Newcastle and Sunderland have landed starring roles on American TV this coming weekend.

On Saturday, NBCSN have a ‘Relegation Breakaway’ special which will see them concentrate on the three relegation clashes kicking off at 3pm UK time.

Instead of viewers trying to somehow watch all 3 matches on different screens, the broadcaster will start their coverage with the Sunderland v Leicester match but then switch in between that and the QPR v Newcastle and the Spurs v Hull match whenever anything happens at any of the three games.

Many fans have said that Newcastle should be doing more to benefit from the worldwide TV exposure of the Premier League, especially in the States, and now NUFC land a starring role without even trying!

If there is no definitive answer to the relegation question this weekend, no doubt both ourselves and NBCSN will do this all again the following weekend on the final day of the season.

The relegation battle and the finances that it controls, will be completely alien to many US based sports fans with franchise based sports teams over the pond generally having no relegation options.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case in the Premier League with recent years seeing relegation from the top tier of English football proving disastrous for so many clubs.

The reduced revenues meaning that even with parachute payments, so many clubs have found it impossible to cope with the initial drop to the Championship.

  • Cornflake

    I’ve been saying, Mike Ashley is being quite shortsighted in this regard.  The amount of interest I’ve seen in the last 2 years of the Premier League in Canada alone is interesting.  Fans that disregarded, I’ve noticed to be talking more soccer these days.  Granted many cheer for the Sky6 teams, but a bunch I’ve seen have become interested in finding a team.  They ask me why I cheer for Newcastle, as they’ve only seen their standing in the last two seasons.
    The Wonga stripe does us no favors either.

  • kidda

    They have been on LIVE at least 16 times this season,and some of that on Prime Time TV…the exposure is huge.
    I believe that all TEN matches are being shown simultaneously on the last day of the season…can’t quite see the point of that considering Chelsea won the title two weeks ago.

  • Giimps

    The slug who’ll be gutted as there’s no tat direct posters up at QPR……shame

  • Numero1

    I was in FL for 3 weeks and i really liked the coverage on NBCsports.