In the aftermath of ‘that’ interview, Niall Quinn has declared that Mike Ashley has done a ‘great job’ of turning around Newcastle United’s ‘basket case’ finances.

The former Sunderland striker, who went on to be a failed manager and Chairman down the road, should know – what with him being an expert on the subject.

Niall Quinn was appointed Sunderland Chairman in July 2006 and lasted until being relieved of his duties by Ellis Short in October 2011.

As the table from the football finance website The Swiss Ramble shows below, Sunderland made the following losses:

2007 – £16.6m, 2008 – £1.8m, 2009 – £24.6m, 2010 – £31.2m and  2011 – £31.2m

A total of £105.4m in losses over a five year period, just as well the mackems had Ellis Short to bail them out from Niall Quinn’s disastrous basket case reign!

Stick that in your disco pants Niall!

niall quinn

Speaking on Sky Sports, former player, manager, chairman…turned rent a gob said:

“In the cold light of day, Mike Ashley has done a great job of turning around a basket case scenario that the Newcastle’s finances were in.

“That is not enough for the fans – it means very little to the fans, but they thrive on the success.”

Great way to go:

“They want to see the club advancing at all stages, so to do that and at this stage to understand they need to hear a bit more, that is a great way to go.

“He is obviously a little cautious on what he says but I think the dial turned a little this morning and they will feel in a better place.”

“What he has to do is maintain that communication  and they’ll forgive – they questioned his ambition and why he bought the club, this is the first part of his answer back.”


  • Michael Maximus Moose

    The worst of 2 world  1) Irish
                                  2) A Mackem

  • Polarboy

    Michael Maximus Moose And what exactly is wrong with being Irish?

  • NorthEast_29

    alangibbons3000 haha mickyburrows

  • Toon161070

    The irony of Mike Ashley is that on the finances side he is leaps ahead of most, if not all of the chairman in the PL. There will be many who are envious of what he is doing……even if detrimental to on field performance.

    There is no bigger basket case of a club than the tramps down the road. We have kept them up twice and their finances are shagged.

  • Porciestreet

    Aye, and ask em who’s the North East dogs again this season. Not very pretty but better than the scummers owa there.

  • Hughie

    Quinn is right– as Ashley said clearly in his interview the buck stops with him, BUT he delegates to Charnley and Carr to make the football decisions and expects pound for pound value. So Messrs Charnley and Carr nearly lost him 65 million plus with their inept decision making this season– would you be satisfied with that? Charnley out !!!

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Is this Quinny brown nosing for a job?
    It would be a typical Fatman appointment, cheap and f*cking useless!

  • Paul Patterson


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