Getting relegated will set this football club back for years to come and the financial impact will have inconceivable repercussions.

The amount of money we will miss out on from Sky’s ridiculous new TV deal is eye watering.

Whereas other clubs as small as my now local team AFC Bournemouth will be raking it in instead. It’s sickening.

Nothing will make us feel any better if we do go down, however that doesn’t mean we can’t be compensated in some way.

Checking out the latest odds you can get 11/2 for Newcastle to be relegated (though once tonight’s Sunderland match kicks off the betting will be suspended until the final whistle) so why not stick what you can afford on that happening?

You won’t celebrate if the bet comes in but at least you will have a night out paid for as you drown your sorrows.

This football club has given us nothing for a long time. Make yourself some money from this misery and have a bit of income come in from Mike Ashley’s train wreck.

I have and I hope I lose my bet royally.

If I don’t lose and it pays out…that’s at least some compensation.

I suggest you do the same. Why not? They owe you.

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Click HERE for odds on Newcastle, Sunderland and Hull being relegated.

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  • IainT0842

    Been backing us all season. I’ll get £2500 if we go down. I could see this coming months ago. A lot of us could. Personally I still think we’ll stay up but if MIke Ashley can make money from our awful situation then why can’t I?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    IainT0842 Ditto, mate.  I got odds of 150/1 back in early February and took them for the same reason.

  • NME85

    Put on £25 @ 22/1 after the Swansea game. Spending it all on drugs and loose women.

  • jD Sports

    Sickandtiredstill IainT0842 7/2 now, You will be laying some of that off won’t you?

  • jD Sports

    IainT0842 7/2 now, You will be laying some of that off won’t you?

  • Alistair Moir

    I would take issue with the comments about relegation setting us back for years, lost revenues etc… Setting us back compared to what? the way Ashley operates in the PL? lost revenues for who? Ashley? He doesn’t reinvest anyway, however much, or little is coming into the account I know there is an argument that we could implode altogether and “do a Leeds”, but even then, I’m kinda struggling to picture scenarios that are worse than NUFC in its current soulless, zombie state?