The remarkable loyalty/stupidity of Newcastle United fans is shown yet again.

United supporters have yet again put NUFC amongst the 1o best supported teams in Europe this season.

The figures have been compiled by Talksport and despite the misery of this season, Newcastle are in 10th place with only two English clubs ahead of them, plus a clutch of German clubs and the two Spanish giants. Marseille completing the line up just ahead of United.

So Newcastle United have the 19th highest turnover in the World, plus Forbes yesterday ranked them the 18th most valuable football club in the World.

Now Newcastle are confirmed yet again as one of the ten best supported teams in Europe, third in UK.

It makes you wonder why on earth Mike Ashley ever bought Newcastle United….

Only an idiot could throw all these advantages away and force the club to possible relegation and the supporters to boycott.

Top 10 average league attendances in Europe this season:

80,436 Borussia Dortmund

76,227 Barcelona

75,336 Manchester United

73,227 Real Madrid

72,600 Bayern Munich

61,553 Schalke

59,996 Arsenal

52,752 Hamburg

51,966 Marseille

50,402 Newcastle United

  • LeazesEnder

    Is that attendance or tickets sold?

    They really are two different things!

    The figure for Arsenal is wrong because that is a touch under capacity, and its been reported that they average 5ive to 6ix thousand under.

  • toonfifer

    What we’ve all got to remember when looking at all these statistics is that we haven’t won a domestic trophy for 60 bloody years!!! If you look at the top 50 clubs in all these categories we are the ONLY club who haven’t at least won a cup.

    I don’t know whether that makes us crazy, stupid or what

  • Louis Azzopardi

    Oh I am so happy that we are among the top teams in Europe when statistics come out. Has anyone bothered to show them to Michael Ashley yet. By the way, this is the 60th year without winning a domestic trophy. Now that’s a nice one. I feel privileged that at least I can remember two FA Cup victories (apart from the Fairs Cup). But how many die-hards Newcastle United fans can say that. Shame, shame, shame!!

  • wivawova

    There’s a lot of pointless stats about. “Goals scored per minute on the pitch” has Papiss Cisse amongst the top 5 strikers in the country.
    Here’s a statistic we’d be even better at: “Fan commitment” taken by simply dividing the aggregate of fans attending matches by the number of points won in those matches.
    We wouldn’t be top – given that Hamburg have taken a point per game this year – so equally as bad as us on that front, and even with Dortmund’s late spurt, they would still, I think, top the pile with 40 points from 31 games, but we’d sh1t on some of the other glory-hunting types that are on that list.

  • Phil Wright

    In 2010 we were the best supported team ever to be relegated in the history of british football with 48,000 – looking good to beat that this term – Howay the lads!

  • StephenBowers

    Imagine what it would be like if we had a real team.

  • Gary Linney

    Blind loyalty will not save NUFC. The (now silent remnants) of the Toon Army must BOYCOTT the rest of this season., Mike Ashley OUT Campaign