A few key things are missing from Newcastle United, and no I am not talking about strikers, defenders, a manager, points, or even the basic ability to compete in a game of football.

I am talking about the few absent things which have brought about all of the others; responsibility, dignity and self-respect.

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It begins at the top, where it usually does, where we have an owner who refuses to take responsibility for his actions in not strengthening the squad and lack of action in arresting an alarming slide.

This then filters down to a Managing Director who operates without any real power to affect change upon the football club, for fear of god knows what? Upsetting the dark lord perhaps?

We then move onto the coaching and playing staff who have, more than any other group in the history of the Premier league, behaved with total and utter contempt for their profession and their fans, showing a complete lack of dignity and a total absence of self-respect.

The blame doesn’t stop there though, what of us fans?

What about the laughing stock created by those who continue to attend the game, line the owners pockets all whilst claiming to despise him, the fans waving their ‘Ashley Out’ cards in front of the TV cameras whilst wearing their W**ga shirts, the fans who will continue to attend “no matter what”, where is their self-respect?

What price their dignity in continuing to patronise the establishments of Ashley whilst proclaiming their opposition? A cheap, fixed price, long-term season ticket?

Newcastle United is thoroughly rotten in every aspect and it could have been so very different.

Only three years ago we reached a crossroads by coming within touching distance of that hallowed ground of the Champions League, luckily perhaps, but we were so nearly there nevertheless.

That was the last opportunity to really change this, to make the club competitive again, with some serious investment at that time and a commitment to build we all (owner, players and fans) could have reaped the benefits for years, instead we bought nobody as the owner saw nothing but an opportunity to save money.

It has been mentioned time and time again on this very site that should relegation happen it will not be so easy to bounce back this time. I sincerely believe that, I also believe that there may not be such a willingness to bounce back this time either.

We have no Barton, Nolan, Andy Carroll, or even a decent and committed Jonas or Colocinni, the characters are all gone in one sense or another, replaced by spineless excuses for footballers with absolutely zero respect for the privileged position in which they work.

We will struggle to respond because the football club simply cannot be bothered.

Many commenters have spoken at length of the malaise surrounding the club, but I would even say that we are past the stage of apathy and into the territory of wanton and wilful destruction, a kind of scorched earth policy that a retreating army implements to stop their pursuers making use of any resources that are left behind. The current regime is now steadily withdrawing its influence from the club, leaving the asylum to be run by the inmates.

Newcastle United is in the process of being cast aside by a group of people who have no respect for themselves, so it is probably a leap too far for us to ask them to respect the history and heritage of a football club.

When this is over, and they inevitably move on to their next hollow venture, then maybe we can try to reclaim a little dignity for what was once an institution of local pride.


  • A lex

    Excellent summary of our situation.

  • RexN

    Totally agree, NottsToon. That season in 5th place was the time to sack Pardew and get a manager who could “take us to the next level”.

  • What talented manager is going to want to come to a club where the ambition is steady in mid table ? What decent kind of player hasn’t got ambition to win trophies ?

  • GToon

    Spot on and when you think of the mistakes they have made, they are verging on moronic. It would take a decent owner 10 minutes to sort this club out.

  • GToon

    devonbay Thats why they all have a clause in their contract saying they can leave after 2 years of hard labour. Only after that clause is inserted will they sign on the dotted line and declare their  love for NUFC.

  • DavidDrape

    brilliant again

  • CladderJack

    Doesn’t anyone ever notice the amount of these, ‘don’t support your team because it’s supporting Ashley’ bloggers don’t live here anymore …. Convenient? Don’t disagree with the sentiment but let’s face it, must be much easier to be so ballsy when it’s actually more convenient not to make the journey. just thought it needed saying!

  • amacdee

    The wrong turn began when Fatarse decided he wanted Shlte Direct style employment law to be instilled at SJP

    Out went Chris Hughton because he failed to get the squad to sign the “tenth place and we’re winning” bonus scheme after which Slimeball was introduced then the troublemakers were moved on.

    This whole club’s ethos is based around buy cheap, sell high and keep the workers under the thumb.

    Perfect for Shlte Direct United FC

  • RexN

    Good point, Cladder Jack. That’s precisely why you have articles like this on here: //www.themag.co.uk/2015/04/what-did-you-do-on-boycott-day/

  • NottsToon

    CladderJack Aye, because geographic convenience is obviously a pre requisite of support.

  • CladderJack

    And as both a season ticket holder and fellow boycotter on that day I take myr hat off to you mate. If only more of my fellow season ticket holders had joined us and some of the other 50,000 bloggers that keep saying they are against the regime but ‘won’t go anymore’ had turned up to stand outside ‘shearers’ with us, it could have been an historic day.

  • CladderJack

    It’s a bit like the election really, for the next term we’ll have to sit and listen to people moaning about the government that couldn’t be bothered to vote at the time. We all had a chance to have our say on that one day and where ever you were and whether or not you had decided to not give Ashley your money anymore, that was your moment to make your voice heard (without going against your ‘principles’). So my point is that, if you couldn’t be bothered to make the effort for that one day then stop moaning because you had your chance, no matter what the distance. For ten years of my life I lived away and still made it back every other weekend to take my seat. Our distant ‘abstaining’ bloggers just had do it once!

  • NottsToon

    If this is some thinly veiled reference to me it is probably fair to tell you that I was there all day, whilst my wife went shopping with relatives.

  • CladderJack

    Good for you NottsToon, can’t have been directed at you then, veiled or otherwise. Like you I’m just putting my opinion out there mate, people will take that as they see fit. After all it’s only my opinion, as it’s yours that those still going have no self respect or dignity. Bit harsh in my view but again that’s just your opinion.