those ‘rumours’ are 100% inaccurate?

“We are in total agreement that we feel that it is appropriate to ask for an urgent response. Any suggestion that we should wait until our final meeting of the year would be met with our overwhelming disapproval.”

  • Davidelder888

    Again organised fans showing dignity and respect to try to urge the board to act responsibly. This isn’t a big ask it should be a fundamental right of a supporter to have information about the team they pour their hard earned money, time and support into. Especially in a time like this. I think its only a matter of time before the patients runs out and this gets ugly.

  • NottsToon

    Won’t happen, Ashley refused to be summoned by parliament so supporters have sod all hope.

  • TonnekToon

    Notts Toon is correct, He Wouldn’t go before parliament and he’s proved countless times that he’ll  not listen to the fans.

  • Brownale69

    Waste of time. GET him out

  • Hughie

    Good but naiive try. Won’t happen, he doesn’t like us Geordies. My theory is that once all his lackeys and mates had been pilloried and chased out of the door–Llambias, Wise, Kinnear ,Pardew– and his cosy days out with his family backfired– Ashley decided to put only Geordies or past heroes  in charge with odd hangers-on, for popularity reasons . So, Messrs Charnley, Carr, Irving, Carver, Stone, Beardsley and Moncur what have you got to say about this appalling crisis, because, collectively, you are culpable. PB is my favourite all time player, but if you’ve watched the Under 21’s trying to defend you will understand that the malaise runs through the club. So is this Ashley’s revenge? If not why has he allowed these clearly inadequate people to continue to run his investment into the ground? NUFC is just a little toy for this megalomaniac– but it is now a broken toy , so he won’t want to play with it any more. Next move will be to exit and reclaim the 129 million.

  • terriertwo

    Does anyone have a list of the forum members and if they have can they tell me how many have been selected by the club and how many have the backing of the supporters.

  • NottsToon

    Don’t get me wrong, I admire the sentiment and the effort and it is entirely right to ask. His none attendance will serve to further highlight his complete disregard for the club and its supporters but that is all.

    I doubt that anyone with any real sway to effect change will ever speak to the fans forum, believe me that they know all the gripes and concerns we have, they simply don’t care as is evidenced by their total inaction to arrest the current decline.

  • tino o

    Yes good luck with that one more chance of Williamson and Taylor getting England call ups!

  • Conman

    Absolutely no chance of fab turning up. But pleased that you are trying to get him to the table to face up to his creation of havoc up here.
    We are a laughing stock again in the managerial position. Even giving the wally with brolly the chance to tell everyone that he’s knocked us back. Dear me, how low can we go.
    I’m sure there will be a couple of desperate managers willing to get in here but what manager worth his salt would risk working with these amateurs. The only good thing about this club now are the fans.

  • Michael Teasdale

    He won’t come.
    We had a meeting with Llambias years ago and he confirmed the regime’s view of supporters at it. We were cast as rabble rousers; dangerous hillbillies who would beat up Dennis Wise if he showed up. Absolute piffle but spouted by the snake-oil salesman with 100% sincerity and sadly regurgitated by the local press.
    It’s almost a shame because a small part of me believes that separated from his odious lieutenants, Ashley might be an unguarded, real human being who may be capable of frank discussion.
    What a pity he prefers to remain a caricature.

  • partworntyres

    NUTTER ALERT  –  ‘we’ve signed up that aleksander meercat apparently – sounds like another bloody foreigner to me – never heard of him. anyway against west brom if i put myself in at inside left as well as in goal we might just have a chance’. ‘COS I’M WORTH IT! –  johnny john.

  • geordie4567

    Stick ITV on to see a team in black and white trying to win. Makes a nice change!

  • toon tony

    Order a Gregg’s buffet. ..that’ll get him there.

  • Karen Ellio

    some one on the mag forum got it spot on tonight, get thousands of JD sports flyers printed and we all hold them up on saturday, ashley would detest that more than anything god its a brilliant idea free advertising for jd sports and wouldnt the country love to see that all over the tellys on motd.Picture ashleys face just picture his fat face

  • jD Sports

    JD Sports Fashion Plc is a subsidiary of the Pentland Group.

    Sp*rtsD*r*ct own 13% of The Pentland Group.

  • How about 34 mins walk onto field and shout abuse carver and players. Do a lap of the field shouting this is our club mike ashley. It belongs to this city. BUYASHLEYOUT . BUYASHLEYOUT. U havent a clue about running a clubKeep shouting that. The game will be abondoned how would ashley feel and it would embarrass him . Can u imagine his face.