Newcastle United have approached David Moyes to become the next manager at St. James’ Park, according to Spanish media this morning.

According to Sport (Spanish newspaper), the approach by United has been made through Kenny Moyes, brother of the former Everton manager.

As well as being his sibling, Kenny is a football agent who also helps look after his brother’s interests.

Sport report that the move to bring in David Moyes has came about because Steve McClaren has made clear he not only won’t be coming to Newcastle for the remaining three matches of this season, but also has no interest in coming in later this summer either.

The offer is reported to be reliant on Newcastle staying in the Premier League.

Moyes is seen as having done a decent job in stabilising Real Sociedad, the club currently 11th in La Liga.

If Newcastle are indeed serious about David Moyes, it will represent a major departure from the budget approach to managers that Mike Ashley has employed in recent years.

As well as likely compensation package for Real Sociedad, Ashley will have to at least match Moyes’ wages which are understood to be somewhere north of £5m a year. A bit of a departure from having one of the Premier League’s lowest paid in Alan Pardew, then whatever (relative) pittance Ashley is paying John Carver.

That is even before we come to money for players and the manager having any say on that…


  • A lex

    Anyone else notice that we have this odd INVERSE way of recruiting a manager?
    All other clubs have a list with the outstanding candidate at the top. If the best isn’t available, ; they work their way down.
    Whilst only at Newcastle we start at the bottom. Carver first,; then the marginally better McLaren, then the even better Moyes. By the time we get to Number 80 on the list, we’re probably talking with Mourihno!

  • partworntyres

    A lex when there was talk of reagan standing for president i said there was no way america would elect a cowboy.
    when there was talk of mclaren  i thought no way would he be offereed the job. he has now turned it down!! – are we really so utterly sh.t that this could happen?

  • A lex

    Doesn’t matter what kind of business it is, nobody will want a managerial job where they have no influence over staff,; policy or the way anything is implemented. That’s the extremely difficult position Ashley has put himself in.

  • terriertwo

    Happy to have Moyes managing our club but cant see him being a lackey to Chumpley and Carr. He did a good job t Everton without spending vast amounts of money which should please the fat man but dont see him as a yes man which rules him out. If we survive still se the idiots giving the job to the incompetent Carver.

  • Mal44

    terriertwo  Agreed. They would need to radically change the responsibilities of the job. Cannot see any way someone like Moyes, or anyone else of any stature, would come in and work under the current conditions.