Newcastle fans have recognised attempts at a PR onslaught from Mike Ashley and his spin doctor Keith Bishop to try and emotionally blackmail fans into giving up protests.

The comical club statement released yesterday that referred to ‘your’ club, now that Ashley sees that relegation is a real possibility, was bad enough.

However, this Tuesday night, the club have released the letter below which they unbelievably claim was written by Fabricio Coloccini:

‘Fabricio Coloccini’s’ letter…

I don’t usually speak publicly too often, but today I feel the responsibility to talk to all of you for several reasons in which you are involved, every bit as much as we are as players, staff, directors and every person that works for the Club.

Firstly, on behalf of the squad we would like to apologise for the moment we are going through. Needless to say this is not anything intentional.

Neither players nor staff would like to be in the position that we are in at the moment. This is something that has happened for many reasons and right now there is no time to look back and correct those mistakes.

The time we have left to turn around this situation is short but after the end of the season we will try to learn from the mistakes we made so that we don’t have to go through this again.

This is as painful for us as it is for you, because when this team comes onto the pitch we do so with the intention of winning and to defend not just the colours of this Club, not just our shirt, but also to represent thousands of fans, the whole city.

We do so understanding that a victory at the weekend means a week of joy for this city that breathes, lives and loves football like no other city in England.

Today we are in a delicate situation, one that we have been through before, and it is one of the most uncomfortable situations in the world of football.

Uncomfortable because this Club doesn’t deserve to be in this position, a position that puts its status at risk. And this is what I want to highlight; this is the most important reason for my letter.

Players and staff have come together in order to leave all past problems aside and to focus 100 per cent on the three ‘cup finals’ that we have left.

I would like to make a call to all fans today to also leave aside all differences, all different opinions, anything that divides us as people who love this Club.

On Saturday, please come to St. James’ Park, create a great atmosphere, support the team more than ever, because at the end of the day what matters the most here is Newcastle United Football Club.

Years will pass and so will players, directors, coaches and managers, but what is always going to be there is yourselves, your children, your grandchildren.

I am also a fan and I understand how badly you are hurting, but I think that the best fans are those who are there for their Club in the worst of situations.

Today we need you more than ever. In these three games we need to be together, we need to be united, to be a family – a family that fights together against adversity, a family that strives to achieve the success that you and this Club deserve.

The players are committed to this and if you stay with us, if you join us, we are going to fight together for our black and white family.

Thank you from my heart,

Your captain

Fabricio Coloccini


  • Albert27

    We do deserve to b in this position because the club is a disgrace.

  • toonlee75

    More propaganda. Bloke has all of a sudden got a good hand on the english language. Not doubt some of the happy clapping sheep will lap this up. But i urge you not to belive a word protest get on the pitch act now or we will be another blackpool or pommpy.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Signed “your captain” …. It’s now also “your club”. Written by Coloccini? My big fat hairy @rse

  • Toon Magpie

    I was thinking that. How does his English suddenly become this good when you don’t hear a peep from him normally?

  • A lex

    Pass me another bucket – the first one is already full.

  • alreet

    Trough needed. In fact upgrade to a silo.

  • Toon Magpie

    We are exactly the position fans deserve and wanted in many respects even relegation was what many fans wanted. To achieve the FAN leaving although never worked last time but short memories for many.

  • lupamac

    please buy a season ticket .your captain lee charnley alias Fabricio Colocciniv

  • worladandlass

    Woeful attempt to get the supporters back onside ! Coloccini does’t mention his complete lack of leadership on the pitch and is own inept performances as contributing to the mess the players and club have created. God help us if the “brains” behind this is little ruse is running the club. Still no word from Ashley personally , surprise suprise. Perhaps the players need to man up , play together and become more professional only then will they get the support they plead for. Until then form me at least they get what they currently deserve nothing.

  • terriertwo

    I Newcattle fan from Barcelona. What he mean we don’t deserve to be where we are. We be rubbish every game with no proper chairman, manager, captain or staff who organise the players into being good on the grass. We are doomed but jamesis park will be good for building houses or places for students to live in the future as its not good for football.

  • DavidDrape

    i believe his english is poor & i have never seen him shout at team mates during a game and he supposedly said after the man united/ben area incident post match dressing room argument said ‘i don’t even want to be here but back him in argentina”

  • patricia4206

    anyone who believes  our captain wrote a script like that must be deluded.  He is unable to speak on the tv let alone write a letter.  we have been behind this so called team for what!!!!!!! ticket sales and season tickets are the way to hit the fat man

  • geordie4567

    Why does everyone at the club insist on referring to these important games as “cup finals”?
    Everyone knows that the club policy is to lose cup games!

  • Jail for Ashley

    We don’t here a thing through out this whole sorry debacle. They thought that Geordie John would pick up his five points, a few new faces in the summer and that they could quietly announce that John deserved another crack at the whip and we could all be dismissed with another 50M in the coffers. Now the realisation that relegation is on us they have asked for our help. Shameles, spineless cretins the lot of them, Ashley, Churnley Moncur and their sycophantic PR team.
    Get these spineless barstewards out of our club.

  • Westwood McKeag

    Older readers may remember the letter Manuel wrote to Mr Fawlty ….

  • BrianKD

    The most contemptable attempt to get fans to stop protesting and go to the game in spite of what the club have systematically done over the last few seasons. they have constantly penny pinched and treated fans with utter contempt. Shows what happens when the knowledge of the management can be put on a stamp and still have room for “war and Peace”.

  • ” Years
    will pass and so will players, directors, coaches and managers, but
    what is always going to be there is yourselves, your children, your
    grandchildren ”  and Fatso

  • Big Hairy Man

    Toon Magpie Last time Ashley quickly realised that were were going to bounce back up into the premier league because we had a competent manager and a squad of fighters. What chance of that happening this time?

  • patricia4206

    colocinni our captain says he has told his family to stay away on saturday’s game against west brom as he fears the reaction of the fans and then writes a letter begging for the fans to turn up and support the team if I heard him speak could believe it but would never believe what comes out of fatso and his crones ever

  • MartinJW

    I don’t care who wrote the letter, although it is perfectly possible that the idea and sentiment came from Colocinni, who was then assisted in writing the letter (in the same way that the vast majority of football auto-biographies are written).   It actually does not matter. The position is clear though; the players and the club are saying that if there is a noisy and positive atmosphere against WBA, it will make the game easier and we are more likely to stay up.  I agree. I think the fans have an important job to do on Saturday. At present I think it is most likely that either we go down or Sunderland go down. If we go down, we will be keeping Sunderland up. It’s that simple. If we go down, then there is no chance of Ashley selling as he will not sell the club at a loss as a Championship club. We could be stuck with Ashley for years in the Championship whilst Sunderland remain in the Premier League.  For this reason I will be supporting the players on Saturday, as I imagine will be the vast majority of fans.   I remember too well the sickening feeling when we lost to Sunderland in the play-offs and they went up (due of course to financial irregularities at Charlton) and we stayed down. If at the end of the game on Saturday we have 3 points in the bag, feel free to rip into Ashley then.

  • patricia4206

    that is so true and I agree with what you say and we have all been behind the team through thick and thin, but please fatso doesnt care what league we are in we are just a handbag on his shoulder promoting his goods.  I want nothing more than the toon to stay up and we will as usual be torn but the mackems cannot have the last laugh now can they.

  • NottsToon

    What a shameless attempt at PR, and reading around various forums, blogs and social media it seems that the majority have taken it with the contempt it deserves. Carlsberg don’t do fvck awful PR, but if they did…….




  • worladandlass

    MartinJW I understand this approach and having supported the team for over 50 years i don’t want to see relegation again. However, the club have taken us the supporters for granted for the last 10 years . Many of us are at the end of our tether and our loyalty to this once great club has been broken. The regime must change or we will forever be mediocre at best. I can’t abide mediocrity. We need a point, we need one for the last eight games and if we could have been arsed we could have got one.  We may not get one on Saturday, however  if they can’t get one from the last three games we don’t deserve to stay up. The Leicester v Sunderland  game is crucial.

  • toon tony

    “I speak English, I learn it from a book “

  • FC Newcastle

    If we stay in the over-hyped & overrated premier league, what will change – noting. I would rather be in the championship where the greedy fat cnut cant pocket the $ky money than face another season of the spineless pathetic football we have seen for the last 2 seasons (at least).

  • Chemical Dave

    Got Bishop’s dabs all over it, stomach churning guff.

  • RexN

    The Mag may or may not put up an alternative view (sorry, can’t post links).

    It may be that Coloccini can be taken at face value, If you look at the syntax, it has the hallmarks of a translation.

    Deep down, I suspect that there is a message from the players that they want Ashley out too.

  • Archduke

    MartinJW Swindon, I think you’ll find. I can see how traumatic it was.

  • Jamiekgordon

    I hope we have a empty stadium!
    Coloccini caring, rocking horse!!!!

  • Alsteads

    Just when you thought we couldn’t be made a laughing stock any more!! Carragher and co must be putting their feet up this week laughing their cxxks off…………..sorry boss don’t have to rehearse or review any material for the weekends matches. Those clowns up the road have given us all the script we need!!
    I hope the reality is dawning on these twxts what a laughing stock they are and I hope they are embarrassed. Started out as a kid wanting to play football like their boyhood heroes……….. well take a bow, well done you all!!

  • SDmag

    “neither players nor staff would like to be in the position we are in at the moment”
    No you would like to be showing up at game time putting in as little effort as possible, collecting your big fat pay packet and then going home and laughing at the fans. anyone going to the game on Saturday (  if you must ) give this guy and the rest of the useless fu#cks a sh#t loan of abuse.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    It’s a genuine letter from the club captain. You can tell by the language and grammar that it has been crafted by someone whose first language is not English (not to suggest it is poorly written, for it is not).

    The commentators on this site perpetually deride Colo for saying nothing, now he is being ridiculed for speaking up.

    I hate Ashley as much as the next man for the way he has suffocated our club, but I have largely given up attending the pages of the Mag as the columnists go out their way to contrive fault in everything Newcastle United, even when there is no fault to be found.

  • SDmag

    Nicolaus Copernicus “no fault to be found” Ha Ha

  • SaveNUFC

    So Ashley finally became the Captain? I don’t think Colo ever visited the club website. Pain to say but relegate for a year or two and come back up again without Ashley seem far better than having Ashley around and undergo the same torture again and again.

  • scotty63

    Nicolaus Copernicus The next thing you’ll be telling us the earth isn’t the centre of the universe – genuine letter my @rse

  • SaveNUFC

    Nicolaus Copernicus We all know how themag is like! To get to the point- most of the fans like me are not at all convinced about this letter. Why? Because Colo wrote it. It’s not that we don’t trust the Captain but it would have been much better if fatty or Charnley wrote it. If they do that it would mean they accept their mistake and that they are really sorry. But it seems like they have given all the blame to the Captain and the Captain is finally speaking up for the mistake most of which is not his fault.

  • WallaceWilson

    I agree that the language suggests that Colocinni was involved in drafting the letter but his credibility is shot by his recent performances which have been uncommitted and his frequently expressed desire to return home to Argentina. Although the language is probably his the letter stinks of the PR dept trying to get supporters onside or at least negate what could be a toxic atmosphere for a must win game v WBA. The supporters don’t deserve to be relegated but the club most certainly do

  • Pedrothegreat

    I think Colocini needs to stand up and be counted if he is going to garner any respect from the fans, he never shows up for us when it matters on the pitch, at least 50.000 fans still show up to watch him play though, what are we meant to do? feel sorry for him and cheer when he gets sent off for a stupid foul or miss kicks a clearance to the opposition. the dross on the pitch has nothing to do with the fans, the players need to be better simple as that, or where relegated, and Colo in particular is one of the players who needs to improve drastically.

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    scotty63 Nicolaus Copernicus  LOL – you heliocentrists are everywhere

  • Nicolaus Copernicus

    SaveNUFC Nicolaus Copernicus 
    I guess my issue is with the Mag twisting everything to suit its agenda.
    By all means, slam the regime when it’s justified – and, yes, much is – but, for goodness’ sake, don’t try to incite the masses by claiming Ashley is behind every single happening at the cub.

  • DownUnderMag

    Under ideal circumstances this could be a good thing, but after all that’s gone on, the total mistrust by fans in the current administration and the lack of performances on the pitch…this really just comes across as too little too late, a desperate move and dare I say it a completely manufactured PR statement from the the CLUB NOT the captain.
    It may be totally genuine, a plea for unity out of a desperate plea for the club to collectively pull in the same direction and it may have been perpetuated completely out of good faith by the captain himself.  However, as it is a web-statement, it just casts too much doubt over the club being involved to try and avoid more protests…

    What Colo SHOULD have done is address the fans through a media outlet, be it a statement on Sky, an interview with a paper…whatever, basically something that would give it more credibility.  And here we see the underlying problem, after so long of having zero credibility, the club is now seen a certain way by the fans…with a sense of mistrust, a pinch of salt taken with every public statement…and even what could possibly be a genuine heartfelt plea by the captain of our once great club who ultimately cares for the fans is now seen as nothing more than a fictitious PR stunt by the club to generate a less hostile atmosphere toward the owner and the players who do not seem to be giving their all.  Such a shame…

  • Alsteads

    On the money. Couldn’t of said it better!

  • worladandlass

    DownUnderMag absolutely agree in these circumstances any decent PR department would  have thought through the medium of expression and overcome some lack of credibility by putting him on  TV .  Its not even on the club TV channel !! Thats what makes me suspicious of its authenticity.

  • geordieminer

    Great club captains bring players together. Great club captains bring the supporters together. Great club captains take a pride in their shirt. Great club captains are a focus for the younger generation. My grand son is in his second season as a season ticket holder but after what has happened is now looking for another team to support. Losing the future supporters??? Now that should be a worry for the FAT CONTROLLER.

  • dave1892

    Nicolaus Copernicus SaveNUFC

    The real problem with the letter, whoever wrote it, is the pro club PR content of various bits. Either he, or the club, and probably both are still so far removed from the fans. This is obvious from ‘directors, players etc will pass’. Owners conspicuously excluded. ‘The best fans are those who stick with it’. That really didn’t have to be worded like that. It’s an insult to boycotters who care. And finally, why on earth wasn’t there a personal note, as a gesture to fans and other players, about his own performances? – ‘My performances haven’t been good enough, but I promise I’ll give 100% etc etc’. The whole thing is just poorly done, smacks of club PR, and was a real chance to say the right things.

  • fireflyuk

    Nicolaus Copernicus To be fair it was probably written by of the English footballers, it was probably originally done in crayon.

  • TonnekToon

    Has anyone seen or heard of Saddam’s old marra ‘ Comical Ali ‘ lately . He isn’t  calling himself Keith Bishop these days  is he ?

  • kuromori

    Nicolaus Copernicus As someone who worked with English as a Second Language speakers for years, I’m pretty sure this letter wasn’t written by Colo. The language and grammar you see as indicative strikes me as a native English speaker’s attempt to ape foreign cadences. 

    Someone has definitely had a hand in this. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if I’m a sad conspiracy theorist or not – if Colo’s English is that bloody good, then what’s stopping him facing the MOTD cameras post-match to give us that message himself?

    Smells like propaganda to me.

  • RexN

    kuromori Nicolaus Copernicus When you see the whole press conference, Carver holds the letter up and says that it is Colo’s handwriting and written in Spanish. I have blown up the photo and can see that it is written on lined A4 paper, can see that there are crossings out but can not find a photo with enough resolution to make out if the words are Spanish.

  • kuromori

    RexN Nicolaus Copernicus  In fairness, having seen the supposed third draft of punishment homework / detention, and assuming it was written by Colo, it’s been translated into English, hence the hidden hand I was suspecting. 

    Question now is who did the translation and how accurate is it? It’s not like players haven’t given interviews in their native tongue only to see outlandish interpretations in the press afterwards. Sorry to be so cynical but Cashley & Co have a proven record of lying to fans and SD customers.

  • kuromori

    MartinJW And, of course, we gave the mackems the six points that will keep them up, just like we did last year. They’ll miss us so much when we’re gone that they’ll join us in the Championship.