A strange development has seen reports of some Newcastle players supposedly telling their partners and families to boycott and stay away from St. James’ Park.

The newspaper report claims that some of United’s foreign players have become ‘terrified’ of playing in home matches in front of the Newcastle fans.

The Telegraph article is a strange one because it doesn’t name any of the ‘terrified’ players and bears all the hallmarks of an NUFC Keith Bishop PR stunt….but one that has gone a little bit wrong.

The ‘fear of fans’ angle is in line with previous claims by John Carver demanding ‘protection’ from fans during matches after the Swansea game, whilst going further back, Mike Ashley claimed he had to stop his family coming to matches after he (figuratively)stuck the knife into Kevin Keegan – though Northumbria Police made those claims look ridiculous when they said they’d received no such complaints from the club owner.

Considering the recent atmospheres at St.James’ Park have been more in keeping with a library, it’s not clear exactly what the players have to be ‘terrified’ of.

In fact it should be the fans who should be ‘terrified’ and in need of ‘protection’ if they turn up on Saturday for the West Brom match, taking into account the horror shows we’ve been subjected to for what is beginning to feel like forever.

Part of the Telegraph article read:

‘Newcastle United players have become so scared of St James’ Park that they have told their families to stay away.

An alarming run of eight successive defeats have seen Newcastle drop into Premier League relegation danger, with three games left to play.

Two of those matches are at St James’ Park, against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday and West Ham United on the final day of the season.

It is understood, however, that a number of players have become terrified of playing in front of the Newcastle home fans and that some of the foreign contingent have advised their wives, girlfriends and families to stay at home.’


  • RexN

    Good story but after some social media chat it seems the reporter wasn’t aware of the removal of complimentary tickets at the start of the season for friends and family of club staff.

    Would you pay for your family to watch what Carver’s team produces?

  • Andgeo

    More likely they are so embarrassed at their humiliating performances they are using it as an excuse. Or maybe just offering their support to the Ashley out campaign…

  • Andgeo

    The club need to publicly deny this allegation however it would seem that their policy of “tell the supporters what they want to hear” then pin it all on them in the national media is back on the menu. No doubt relegation will be our fault……

  • Morpeth mag

    If they are so frightened for there wives, families etc, perhaps they should stop drinking in the town, it’s not hard to bump into them, they don’t seem that terrified to me.
    if the telegraph has been informed of this, who are these players?? Name names, as this is worthless journalism and is trying yet again to put the blame of this shower of shite and the way this season has panned out onto the GREAT fans off NUFC. I would expect nothing less than the likes of Shearer, Ferdinand, lee, Quinn, macdonald etc coming out tomorrow and giving full backing too the fans.. And to theTelegraph, NAME NAMES, OR RETRACT,,,,

  • Wallsendstu

    Llambias claimed he was attacked twice in Glasgow, funny how the police there said they had not received any reports either. I think you are probably right Bishop spinning the usual crap to make it look as if it is the supporters fault. However it could be that SJP is so quiet these days they don’t want them hearing all the bad language that comes out of Carvers mouth.

  • Javhad Ahmed


  • nufcslf

    What a total shambles, bloody good job an all, just a shame the whole bloody place isn’t empty with there being worth supporting in the first place. Keep the losses coming.

  • DownUnderMag

    So now it’s the fans fault??  Typical!  I guess we should all just be thankful that the players are willing to be here, that the manager “worked under Sir Bobby Robson” and that the owner hasn’t asked for his loan back yet eh?? 
    I mean the fans have no right in getting upset that we have lost 8 on the bounce, that we are struggling to put a full side out and yet turned a massive profit, that we lost 5 derbys in a row…these damn deluded ungrateful so-called supporters….

    No matter how these comments may ha e been blown out of proportion to sensationalize things a bit for paper sales, this is the overwhelming feeling that strikes me in all this…no-one has the guts to stand up and be counted, everyone is looking for excuses. Where are the leaders, the characters in the dressing room??  Oh, that’s right they’ve all been sold because they spoke out against mediocrity or otherwise just got sick of things and left.  All we are left with is a bunch of cowards instead who are scared to walk on the pitch, this is NOT because of the fans, this is because you are gutless and you don’t have the balls to stand up and be counted.   

    This is what irks me the most…if the players were at least showing some bottle, the run we are on wouldn’t be accepted, but if the fans see the players working their socks off and trying their hardest then most will be accepting that on the day we just weren’t good enough – this soft $h!te capitulation we are currently witnessing is nothing short of a disgrace and blaming this on the fans is an insult to every one of those fans who support this club DESPITE all that is happening!

  • Porciestreet

    Does anyone actually believe this 5h!te, it’s only propaganda to make what fans there are left feel guilty and to encourage support to keep the team up .  He is 5h!tt!ng himself cos things are falling apart and it shows me that this is probably the time to press home our advantage and force him to move on.
    It’s not for me to say as I live oversees, but a couple of seasons out of the premiership is a small payment to rid us of this dispicable tyrant who will stop at absolutely nothing in his persuit of money.
    The sad thing is that the rest of Britains football public are only seeing the damage being caused by this and none of the causes created by the fat one.  It’s time the country had the facts……!

  • Yeah, most likely badly judged propaganda from the club.
    Seriously, the PR people at the club are useless.  They haven’t got a clue how to manipulate people, like Mike Ashley wants them to.  Everything they do has the reverse effect and makes Mike Ashley look like even more of an idiot.

  • kestrelbite

    Can’t blame them, I’d be ashamed to let my family see me playing in this gutless manner as well. “Close your eyes pet I’m going to take a corner kick and this may get ugly”

  • SGM

    I think the statement “Bears all the hallmarks” says it all, complete and utter load of tosh.

  • Mark Iveson

    Rubbish….! Anything for a story.

  • Dubaiexpat

    Staggers me how “journalists” get away with tripe like this. Even fails to claim an inside source rather “it is understood”. By whom? You?

  • ilullissat

    Wallsendstu Yeh I think if he was attacked in Glasgow he would be in intensive care. they don’t take any prisoners up there

  • Libelous tosh !

  • geordieminer

    True story or not it makes NO difference. With this bunch of players we are going to get relegated. So why let your family & friends sit through that. Maybe the players should be telling us ALL to stay away.